Fur cape dress: how to wear it?

Fur cape dress: How to wear it?

To look more feminine and to make the look more interesting, you can add an original detail to the dress. In our case, your ensemble will be perfectly complemented by a cape dress made of faux fur.

Many women simply adore dressing up in dresses in which they look very feminine and seductive. But often the fair sex wants the outfit to be more exclusive, to add some zest to it. Dress covers are incredibly stylish and at the same time practical as an addition to the dress. This thing will make the image more sophisticated, original and magical. It will also perfectly warm your shoulders and arms while walking.

Every girl sometimes has a reason to show off in a chic dress with a neckline and bare shoulders. But it is not always possible to foresee the vagaries of the weather. In this case, a fur cape dress made of faux fur on a dress will help to get out of the situation, which will warm the shoulders, and also can emphasize your gracefulness. And if it suddenly gets hot, a fur cape, like a faux fur coat, can be quickly removed.

There is a large assortment of different faux fur capes for dresses. Recently, bolero is very popular – a cape dress on the shoulders with long or short sleeves, in which there is no fastener. In appearance, the bolero resembles a short jacket, the length of which is up to the chest or slightly lower. Such a cape for a dress looks very impressive, it acts as an excellent addition to the image for both sophisticated adult ladies and young stylish girls. Bolero can be made of fur, and it is also made of lace, cotton, wool, and cashmere.

How to choose a cape dress

When choosing a shade of a cape, consider the color of the dress. Capes in contrasting or similar colors will look very beautiful. For especially special occasions, the best option would be to choose a cape dress in different shades.

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There are several types of cape dresses:

  • bolero
  • boa
  • coat
  • shawl

With a lace cape, the bolero is easiest to add an element of romance to the image. A fur bolero is preferred by brides whose wedding takes place in the cool season. Although a warm cape is perfect for work in everyday life. Another popular type of cape dress is the boa. This is a fur scarf or cape made of animal feathers that is draped over the shoulders or wrapped around the neck. But the boa often performs only an aesthetic function, perfectly complementing the ensemble. She can only warm the neck and shoulders. Boas are tied with a silk or velvet bank, they act as a collar. Now it has become very fashionable to wear a boa on one shoulder, draped over a dress.

A coat is a fur cape on a dress and resembles a miniature fur coat. This cape is elegant and has a trapezoidal silhouette, the sleeves are widened to the bottom, or it goes without sleeves at all, like a poncho. As a rule, it is fastened or tied around the neck. The cloak is the warmest of all types of cape dresses, so it is often purchased by brides for weddings in winter. Also, such a cape on a dress as a shawl is in great demand. A thin shawl made of faux fur will perfectly complement an evening outfit, adding elegance and solemnity to the image.

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