Cat Eyeglass Frames

Everything You Need To Know About Cat Eyeglass Frames

As with any other frame, the cat-eye frame has been around for a long time. Every decade is famous for some specific reasons. The cat-eye frames are there through it all. There are some reasons why it is standing still. The cat-eye frames were first made in the 1930s. But in the 1970s, the eyewear trend raised bigger. 

In other words, bulky glasses were the go-to shape. The drive kept going to the 1980s as well with a bit of turn. Instead of the 70’s theatrical impression, you can see that the cat-eye glasses are in metal frames. Early in the 90s, the size of the frames was still important, but the lenses became colored. 

Cat eye glass frames have bold style on the top and lighter facts on the lowest of the lens, with the upper corners of the frame comprehensive upward for a tapering look, making them related to “brow line glasses” like the well-known Ray-Ban Club master. They are usually broader on the top than the bottom and may comprise sole styling and details on the higher corners.

Which Face Shapes Look Great With Cat-Eye Glasses?

It’s hard to find out the precise pair of glasses when there is an entire variation out there that’s just ready to be made known to the world. Whether it is eyeglasses or sunglasses, each pair speaks to different events and moods. But it is essential to choose the right pair of glasses that matches your face shape since it might make or break the ultimate look.

The shape of cat eyeglass frames looks good on bottom-heavy faces. In other words, the foremost focus will be on the lower part of the face. Who will stun out the cat-eye trend? Anyone with an oval, round, rectangle, square, heart, or oblong face shape.

Tips For Styling Your New Cat-Eye Glasses

  • Choose the right frame shape

If you have a round face, we recommend you choose cat-eye glasses with bold, rangy lines. This helps improve your face pack features and your jawline. In comparison, if you have noticeable features or an angular face shape, look for cat-eye glasses that are additional round, with lax lines and large “wings” in the corners. This will help to grow the shape of your face.

  • Match your style with your outfit  

Cat eyeglasses are a bit “retro” and look their best with more proper outfits inspired by the 30s, 40s, and 50s. Try wearing them with blouses, vintage dresses, and skirts for a more unified look.

  • Wear bold makeup along with your glasses 

Cat eyeglass frames are bold, and when they were in their zenith in the mid-20th century, women’s tended to wear bold red lipstick and light eye makeup to make them look even more sole and bold. So consider swapping up your makeup routine along with your stylish glasses.

  • Be confident about your new look

Cat eyeglass frames are just begging to be observed, so wear them with confidence! Embrace the antique appeal and matchless style of your new glasses, and how they make you look.

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