6 trendy types of nose rings

6 trendy types of nose rings

The nose piercing, totally democratized to date, is making a strong comeback with the nose rings fashion! The small rhinestone on the nostril gives way to a more rock jewel. More rock certainly, but also elegant!

It is chosen black, gold (gold plated or 18 carat gold) or simply gray (silver, steel, titanium).

The nose ring can also be fancy! With small ornaments like on silver ring . Or simply with small balls.

Barbell nose ring

Barbell nose rings, like labret nose rings, have a screwed-on ball bead at the both ends of the stem. Stem shape determines its type. Circular barbells are important for septum nose piercings. Twisted barbell nose rings are available to fit in the piercing.

Unbeaded Hoop / Seamless Hoop

Unbeaded Hoop ring is tugged to open and compressed to shut. Tension in this ring restrains the hoop in its place, and can be circled at 360 °. Hoop has a little pore or is slim enough to slip into the other and click shut. 

Faux Hoop nose rings

Faux Hoop nose rings
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Hoops having beads or ‘open latch’ can be known as faux hoops. Second sort of faux hoop linked a hoop together with an L-shaped ring. Outside the piercing, it looks much like a hoop, but inside the piercing, the shaft is shaped into an L-shape to maintain the illusion of a ring. Outer part of the hoop hooks into the nostril. 

Septum Clicker

Septum clicker presents a best alternative to the different types of nose rings, likewise circular barbell and curved nose ring that was applied for septum piercings traditionally.

A Septum clicker consists of a straight bar at the zenith, part inserted with the septum of the nose, and a circular hoop at the lowest bottom, the part that presents after interlining it.

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Captive Bead and Bar Closure

Captive Bead and Bar Closure
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If a person prefers a circular ring as a nose ring, he has two options. The first, a captive bead ring, and the other, the bar closure nose ring.

These types of nose rings can circle 360 degrees, that makes cleaning easier. For both of such rings, ring-opening pliers are important for inserting them properly.

Hoop Nose Ring

These are popular types of nose rings, because, in comparison with other types of ear  or nose rings, hoops are trendy and favorite for most people. They have metallic colors including silver and gold, and many other trendy colors. They are also available in the market in various different sizes, shapes and designs.

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