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10 tips to have beautiful eyes you must try

How to have beautiful eyes? Having beautiful eyes is not limited to having good makeup since the beauty of the eye begins with good health.

Thus, the ten tips for having beautiful eyes that will be offered here are not only aesthetic but also fun.  Let me tell you the 10 tips to have beautiful eyes.

Tips for having beautiful eyes

I would like you to read carefully these simple but valuable tips if you really care for your eyes, and you definitely do this. 

1. No more bags and dark circles under the eyes!

First of all, you should know that even the best makeup and whitest eyes will not be at the peak of their beauty if you have bags and dark circles lodged under the eyelids.

So start by removing puffiness and dark circles. To do this, you can either opt for a home remedy for removing dark circles or a cosmetic product.

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2. Good nutrition for healthy eyes

Diet is another important element to consider for the health and beauty of the eyes. Whether it is to have beautiful eyes or to help brighten and whiten the whites of the eyes, the choice of your diet is essential.

For beautiful healthy eyes you must eat:

Foods rich in vitamin A.

Foods rich in omega 3.

Or take food supplements.

In addition to being beneficial for your eyes, you will stay healthy by choosing to eat well, every day of the week.

3. Whiten the eyes with a special product

Sometimes the whites of the eyes are less white and shiny, so what can be done to correct this? There are actually a few tips to whiten the whites of the eyes naturally. Tips that you will discover a little further down on this page!

4. Cucumber slices for beautiful eyes

Another tip for having beautiful eyes is necessarily that of fresh cucumber slices on the eyes.

Quick and easy, a cucumber slice is the easiest natural trick to have beautiful eyes and make puffiness and dark circles disappear.

To do so, simply apply slices of cucumber directly to the eyelids for about fifteen minutes.

To keep your eyes looking fresh and bright, repeat this tip every day when you feel the need.

5. Have you ever used ice cubes?

For beautiful eyes and to have a look and a less tired face, the remedy of ice cubes is really very effective in giving radiance to the eyes.

So if you don’t have any cucumbers in the fridge, replace them with very cold ice cubes which will quickly reduce the size of puffiness and dark circles.

Warning: But be careful, the ice cubes are very cold, it is better to wrap them in a small cloth so as not to burn the skin under the eyes (which is very fragile)  with the ice cubes.

6. Reduce the redness of your eyes

How to whiten the whites of the eyes naturally and remove the redness? We will not talk here about removing but rather reducing the appearance of this redness in the white of the eye.

So you can apply a line of blue makeup pencil to the inside of the lower eyelid to achieve a whiter effect of the eyes.

You still have to be careful with this makeup technique so as not to irritate the eye and risk having the eyes even redder.

7. Do away with puffy eyes

Want to try another home remedy for puffy eyes? So why not use chamomile to reduce puffiness under the eyes?

This trick consists of:

Place a bag of chamomile tea or herbal tea in the fridge overnight.

When you wake up, place the tea bag over the eyes and eyelids to reduce puffy eyes.

Keep them in place for 15 to 20 minutes and repeat for a few days to get rid of puffy and dark circles.

8. Purchase of a cooling mask

If you are tired and your eyes are too then why not give the cooling mask a try? This type of mask is ideal for having beautiful resplendent eyes but also useful against insomnia and swelling under the eyes.

You will find in store and online several models of cooling masks to sublimate your eyes and your face. Here is the Plemo eye mask which has great reviews and comments:9. Reduce bluish circles for beautiful eyes

dark circles and bluish eyes from alcohol

You want to have beautiful eyes, so quickly stop abusing alcohol and smoking!

Indeed, it seems that the simple fact of consuming alcohol and cigarettes can promote the appearance of bluish circles under the eyes.

It’s no secret that alcohol and cigarettes are harmful to your health, so why do you abuse them again!

No more bad habits and hello to the good ones!

9. A concealer to have beautiful eyes

If dark circles are already well established, you can reduce their appearance using concealers in a color complementary to dark circles, which is much more effective.

We therefore favor:

A peach concealer for dark circles

A yellow concealer for purple circles

An orange concealer for bluish circles.

There are also some great products like The Maybelline Concealer Eraser:

Concealer eraser

  • Effectively conceals dark circles
  • Corrects imperfections in the eyes
  • Sculpts and illuminates the complexion

10. How to whiten or rather lighten the whites of the eyes?

Use honey to lighten the whites of the eyes.

Do you know this grandmother’s recipe which involves putting a drop of honey in the eye to whiten her eyes?

There are many sites and blogs that seem to say that it is a miracle cure to have beautiful white and shiny eyes, but you have to be very careful … VERY CAREFUL!

As honey is a non-sterile product it can actually be hazardous to the health of your eyes causing infections and even damage. A beauty tip to avoid!

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