Crochet Hair Styles

Curly, Twist and Short Crochet Hair Styles

Undoubtedly, crochet hair styles are ruling all over the world nowadays, and you need to jump on them too for being a part of this viral hairstyling trend. With these styles, your hairdresser typically makes use of specialized crochet to finely place hair extensions into your cornrows, leaving you with an incredible crochet hairstyle. Moreover, crocheting hair is a unique way for everyone to wear their hair in an easy yet stylish way and greatly helps protect their natural hair and increase their growth rate. Furthermore, low-maintenance short crochet hairstyles work for almost anyone regardless of their hair length and texture.

How should I prepare my hair for crochet hairstyles?

How to prepare for crochet hairstyles

As with many other hairstyles trending worldwide, you must every day try new crochet hair styles only on detangles and moisturized, neat, and clean hairs. Besides looking good overall, the goal is to give your natural hairs present underneath some time and free space to rejuvenate. Therefore, your hair must surely be in optimal shape and form beforehand. Gather up the right hair treatments and conditioning shampoo before you begin braiding.

  1. Sulphate-free Shampoo

It is mainly suggested that starters clean their scalp and hair thoroughly with a sulfate-free shampoo that breaks down the dry scalp, excess oils, and old product build-up. Secondly, its rose water is good enough for hairs as it gently clears away all impurities from them, leaving hairs parched and feeling stripped.

  1. Repairing Conditioner

Once your hair stands are clean and clear, pump a little moisture with a rinse-out conditioner back into your mane. That will help strengthen your hair and reduce its breakage, which is beneficial if you begin weaving the latch or cornrowing short crochet hair styles through your strands.

  1. Hair Mask

Literally, layering a moisture foundation with a hair mask or a hair conditioner will significantly help you make the hair’s detangling process a lot smoother and more manageable. So never skip this step. Or you can also add a combing cream to aid the detangling process further.

  1. Moisturizing Hair Care Products

The unique combination of two natural hair care products like a combing crème and a creamy chair conditioner will help create a slip on your hairs that will significantly assist melt away hair knots with ease. Thus, you will have crochet hair styles straight away without any tangles. Having tangle-free hair will prevent your hairs from shedding and matting once you take out your twist crochet hair styles and make your looping process more seamless.

  1. Castor Oil

Then once your cornrows are in, make sure to oil your scalp with castor oil for heat protection and extra fortifying. That is a crucial step if you plan to blow dry your curly crochet hair styles.

5 Crochet Hair Styles That You Can Easily Try at Home

Crochet HairStyles

On the scaling grade of versatility, crochet hair braids come at the latter end of the broad crocheting spectrum. You can easily rock any of your favorite crochet hairstyles, from some simple box braids to trendy and colorful loose waves, by utilizing a cornrow foundation and a crochet hook. Nevertheless, all the stylish new crochet hair styles are great for relieving extra pressure and stress from your scalp while giving you the most protective and elegant hairstyle looks without hours of twisting and sectioning.

Thinking about some other pros? Crochet hair styles can typically last for more than four to eight weeks if not touched repeatedly. Also, these styles are easy to maintain and give ladies a ready-to-go look to ladies anytime, anywhere. All you need for them is a bonnet or silk or satin scarf on your head overnight to keep your hair strand frizz-free and nourished with a lightweight styling hair spray. Keep on reading this article further for knowing the easiest crochet hairstyles that you can independently make at your home in a short period.

  1. Quick Crochet Box Braids
Quick Crochet Box Braids

Box braids are a kind of hairstyle that may feel heavy, especially around your edges. This one of the crochet hairstyles takes less than an hour to complete at home. Plus, super clean parts of this hairstyle give a look that women use individual braids in it. Additionally, a plus point of this hairdo is that anyone needs to know and learn how to cornrow to recreate this look.

  1. Senegalese Twists
Senegalese Twists

Also famously known as rope twists, they are the most common type of twist crochet hair styles. The twists of this incredible hairstyle look gorgeous in any thickness or length of hair and lend themselves perfectly accessorizing with rings, shells, and charms. However, for the most natural look, a hair guru has to start by cornrowing all of the natural hairs back, leaving the sides hairs, which are braid upwards. This trick also makes your hair twists appear more realistic, especially when pulled into an updo.

  1. Butterfly Locs
Butterfly Locs

It is one of the most effortless-looking, low-maintenance short crochet hair styles perfect for all women, especially during summers. The extraordinary style primarily involves water waves braiding hairs that are tousled take on regular locs. Additionally, this hairstyle covers less of a toll on your entire scalp than regular locs; that is why this hairstyle is so lightweight on an individual’s head.

  1. Half-Crochet Hair Styles
Half-Crochet Hair Styles

Also somehow referred to as half feed-in hairstyle, this tutorial is mainly for you if crochet braiding is not your strong suit. In this hairstyle, a girl uses her fingers and fingertips rather than a hook to loop the hairs of her entire head and covers voluminous goddess beautiful curls at the back of her head. Moreover, some girls prefer this half-feed-in hairstyle on their head’s front or a sleeker and neater look.

  1. Ultra-Realistic Natural Hairstyles
Ultra-Realistic Natural Hairstyles

One of the best crochet hairstyles gives women an entirely natural look that no one can even have a clue or guess of any artificial hair extensions. A girl braids her straight hair and then stops braiding halfway down her head to start this hairstyle. Then she connects two of those braids at the back of the head and continues plaiting both of them horizontally. Ultimately, she installs small, fine sections of 4C hyper-realistic crochet hair extensions.

Top 15 Best Crochet Hair Styles Trending in 2022

15 Best Crochet Hair Styles

Crochet hairstyles have always been around you even when you were unaware of crocheting hairstyles and their relative trends in different eras of the women’s fashion industry. But now, thanks to some smart and creative hairstylists worldwide who have reinvented the hairs crocheting technique and new crochet hair styles, according to the modern hairstyling trends, in a whole new way.

Still, if you are long lost on your natural hair journey and unaware of recent hairstyling trends, you are surely in the right place. In this article, we have mentioned the top 15 most trending and low-maintenance crochet hair styles. According to your choice and everyday needs, you can easily find one of the most protective and fashionable styles.

Therefore, before heading for your next hairstyling and haircare appointment, check out these great natural hair growing and protective passion twist crochet hair styles. Let’s see all of them one by one in detail to choose better which one to try and enjoy on your head.

  1. New Crochet Hair Styles
New Crochet Hair Styles

In general, black and dark brown hairs look so pretty and well with the crocheting hair styling approach. Therefore, if you are someone who really loves safe hair solutions with decent colors yet you wish to give your overall look a tremendous go along with an intricate cut, crocheting hairstyles will surely suit you the most.

Moreover, achieving crochet braid styles will take around 40-60 minutes. However, the final result will be ideal and stylish for everyday wear among almost all women regardless of their age and skin complexion.

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  1. Curly Crochet Hair Styles
Curly Crochet Hair Styles

Are you someone who enjoys and likes to have curly and wavy hair looks all the time either at home or outside? Also, if you are a huge fan of the glamor industry and its dramatic looks, you will surely appreciate this beautiful hairstyle significantly.

Why not consider giving your hairs a unique touch of decent bright and blonde colors in the precise manner of water waves and curls. If you do so, indeed, you will end up having glorious blonde crochet hairstyles that will perfectly suit and compliment your vibrant personality. Head and thumbs up to this incredible hairstyle since blond looks usually can be tricky to achieve and simply go for.

  1. Crochet Hair Braids
Crochet Hair Braids

If your hairs are pretty thin and you somehow face the issue of receding hairline, then that you be great for you to consider such kinds of crochet hair styles. Indeed, they suit almost all women who struggle every day with their natural hairs’ length, thickness, and texture problems.

Crochet braids are long artificial hair extensions that you can add to achieve almost any stylish hairdo you want. Such extensions remarkable hide your natural hair problems and give you a distinctive feminine look in a lovely way that naturally suits your hair brunettes.

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  1. Passion Twist Crochet Hair Styles
Passion Twist Crochet Hair Styles

Passion twist braids made by crocheting hair are a remarkable way to add extra volume and length to your natural hairs while still being the most lightweight and protective on the head.   

Additionally, a few passion twist crochet hair styles will save your precious time in their installation. The braided extensions are readily available in the markets, so you don’t have to braid them.

If you wear this hairstyle, it would be best for you to wear a satin cap at night to protect and preserve t. Furthermore, if you want significantly less tension on your scalp and head, opt for knotless crochet braids.

  1. Short Crochet Hair Styles
Short Crochet Hair Styles

With short hairs, you can make incredible hairstyles with a bit different approach. There is no reason for you to stick to traditional and simple crochet hairstyles that have continually been in trend in the past few years. You can simply give your natural hairs a go with short crochets tied up at the top portion of your head.

Moreover, short crochet hair styles are the best option for ladies, primarily in the summer season. A few women also consider adding beautiful and elegant flower details to such hairstyles in the spring or fall season. In this way, women make this crochet style ideal and trendy for brides and bridesmaids according to the season.

  1. New Crochet Hair Styles Ponytail
New Crochet Hair Styles Ponytail

If you are God-gifted with naturally curly and long hairs, you will likely go for this hairstyle to have your expected outcome. Girls proud of their long, beautiful, curly hairs enjoy making ponytails the most.

Also, with these curly crochet hair styles, girls can show off their feminine Afro curls. However, ensure that you secure this hairstyle with the correct bobi pins and hair clips to keep your ponytails safe and high-up throughout the day.

  1. Bob Crochet Hair Styles
Bob Crochet Hair Styles

This fashionable hairstyle is a layered crochet bob and colorful or wispy bangs. Also, it is one of the greatest and the most protective crochet hairstyles famous all around the world. According to a popular hairstyle OJ from London, natural hair curls are definitely a key to this super cute bob hairstyle.

Although straight hairs are fun for all, curly bob crochet hair styles are trendy and rule over all other hairstyles, particularly in summers, mainly because of their short length. Furthermore, OJ primarily suggests this hairstyle for women with thick and long natural hairstyles that they want to protect and put away from their necks in summers.

Moreover, the bob-cut shape suits the most on women having heart or small shaped faces. Nevertheless, almost all African – American girls can pull off this hairstyle very well.

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  1. Long Curly Crochet Hair Styles
Long Curly Crochet Hair Styles

Curly and long blonde hairs are undoubtedly one of the most common hair trends among women globally. Are you also included in those females you love loose curls on the end of long hairs? If yes, then try them out one by one to check out which one of those suits your face the most. Additionally, you can combine any curly hairstyle with another look to have the most stylish and contemporary outcome.

Indeed, such seamless and tight crochet hairstyles look best on girls in their teens and your ladies who prioritize elegant ideas. However, your hairstylist may take three to four hours to leave you with these luscious curly crochet hair styles. Therefore, if you have enough time to invest in your hairstyle and are well equipped with immense patience, why not give this awesome hairstyle a go?

  1. Kinky Twist Crochet Hair Styles
Kinky Twist Crochet Hair Styles

With crochet curls, kinky or spring twists undoubtedly give that full-bodies and bouncy hair look that almost all women desire to have. In addition to adding extra volume, kinky hairs also give their wearer a unique twist of fun and glamor at the same time.

Furthermore, kinky twist crochet hair styles suit almost anyone, especially appearing cute and stunning with those with some dull or blackish skin tone. A few Asian women adore kinky crochet hair styles as they always keep the wearer’s scalp dry and cool to prevent irritation.

  1. Trendy Medium Wear Crochet Hair styles
Trendy Medium Wear Crochet Hair styles

Who is not obsessed with having trendy medium-sized crochet weaves? Almost all women worldwide. The beautiful curls and locks of these low-maintenance short crochet hair styles offer a vast-looking hairstyle, which is beneficial for women with thin and light hair.

And, since it is one of the most protective ones out of all crochet styles, anyone can easily start it off with freshly conditioned and washed hairs. That is undoubtedly a significant aspect to pull and rock this hairstyle off anytime, anywhere you want. This exceptional hairstyle is always sure to work with beautiful natural kinks.

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  1. Healthy and Strong Crochet Hair Styles
Healthy and Strong Crochet Hair Styles

Do you naturally possess good curls and thicker hairs? Are you a fan of that C-curl patterned hairs that most women worldwide adore for their beauty? Do you want some extra volume added to your sleek hairs? If these are the cases, then you should readily give a go to some strong and healthy crochet hairstyles.

Their procedure is effortless to do. All you have to do is softly brush out your hairs and detangle them so that their natural volume gets embraced more than before. However, your hairstylist will only add a few crochet extensions or artificial braids to achieve the required amount of thickness and hair volume for everyday slaying and styling. And you can enjoy the voluminous hairs you desire to have.

  1. Side Hair Straight Crochet Hair Styles
Side Hair Straight Crochet Hair Styles

Have you ever considered crochet braiding on either side of your head instead of its front or back? If not yet, we recommend you try it once as soon as possible. Indeed, one-sided crochet hair styles straight away slay your look and make you look different from others in your vicinity. Significantly side cut suits almost all younger looking women who especially like modern haircuts. Additionally, if you follow the RnB and hip-hop scene, you will surely never miss this hairstyling vibe.

Therefore, whenever you go to a hairstyle for having exceptional crochet hairstyles, ask him to braid the crochet hair strands only on one side of your head. Also, by finely separating the hair curls and loops, you will achieve a very decent look. That look itself is the ideal and perfect party wear look precisely for teens and youngsters.

  1. Braided Crochet Hair Styles
Braided Crochet Hair Styles

If you love to have crochet braids with colorful looks, then surely braided straight crochet hair styles are meant for you. Spice up your entire look with some elegant, cozy, and retro crocheting braids in different directions. Undoubtedly, these will significantly assist you if you desire a quick hair transformation without wasting any time.

However, after having these remarkable braids on your head, you will need to secure them in the right place with the help of cute hair clips and several bobi pins. Such hair accessories keep them tight and held in place for an extended period and add a playful and feminine touch to your resulting hairstyle. This hairstyle is particularly a must-to-try item for young girls who love retro ideas.

  1. The Havana Twist Crochet Hair Styles
The Havana Twist Crochet Hair Styles

Anyone can easily pull off an incredible Havana twist with some big crochet hairstyles; these twists look great on women naturally with long and thick hair. And thus, indeed, the final look of these hairstyles is fuller for almost all people.

For Havana twist crochet hair styles, you merely require a few strands of hair dyed with a dark blonde hue to give your head’s overall look a slightly attractive dimension. Additionally, you may jazz up the crochet braids involved in making these hairstyles with a high bun for a chic and cozy-looking style.

  1. Blonde New Crochet Hair Styles Extensions
Blonde New Crochet Hair Styles Extensions

Undoubtedly, ombre and dark brown colored hair look flirtier and more feminine than all the traditional crochet hairstyles. Are you a fan of modern and contemporary haircuts, or are you someone who loves having stylish hairstyles and fashion ideas? If yes, then indeed, you will perfectly rock blonde crochet changes.

Now you can easily show off this unique ombre colorful technique and gorgeous crochet braids if you are very much into the modern women’s fashion industry. Let your colorful crochet braids speak for themselves and stand out from all others in their competition at any given moment. However, you may stick to straight crochet hair styles since they are more low-maintenance and easy to go for.

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