5 best temporary hair colors for fun this summer

5 best temporary hair colors for fun this summer

Summer is the best time to finally dye permanent colors of an original color! However, when you hesitate between several colors or when you do not want to have your head colored for months, it is better to turn to a temporary hair color which will come off after a few washes.    

To know which shade will look best on us, we must first think about the color of our natural hair.   

A “funky” color is going to be very vibrant on blonde hair, while it will only have a subtle reflection in dark hair.      

For pale hair, we therefore opt for pastels, such as pale pink, sky blue or lilac. For the darker ones, a turquoise, royal blue, mauve or fuchsia pink will give a nice effect.     

Here are the 5 best temporary hair colors:      

1. Colorista by l’Oreal 

Available in 14 original shades, this peroxide free dye will last between one and two weeks in your hair, depending on the number of washes you do.  

2. Temporary hair color from Sephora’s Hair

A fairly new product that has received a host of excellent reviews, this temporary hair color is available in 3 shades. Whether you prefer pink, turquoise or mauve, you will find the color for you!     

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3. Unicorn Hair by Lime Crime

This vegan dye gives hair a magical look by creating multidimensional highlights. On the other hand, the effect will be more successful on a platinum blonde.      

4. Color Intensity by Joico

Available in an array of colors, we turn to Joico for vibrant shades! The reviews speak for themselves: people find the product easy to use and very effective.     

5. Temporary hair color from Good Dye Young

This one stands out for its original options, including green and fluorescent yellow. In addition, the formula is vegan and hydrating.     

Keep in mind that some companies provide the gloves and others do not, and a brush can help with application, especially if you want to make strands.

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