10 best hair straighteners 2021

10 best hair straighteners 2021

What are hair straighteners (straighteners) for? They give a perfectly sleek look and lets you look like a Hollywood star on the red carpet. Modern manufacturers offer many irons that are safe even for colored hair. Our article will help you understand them.

Contrary to popular belief, hair straighteners are not only about straightening. With the help of the desired temperature regime, as well as sleight of hand, you can create beautiful voluminous curls. Here video tutorials from the Internet, as well as recommendations from bloggers, will come to the rescue.

“The secret to good styling is the correct and well-used styling products. They give hair a beautiful texture, with curls lasting longer and look neater. Naturally, practice is also important: the more often you do styling, the faster and more beautiful it turns out, ”says beauty blogger Suzi Sky.

Rating of the top 10 hair straighteners

Here are the best hair straighteners with description:


An inexpensive iron from Redmond comes in handy when it comes to quick styling at home. Thanks to the ceramic coating, the hair “does not burn”, although the maximum heating temperature is lower than that of other instruments of the same brand – only 200 °C. The size of the plates is more than 11 cm in length, they are suitable for thick and coarse hair – nothing is “pinched”, all strands fall exactly under the iron. The plates themselves are “floating” to ensure smooth sliding. The iron has 7 modes, an indication of inclusion is provided. With this feature, you will never forget that you left the tool warm. Built-in overheating protection – when the desired level is reached, the thermostat turns off. Despite the low power (only 45 W), the iron heats up quickly. It is suitable for beauty salons,

Of the minuses:  bloggers complain about the case overheating at maximum mode.


The tourmaline coating of the REDMOND RCI-2320 ironing plates provides the hair with a straight, well-groomed look. This semi-precious stone is, of course, not fully used – it is sprayed in a thin layer over the surface. However, its properties are sufficient to prevent electrification and overdrying. The surface has a non-stick coating, thanks to which it is not afraid of even a maximum temperature of 200 °C. This model has a high power (60 W), with it the device heats up in literally 30 seconds. A display is provided on the handle, on it you can track the heating and select the desired mode (there are 4 of them). There is also an indication of inclusion. The iron is small and great for short hair. The plates themselves are “floating”, which eliminates tangling of hair during styling. The set includes a case, thanks to which it is convenient to take the iron with you on the road. Cord length 2m.

Cons:  there is no ionization function – hair can become electrified.



The inexpensive but practical Redmond iron straightener is equipped with the latest ionization technology. Thanks to her, during the styling process, a certain amount of neutral atoms is released – when they come into contact with the hair, they exclude over drying and electrification. The ceramic coating is non-stick, even at a maximum temperature of 220 °C. The model has 6 modes that are easy to control thanks to the convenient illuminating panel. The power is small, only 40 watts. There is a lock, which is very convenient: the selected temperature will not be disturbed by accidental touching. Thanks to the indication, you will always know when the iron is ready for use. According to customer reviews, this device can not only straighten, but also curl – you get large curls that last for a long time. The iron is designed for home use,

Of the minuses:  it may seem difficult for someone.

4. Rowenta SF 3132

As many as 11 heating modes + ionization function – this Rowenta iron can be used not only at home, but also in the salon. Such a wide selection will allow you to style both heavy unruly hair and thin or brittle hair equally well. The tourmaline coating will provide a gentle approach without drying out, the matte ABS plastic case does not overheat even at the maximum temperature (230 °C). The control buttons are on the side, which is convenient – you won’t be able to accidentally press it. Thanks to the indication, you can always understand when the iron is ready – the light will turn on and go out when the desired mark is reached. According to reviews, the cord rotates quite intensively, a certain skill will be required. Some, however, note that it is still short – only 180 cm. We recommend being careful with long hair: if it goes beyond the plates, you can accidentally pinch it.

Cons:  no hanging loop and no storage case.

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5. GA.MA Innova Multi Brush (GI0501)

The versatile Innova Multi Brush iron performs several functions at once, it is not for nothing that it is called a multi-styler. First, thanks to the ceramic coating, These are gentle hair straighteners. It provides uniform heating of the plates, and this, in turn, protects the hair from drying out and burning. The iron can be used even after intensive staining! Secondly, they can be curled (although some are uncomfortable because of the short length of the cord, 160 cm). Thirdly, when the comb is not at hand, you can use the attachment – you get even, smooth hair. The weight is only 270 grams, even a teenage girl can handle the styling (hands will not get tired of being in an upright position). The maximum heating temperature is 230 ° C – be careful with the choice of the mode for brittle, prone to hair loss.

Of the minuses: you  need a certain skill when using.

6. BRADEX KZ0550


The original Bradex KZ0550 iron in fuchsia color is a great gift for a teenager or your beloved! The equipment is charged from USB (cable included), you just need to connect it to a power source. This option is convenient when there is an important event ahead, and there is no time to go to the salon. The maximum working time is 40 minutes, the temperature reaches 230 ° C. Although some have questioned the possibility of strong heating due to power – the battery “gives out” only 20 watts. The manufacturer offers 3 heating modes to choose from, and an indication on the handle will show when the plates have reached the desired temperature. The ceramic coating does not heat up, provides even heating and does not harm hair even with frequent use. The iron is ultra-light, only 140 grams. This minimal weight means not only comfortable use, but also compact placement in the bag.

Cons:  Low power, no ionization function – hair can become electrified.

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7. Philips BHS377 Straight Care Essential

The stylish Philips Straight Care Essential iron can also be used at home or in a professional salon. Why? The tool heats up to the desired temperature in just 30 seconds, with a maximum mark of 230 °C. Of course, this temperature is designed for thick, heavy or curly hair. But with a careful approach, you can achieve an effective hair straightening on short lengths. The coating of the plates is ceramic with the addition of keratin. Hair will not only “not burn” – but will also acquire a more well-groomed look. Due to the additional spraying, we get a light leaving effect: the scales are sealed, staining (if you go through this procedure) lasts longer. Bloggers praise the iron for its easy gliding through the hair. When the desired temperature is reached, a shutdown occurs (technically, this is called “overheating protection”). The thermostat is located under the handle, you have to get used to it. The length of the cord is about 2 m, the device itself is compact and useful on a trip.

Of the minuses:  some people find it heavy by weight.

8. VITEK VT-2307

The Vitek iron has as many as 9 temperature modes. Thanks to this wide step, you can choose a temperature that is comfortable for the hair. This is especially important in the salon when the hairdresser has to deal with different types of hair: curly, coarse, thick or too thin. Ceramic coating is suitable for brittle and dry hair. The power is low (38 W), however, bloggers note fast and high-quality heating. The plates are small, the iron is preferable to use on a short length. In addition, due to the “floating” effect, better gliding is ensured. The handle provides an indication of switching on and ready for laying. The cord rotates, with this function nothing will twist, the hand will not get tired of untangling the wire. In the reviews, many note the compactness, i.e. the ability to take on a trip.

Cons:  heavy iron (weight over 0.5 kg), short cord (less than 2 m).

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9. GA.MA Elegance Keratin (GI0208)

GA.MA Elegance Keratin (GI0208)

The elegant Ga.Ma Rose Gold Iron provides beautiful styling all day long! If you combine it with a spray of sea salt, you get the effect of “beach hair” – just sprinkle the curls and wind them easily for 10-15 seconds. Beat the resulting curls with your fingers for the desired effect. The maximum heating temperature is 230 °C, however, there is a protection – when the mark is reached, the tool turns off. Even if you turn on the iron and leave it, nothing bad will happen. The power is average, only 45 W, but this is enough for quick heating and neat straightening. The size of the plates is 120x25mm, this “for the eyes” is enough for long and thick hair – there will be no tangling and “skipping” of the strands. The highlight of the device is its weight, only 240 grams: the hand will not get tired even after half an hour of styling. The length of the cord is as much as 2.5 m – you do not need to worry,

Cons:  high price.

10. BaByliss ST395E

Bloggers’ favorite iron! It is popular due to its streamlined shape and high technical characteristics – it is very convenient to use it. The tool looks massive compared to other brands due to the water container – there is a steam humidification function. With its help, the effect is much faster and longer, although some note an insufficient trickle of steam (according to reviews, thin and short-lived, although the manufacturer promises otherwise). There should be no leaks even during winding. Due to the ionization function, the curls are elastic, and the hair itself does not suffer from hot effects. The coating is ceramic, this material is suitable for thin and weakened hair. The buttons are located on the side, which is very convenient: during installation, you will not be able to accidentally switch the mode. The manufacturer warns about using only distilled water – otherwise, limescale is possible.

Cons:  high price, according to bloggers’ reviews, it is not suitable for curling.

These are 10 best hair straighteners for women. You might have choose your hair straighteners which you could use for fashion.

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