Disadvantages of lemon juice on face 

Disadvantages of lemon juice on face 

Any means can both help and harm. Be especially careful when using lemon juice on your face in the summer. Remember that after peeling and removing dead cells, the skin is sensitive to external influences. 

To avoid the appearance of age spots, do not sunbathe for 2-3 days after using scrubs and masks. 

Everything is good in moderation, and each person reacts differently to the components of a lemon. Test the product on the inside of your wrist first. 

Even healthy and natural products have contraindications. Here are the times when lemon juice is not recommended: 

  • intolerance to components, allergies; 
  • wounds and scars on the surface, which can be harmed by acid; 
  • capillary network; 
  • abundant inflammatory process; 
  • tumors. 

For sensitive skin, citrus fruit should be doubly careful. Add lemon to cosmetics, but do not use it in its pure form. Face masks with lemon saturate the skin with vitamins and minerals. Natural natural ingredients do just as well as commercial products.

More contraindications to the use of lemon juice

About the disadvantages of lemon juice on face and precautions:

Lemons are classified as allergens. Therefore, people with an allergy to citrus fruits, as well as people with kidney disease, pregnant women and nursing mothers, and children under three years of age should not use these fruits. 

Since lemons irritate the mucous membranes of the intestines and stomach, they are contraindicated in people with diseases of these organs. Excessive passion for fruits can also provoke an exacerbation of certain diseases: 

Thus, with all the rich composition and undeniable beneficial properties, lemons should be consumed with caution and in moderation. And then the body will be able to fully experience the benefits and healing power of these fruits.

People prone to allergic reactions should refrain from drinking large amounts of lemon juice. It is not recommended to drink the drink and people with high acidity, diseases of the stomach and liver.

Lemon juice should not be used as a spot treatment for sore gums, as the drink can cause mouth ulcers to form. In addition, in large doses, lemon erodes tooth enamel, so it is better to take it diluted or drink it through a straw.

As you can see, lemon juice can equally benefit the body and harm it. The use of the drink in reasonable doses and following simple instructions will help neutralize its negative qualities.

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