Herbs for hair growth and strengthening

Herbs for hair growth and strengthening

Cosmetic companies use an extract of a plant as an active ingredient for hair care. But even before the development of industrial production of shampoos, balms, creams, people used decoctions, infusions from various herbs for thickening hair and received excellent results. Applying “grandmother’s” beauty recipes, you can organize inexpensive medical, supportive care for your hair. So which herbs are good for hair growth?

Operating principle

Nature has endowed plants with miraculous properties. During their growth, a number of biochemical reactions take place, in which many useful elements are produced, they can be used in an accessible form by people for treatment, as well as to maintain the health of the skin and curls.

Benefits from herbal medicine:

  • Complex impact.
  • The broth can be applied internally and externally.
  • The bioavailability of substances is almost 100%, which allows the absorption of the maximum amount of vitamins and microelements.
  • They practically have no contraindications for external use (allergy is possible), does not cause addiction.
  • Raw materials for medicinal broths, infusions can be collected by yourself or bought at a budgetary cost.

It is worth familiarizing yourself with herbs that have the most positive effect on the structure and beauty of the strands.

Herbs overview 

Phototherapy has countless plant species and subspecies. Taking any of them, you can find a positive effect on some part of the human body, but the effect on the growth of curls is exerted by:



This plant contains a large amount of vitamin C, almost 10 times more than citrus fruits. It is an immunostimulant and helps cells to restore their protective functions. Also in the composition there are vitamins of group B, K, E and carotene (vitamin A), which enhances tissue regeneration, which allows products based on this plant to increase hair growth. Five trace elements, one of them sulfur, normalizes the hydrobalance of tissues, eliminates itching, and dandruff disappears. Phytoncides and flavonoids have an antiseptic effect, nourishing the structure of the strands, the scalp.

Such a composition is an ideal tool for thickening hair and healing hair. How to use the plant for maximum effect, as well as many recipes with  nettle for hair growth, read on our website.

Burdock or burdock

Burdock or burdock

Often in pharmacies, you can find burdock oil to strengthen hair at home. Burdock is rich in essential oils, which are well extracted in this very form, helping hair follicles to enhance cell growth and regeneration. Tannins disinfect, are active in the fight against dandruff.

Inulin, which is part of burdock, improves lipid, carbohydrate metabolism, which allows you to quickly remove toxins, toxins, heal skin cells and curls, making them shiny. Both the leaves and the root of the plant are used.

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Used for stimulation. Its juice activates hair growth, and also has an awakening effect on dormant bulbs due to the presence of allyl mustard oil in the composition. The root of the plant is mainly used. It is rich in vitamins, trace elements, phytoncides, and also contains the substance lysozyme. It is capable of destroying the membrane of bacteria, is an antimicrobial, antiparasitic agent. It helps to eliminate skin problems: herpes, fungal manifestations, seborrhea. If the hair has an unpleasant odor, then a horseradish decoction will do just fine.



Its root is rich not only in vitamins B, E, but also phenol carboxylic acids. These substances are antioxidants that can protect the hair structure from negative effects. Improve the structure, moisturize, make them thick and attractive.

Hop cones

Hop cones

The composition includes alkaloids, hormones, acids, vitamins. Such a composition strengthens the venous network of blood vessels, as well as cell membranes, the hair becomes thicker and stronger, and the intensity of hair loss decreases. Due to the incoming coloring pigment, when using the infusion for rinsing, the curls acquire a peculiar, interesting shine.



Contains the substances saponins, when mixed with water they give a kind of soap solution. They are able to bind with fats, which allows you to clean the hair structure qualitatively. They are also antioxidants and antiseptics. Polyenoic acids, which are rich in plants, can stimulate cell regeneration, awaken dormant bulbs. The use of horsetail in hair care makes it possible to stop hair loss, to give the hair a healthy, well-groomed look.



It contains a large percentage of sterols, flavonoids, coumarins, triterpenoids, and also carotenoids. These substances are able to rejuvenate the cell from the inside, protect against ultraviolet rays, heat effects of a hair dryer, forceps, and heated rollers. Essential oils help fight seborrhea.

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Rules and application features

In order for procedures using herbs for rapid hair growth to be more effective, it is worth considering a number of nuances and rules for using natural ingredients:

  • before using any plant, a test should be carried out for the reaction of the body, to exclude the possibility of allergies;
  • the product is prepared immediately before use, storage in the refrigerator for no more than a day;
  • the mask is applied with massage movements to wet strands before the main shampooing, and rinsing is carried out after washing the curls;
  • after applying a natural remedy, it is better to warm your head for an hour, for a deeper effect of substances;
  • trichologists recommend to carry out phytotherapy courses: 2 months course, after changing the main ingredient or just rest.

Application methods

Herbs for hair growth and strengthening can be applied internally and externally.

When taking a decoction, internally it is worth considering:

  • a decoction of plants, this medicine must be familiar with the contraindications;
  • consult your doctor before use;
  • The broth is used for at least 3 weeks, 3-4 times a day, half an hour before meals from 1/4 to 1/2 cup.

With hormonal imbalance, the strands suffer first of all, with such a problem, bringing the work of internal organs back to normal comes to the fore. If the body is internally healthy, then problems with hair do not arise.

When applied externally, herbs for hair loss and hair growth, the effect is local, so the method of application is simple:

  • prepare the desired mixture, broth, taking into account the recommendations of the selected recipe;
  • if it is necessary to boil, it is better to do it in a water bath;
  • use a decoction in a warm form;
  • It is recommended to use herbs for hair growth at home 2-3 times a week.

For the density of hair, you can use and make infusions, decoctions, oils yourself, from fresh raw materials or from properly prepared and dried. But at the same time, each recipe has its own peculiarities of application.

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Tincture and decoction recipes 

Tincture and decoction recipes 

From any herb, you can prepare a decoction and heal your hair almost free of charge and effectively.

Dandelion infusion

For thicker hair, try a rich infusion of fresh dandelion leaves:

  • 200-300 gr. chop young leaves, pour 2 liters of boiling water.
  • In 30 minutes, you can use a thermos.
  • Cool and strain the resulting infusion.
  • Rub into the roots of the strands, rinse the ends.
  • Warm your head, leave for 30 minutes, then let it dry naturally.

Such a decoction will replace the most expensive and effective tonic, nourish them with vitamins and microelements. Will give strength for growth, make them more resistant to external influences. Suitable for frequent use, for all hair types.

Hop cone decoction

This herb decoction is used for hair growth and strengthening. It is very effective, but requires painstaking preparatory work to prepare it:

  • The cones are thoroughly chopped: raw – with a blender, dry – by hand.
  • A glass of hop cones, it does not matter whether raw materials are dry or fresh, pour 2 liters of boiling water and boil for 20 minutes.
  • Insist 2 hours, then filter.
  • Rinse the curls with broth after washing.

Hop substances are able to penetrate deeply into the hair structure and affect pigmentation. A decoction of hops is suitable for healing normal and oily strands.

Nettle decoction

For intense hair growth at home, you can make this wonderful natural conditioner:

  • You need to take 200-250 grams of fresh nettle or 50-80 gr. dry grass.
  • Pour 0.5 liters of water, boil in a water bath for 5-10 minutes.
  • Let it brew to extract more substances – 30 minutes.
  • Strain, dilute with warm water to 2 liters.
  • Rinse the curls after shampooing.

It is recommended to dry the hair with a towel, without using a hair dryer. This will make it possible to saturate the structure of the strands with nutrients as much as possible, and after the first procedure, the hair will be obedient, more shiny.

It is recommended to repeat this procedure after each shampooing for up to 2 months. Can be applied to any hair type. If the hair is oily, you can add a couple of tablespoons of sea salt, and if, on the contrary, dry, then 1 teaspoon of honey nourishes the strands and stabilizes the water-fat balance.

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