Garnet Stone: magical properties and varieties

Garnet Stone: magical properties and varieties

If someone tells us about the pomegranate stone, then we immediately recall the red mineral, magnificent in color, which is very similar in shade to the overseas scarlet fruit with a sweet-sour taste. However, in fact, garnet stone is not one necessarily red mineral, but a whole group of stones with different colors, compositions, and even with their own properties.

The mineral received its modern name from the fruit of the same name, which is distinguished by a rich red tint. They say that the name of the gem was given by the alchemist Albert Magnus, who conducted numerous studies of various varieties of this mineral. But the fact that the name “garnet” became the official name of the mineral is the merit of the famous German geologist Werner, who discovered many properties and varieties of the family of this group of minerals.

From ancient times, garnet stone was considered the stone of travelers, since it was believed that this particular mineral was installed in the lamp of Noah’s ark.

In the old days in Russia, this stone was called carbuncle, which in Latin “carbo” means coal, flame, and fire. People believed that the one who wears a talisman with a pomegranate has great power over people, so most often men put it on before a military campaign.

General characteristics and description of garnet stone

Garnet stone is one of the most common jewelry stones, whose friendship with a person began a very long time ago. One of the oldest garnet-set necklaces found is said to be around 3,000 years old. Many memories of pomegranates came from ancient Rome. There the stone was used as a seal. However, modern man has expanded the scope of the mineral due to its special properties.

Physical properties of the garnet stone:

  • hardness: 6.5 … 7.5 units on the Mohs scale;
  • chemical composition: X2 + 3X3 + 2[SiO4] 3, in the formula in place of “X2” there is usually an impurity element. It can be magnesium (Mg), manganese (Mn), iron (Fe) or calcium (Ca), and in the “X3” position – iron, chromium (Cr) or aluminum (Al);
  • fracture: uneven;
  • strength: brittle;
  • density: 3.47…3.83 g/cm3;
  • gloss: fat, diamond, glass.

During its magnificent history, the stone has received a huge number of interesting names, among which are yahont and lal.

What does a garnet stone look like: varieties and colors

The following types of pomegranates are found in nature:

  • The scarlet or red-violet mineral is called almandine. These stones have a special attraction, as they are very similar in color to drops of blood. Therefore, they were very much loved by the rulers of various Turkish powers and often decorated their headdresses with them in order to intimidate their subordinates with their unlimited power.
  • The dark red handsome gem was called pyrope. The richest deposits of this type of pomegranate are in the Czech Republic, Russia (Yakutia), Tanzania, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Norway. And in China, it is believed that these stones are similar to the color of dragon’s blood and they can bring good luck.
  • Garnets of orange color, from light orange to brown-red, were called spessartine. This beautiful gem is somewhat reminiscent of an orange slice. The stone looks great in a yellow gold setting. The largest deposit is located in Namibia, where this gem was nicknamed “mandarin”, which in French means mandarin.
  • The mineral uvarovite has a rich green hue, like an emerald. Uvarovite is mined in the USA, Finland and the Himalayas. The Indians believed that such gems could cure almost any disease.
  • Shades of garnet stone from light green to brown are referred to as grossulars. A distinctive feature of this gem is a soft, unsaturated, very delicate shade of color. Stones of the highest grade look great in a setting of white or yellow gold. Sources are Karelia, Brazil, USA and Russia.
  • Also very popular are dark brown and black garnets called andradites. The main places of production are Azerbaijan and the Primorsky Territory of Russia. Usually this type of garnet has no practical application, however, some connoisseurs order products from this mineral as collection items.

Earrings with garnet stone:

Earrings with garnet stone:
Earrings with garnet stone:

In this list, we have mentioned only a part of the pomegranate varieties that are most popular. However, there are still a lot of gem types.

Practical use of garnet stone

Beautifully colored representatives of the garnet stone without turbidity and with minimal external defects are widely used in the jewelry industry. Particularly rare varieties of the gem, such as andradite , are usually held by collectors.

Almandine or, as it is also called, pyrope, is often used to make abrasive tools (emery papers, powders for various uses, grinding wheels, etc.). A huge proportion of industrially mined garnets is used to manufacture special garnet paper and fabric, which are used in the woodworking industry, for polishing glass and leather, for processing rubber, celluloid and other materials.

Often, certain varieties of garnet stone are added to cement mixtures to give hardness and strength to building materials. Garnet stone is also used in instrument making, as well as in electronics for the implementation of laser technologies.

Garnet Stone: precious or semi-precious stone

From the point of view of the legislation of the Russian Federation, garnet stone varieties are not included in the list of precious stones, which you can see for yourself by reading Law 41-F3 of 03/12/1998 “On Precious Metals and Precious Stones”. Based on this, a group of garnets can be safely attributed to semi-precious stones. However, this fact did not affect the cost of grenades in any way.

The most expensive stone was successfully sold at auction in 2003 for $6.8 million. And the weight of the stone is only 4.2 carats. Why is it so expensive? All because this beautiful gem shimmered with a huge palette of colors from blue in the daylight of the sun to dark purple in the evening. Such a sight is simply mesmerizing, so it is not surprising that a lot of money is ready to be paid for a stone.

Rare varieties of pomegranates are highly valued. So, for example, it is very difficult to find in nature a variety of garnet called melanite, which has a deep black tint. Jewelers use it only in private orders. You most likely will not be able to find such a stone on sale, because due to its uniqueness it costs much more than diamonds.

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How to distinguish a real garnet stone from a fake

How to distinguish a real garnet stone from a fake

To understand whether you have a natural stone or not, you need to learn a few simple rules that apply to garnets:

  • The most distinctive feature is the cut of the stone. Since garnet stone is a hard gem, it is usually given one of the following shapes: princess, round and emerald. And if the cut of the stone is different, and they are trying to prove to you with foam at the mouth that the garnet stone being sold is real, then ask the seller for documents on the stone or offer to conduct an independent examination.

Sometimes on a jewelry tag with a garnet insert, you can find the inscription “sitall”. This means that your gem is artificial. In some sources, it is also called “nano-garnet”.

  • Experts say that a real garnet stone without inclusions is very rare and usually requires fabulous money for it. Therefore, to distinguish a fake from a natural stone, you should carefully consider the gem. If you do not see any internal defects, inclusions or blackouts, then most likely you have an artificial mineral in your hands, but if there are any suspicious points (inclusions, voids, etc.), then you are probably the owner of natural stone.
  • One barbaric but working method is to dip your pomegranate into boiling water. If you see pink marks in the water, then you have a cheap fake on your hands that has been pre-painted. The paint dissolved in hot water and dyed it.
  • We already wrote that according to the Mohs scale, garnet stone is a very hard stone. Therefore, its authenticity can be easily verified by scratching glass with a stone, which has a hardness of 4 … 6 units. There should be no traces left on the grenade itself if it is of natural origin, but you will find a scratch on the glass.
  • Garnets of black, bright blue or emerald green of an ideal shape without inclusions are almost impossible to find in a jeweler without prior special order. And these beauties are very, very expensive. Therefore, if you are offered to buy such luxury for a penny from your hands, do not believe it. You are offered a fake or just an artificial version of the stone.

The magical properties of garnet stone

Astrologers say that the mineral is patronized by Mars, so the pomegranate will have a beneficial effect on purposeful, active, courageous people.

The abilities of the red almandine garnet stone have long been known to mankind. It is believed that the scarlet gem is a symbol of love, prosperity in marriage, passion, and violent emotions. It brings its owner attention from the opposite sex, helps to find true love and start a serious relationship that will end in marriage.

Green pomegranate is the patron of business people. His magical abilities will help in the development of his own business, improve the positive qualities of his master’s character, help him become more persistent, purposeful, hardworking, focused on the goal.

In China, Japan and the countries of the East, scarlet garnet stone symbolizes prosperity, harmony, education, development, so those who strive for great achievements try to wear this stone.

The magic of the black stone is very strong. Usually such a talisman is worn by people who have great power, and they try to keep it by all means. Previously, black grenades were used to decorate the clothes of men in power, people of high military positions, and the cassocks of representatives of higher church ranks. Astrologers believe that black garnet stone is able to strengthen the strong-willed qualities of its owner, make him work for a result, attract good luck and help earn good capital.

For energy women, it is best to buy a red or orange stone. The solar gem gives the lady self-confidence, makes her be a little more modest, more compliant, wiser, and helps to establish good relations both in her family and in the working field. And jewelry with inserts of several gems will work best: for example, look for a garnet bracelet for yourself – such an accessory will not only look great on your hand, but will also help in life matters.

Garnet stone rings:

And, of course, it is quite obvious that the stone will influence each sign of the zodiac in its own way, and you can find information about which signs the gem suits and which not so much here.

The healing properties of the garnet stone

A lot of things are already known to mankind about the healing properties of pomegranate. It is believed that the stone contributes to the good functioning of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems, helps regulate blood pressure, and promotes the proper functioning of the heart muscle.

Pomegranate is recommended to be worn by people with an explosive character, those who suffer greatly from depression, have recently experienced the loss of loved ones or some kind of severe trouble.

Pomegranate improves immunity and shortens the recovery period after severe illness. If you or your loved one has recently suffered a severe illness, then pomegranate will help him recover quickly and get back on his feet.

The mineral also helps with severe headaches. It is recommended to be worn by people who suffer from strong pressure drops, react to weather changes, and feel bad in hot weather. He recommends putting on products made from pomegranates for at least a few weeks, otherwise there will be no sense.

What does the dream book say

Pomegranate is considered a symbol of love, passion, strong emotions, jealousy and great love affairs. And if you dream of a garnet stone, then be sure that something will change a lot on your love front soon.

I dreamed that you were putting on a ring with a pomegranate – soon a stormy romance would happen in your life. Be sure you will get a lot of emotions and experience indescribable feelings.

In a dream, you are wearing garnet stone earrings – soon you will get married or your family will improve relations for the better.

Remove jewelry from your ears – expect a change: you may need to reconsider your relationship with your loved one and make some compromises.

I dreamed that you were presented with pomegranate jewelry – soon a person will appear in your life who will bring you great benefits in your personal life. For example, your girlfriend introduces you to a life partner. Or a person will appear at work with whom a pleasant love relationship will begin. In any case, expect change.

How to wear a garnet stone and what stones to combine with

Every girl knows that stones need to be selected not only for the color and style of clothing. Inserts in jewelry should also be well combined in terms of energy. Experts say that garnets will be most favorably combined with agates, sapphires, emeralds and cubic zirconias. It is believed that when wearing these combinations of stone, a person will become more successful, only useful people will meet on his way, he will become more successful in his work.

Garnet Stone Necklace:

Necklace with garnet stone:
Necklace with garnet stone:

Combinations of garnets with diamonds, aquamarines, aventurines, rubies, pearls, chrysoprase, hyacinths are considered unfavorable. They say that such combinations of stones will make a person insecure, fearful, timid, too timid.

The remaining combinations of gems with garnets are considered neutral and do not have a negative impact on humans. Therefore, you can choose jewelry to your liking and not be afraid of their adverse effect on your own life.

Jewelry with garnet stone is recommended to be worn close to the heart, as they have a very strong healing effect on the cardiovascular system.

A ring with a garnet stone should be worn on the index or thumb of the left hand. It is believed that in this place the gem has the strongest influence on its owner and will maximize the improvement of his well-being.

If you prefer to wear a garnet pendant or a brooch, then it should also be attached to the left side, closer to the heart. In this place, the nugget will protect not only your physical health, but also protect your heart from feelings of resentment, pain and suffering.

Brooches with garnet stones:

Brooches with garnet stones:
Brooches with garnet stones:

The price of natural garnet stone

The cost of natural garnet stone is very difficult to say. After all, the amount will depend on a large number of factors: weight, color, origin, brilliance, transparency, etc. And the average person is not very interested in the cost of a stone per carat, they are more concerned about the price of a gem already in a piece of jewelry.

Let’s deal with gold first. If you want to buy wonderful gold earrings weighing 2 grams with magnificent red garnets, prepare at least 10 thousand rubles. And a magnificent gold brooch for a charming lady with 7 garnets and a scattering of cubic zirconia weighing 5…6 grams will already cost from 25 thousand rubles. The cost of a small female ring will be from 15 thousand, and a male signet will cost somewhere from 25 thousand rubles.

Bracelets with inserts of red garnet stone have gained great popularity today. Such an ornament in gold weighing 2.5 grams today on the market will cost from 12 thousand rubles.

Slightly more democratic prices for silver accessories. Fashion earrings with green, red and blue inserts of amethysts, garnets, topazes, chrysolites and cubic zirconia weighing 5…6 grams will cost you only 5 thousand rubles or a little more. A ring made in the same style will cost approximately 3…5 thousand. A pendant on a silver chain will cost a little more – 10 thousand rubles.

We have introduced you to the average prices. And here you can find a huge range of garnet stone jewelry and choose the ones that suit your taste and style.

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Gold bracelet with garnet stone:

Gold bracelet with garnet stone:

So, as you most likely already understood, pomegranate is a group of magnificent gems that conquered a person not only with their extraordinary beauty and variety of color palettes, but also with their unique healing and magical properties that can give love and help find a family even for those who He no longer dreams about his personal life. If you are thinking about whether to buy yourself a piece of jewelry with a garnet stone or not, then do not delay the purchase, believe me, this product will not only look beautiful in your image, but will also become an excellent talisman for life.

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