Difference between Kajal and Eyeliner

Difference between Kajal and Eyeliner

What is the difference between kajal and eyeliner?

Eyes are a gift from God and they allow us to see the world around us. But the eyes can also be used for cosmetic reasons by applying various cosmetic products. Especially in women, the use of Kajal and the eyeliner line makes the eyes almost majestic. These two products are widely used for eye makeup and to make a woman more beautiful and glamorous. However, due to their similarities and similar functions, many people are left confused between a Kajal and an eyeliner. This article tries to know the differences between these two products used for eye makeup.

What is kajal?

What is kajal?

Kajal is a product used for the lining of the eyes to make a woman more beautiful. It is an Indian name for Kohl which has been used in many parts of the world since ancient times for eye beautification. Made from lead sulfide or antimony, Kajal is traditionally used to darken eyelids and to make eyelashes darker than they actually are. Kajal is available both in the form of powder or liquid, but also a pencil to apply directly around the eyes. Kajal is used for the eyes to have its  cooling effect on eyes since time immemorial. It is assumed that using Kajal enhances vision and cures many eye diseases. It is also applied on the forehead of newborns in India,

Kajal has been used by celebrities to make their eyes more dramatic and charming for many thousands of years. It is an integral part of a makeup kit for a woman in India. Earlier it was sold in small boxes, but it has become practical for women to wear the Kajal since it appeared in the form of eyebrow pencils on the market. Kajal can be made at home by mixing soot from an oil-powered lamp with clarified butter or butter. It can be applied with the finger or with a small smooth stick so as not to damage the eyes. Kajal can be easily put in the eye area as it has no harmful effects.

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What is eyeliner?

What is eyeliner?

Eyeliner is an eye makeup product that helps smooth and define the user’s eyes. Eye liner is mainly used by women, although lately there are some flesh gainers available in the market as well. Using eyeliner helps women get other people’s attention to their face, especially their eyes. Eyeliner can not only make the eyes more beautiful, but also help to cover up many shortcomings of the user’s eyes. Eyeliner draws the eyes in such a way that even the most listless eyes can start to look dramatic.

Eyeliners are available in pencil form, but there are also liquid eyeliners that are applied using fine brushes. Although black is the most common color for eyeliners, they are also available in brown, gray, purple, and even green. Eye liner can boldly shape the user’s eyes and make them look spectacular and hypnotic.

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Main difference between Kajal and Eyeliner

Main difference between Kajal and Eyeliner
  • Kajal fully consists of natural ingredients while eyeliner is made up of artificial chemicals.
  • Kajal is the Indian name for the eye makeup product called Kohl around the world.
  • Kajal was previously available in small boxes, but now it is available in pencil form.

Kajal has been used for centuries to outline and define the eyes, but it is also put in the eyes of Indian tradition.

  • Kajal is assumed to have improvement in vision and treat many eye diseases. It is also assumed to prevent eyes from harmful effects as it is placed on babies’ foreheads.
  • Eye liner is available in powder, liquid and pencil form and is used to reshape the eyes. He is not put in the eyes like Kajal.
  • Original Kajal consists of black shade but the eyeliner can be of different colors such as green, blue, white, etc.
  • Kajal is much more costly as compared to eyeliner.

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