How Effective Are Hair Growth Inhibitors, and What Do They Cost?

Shaving is an everyday routine among women and men of all ages. From facial and pubic hairs to beards, shaving, threading, and tweezing are costly and time-consuming activities. Is there a better solution? There is. People are avoiding the inconveniences of shaving by investing in hair inhibitors. You should, too.

What Are Hair Inhibitors?

Hair inhibitors are spray or cream formulas containing natural and safe ingredients for inhibiting hair regrowth. A hair-growth-inhibiting product interrupts the normal hair growth cycle, delaying and slowing growth rates. More potent hair inhibitors extract strands from the roots and stop growth permanently.

How Do Hair Inhibitors Work?

Hair inhibitors are topical products rich in plant enzymes that change the structure of hair follicles to weaken them and prevent new hairs from growing. Products such as the facial hair growth inhibitor by Hair Jazz work by blocking the dermal papilla, a part of the hair underneath your skin. By intercepting the normal growth cycle, hair inhibitors slow the regrowth process, changing hair texture and structure. Using these products continuously can make your hair softer, lightweight, and finer.

Do Hair Inhibitors Work Alone?

Hair growth inhibitors aren’t standalone products. They won’t be as effective when applied on a hairy surface. They work in companionship with hair removal products and methods, including tweezing, shaving, sugaring, and threading. You must do a clean shave or completely wax all hair before applying a hair inhibitor.

These creams don’t have the potency to penetrate dark and long hairs into the dermal papilla to inhibit hair growth. They penetrate better on a clean, hair-free surface to stop growth from the roots.

Are Hair Growth Inhibitors Effective?

The efficacy of hair growth inhibitors isn’t debatable as they have proven to do exactly what they promise. However, the level of effectiveness extensively depends on the person using the inhibitor (their age and general health).

Dark, thick-haired people may have to apply the cream several times for optimal effectiveness. Thicker and darker hair usually is brittle and strongly resistant to growth inhibitors. People with thinner and lighter hair are more advantaged when it comes to preventing hair growth with inhibitors.

The efficiency of hair growth inhibitors also relies on the product in question. Sprays and creams usually undergo rigorous testing and evaluation, but that doesn’t guarantee efficiency in all products.

What Is the Cost of Hair Growth Inhibitors?

When buying these products, it’s normal to want to get the most affordable product without compromising quality and efficiency. It’s possible you still hold on to the belief that quality and pricing go hand in hand, but that is not always the case.

We have seen many freshly introduced hair care products from lesser-known brands beating industry leaders in terms of quality and efficiency despite selling for lower prices. Therefore, while it’s not wrong to go for top brands, never underestimate the power of reviews and customer testimonials. Mostly, you’ll find hair growth inhibitors priced as low as $30 and as high as $2,000.

Prescription or Natural Hair Growth Inhibitors: Which Is the Best?

When talking about hair growth inhibitors, you’re spoilt for choice between natural and prescription options. Prescription hair inhibitors are FDA-approved products specially administered by dermatologists.

On the other hand, natural hair inhibitors make up the largest percentage of products available in the market, and people can easily buy them at cosmetic stores or pharmacies. They enable men and women to stop hair growth safely from the comfort of their homes. Natural hair growth inhibitors use plant enzymes to prevent hair follicles from developing new hair cells. These products contain only the safest naturally extracted ingredients, so they rarely cause serious side effects.

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