How often can you dye your hair? According to hair experts

How often can you dye your hair? The answer to the mystery of color has been found! Before diving into the world of shades and color nuances, it will be useful to know how often you can dye your hair and how it affects their condition. And then you should choose from shades of blonde, chestnut, red, and possibly pink or neon tones.

Speaking about how long the result lasts after semi-permanent staining, you should also take into account the staining techniques that you choose and that suit you. You will learn more about how to keep strands healthy to the very ends, no matter what color they will be dyed.

Is it possible to often dye my hair with semi-permanent dyes

If you like to tint strands in bright or darker shades according to your mood, semi-permanent dyes can be an excellent solution. They will allow you to experiment with color boldly and often – for example, dye your strands pink for the festival and wash off the shade before you need to return to work.

How often can you dye your hair with semi-permanent dyes and how long the effect lasts after dyeing depends on the type of dye and the condition of your hair. The shade can last until the first wash or stay with you for several weeks. This is a great choice if, for example, you are not ready for radical changes or just want a hint of a color change.

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How often can you dye your hair with permanent dyes?

If you are finally and irrevocably ready to change your hair color, feel free to choose a permanent dye. This is a truly effective way to achieve long-lasting rich color. It will help you out as well if you want to disguise your gray hair.

If you ask dyeing specialists: “How often can you dye your hair with permanent and semi-permanent dyes, and what is the difference in durability?”, You will find out that the differences are enormous. Permanent dyeing, especially on pre- bleached hair, is usually so persistent that it is almost impossible to wash it out of the hair, all that remains is to grow the strands again. That is why it is called permanent!

Semi-permanent dyeing, on the other hand, will gradually “fade” with each wash. So if you are looking for persistence, it is best to turn to permanent paints. If you are unhappy with the durability of your dye and want to know how often you can dye your hair, first make sure you know how to properly care for your dyed curls.

How often can hair be lightened

Hair lightening is a chemical process that causes hair to part with its natural pigment, which is why it becomes lighter. Discoloration is a permanent stain and cannot be washed off.

Then you just have to grow new unlightened hair sections. Or, if you want to turn back time and replay everything, you can tint the discolored strands in a shade close to the original. It is best to have these treatments done by a professional colorist, and if you are wondering how often you can lighten your hair again, we recommend that you follow the advice of a specialist.

The same goes for highlighting, balayage or ombre . All of these techniques involve lightening the hair, sometimes quite strong, depending on the original shade of your strands and the result you want to achieve. In general, any hair lightening is permanent, and if you are not ready to take risks, ask your colorist about alternative coloring methods.

If you do decide to lighten the curls, remember about the inevitable harm that discoloration brings with it. It is worth learning how to properly care for the strands after lightening in order to restore their health and beauty.

How often can you dye your hair: make an informed decision

Today it has become so easy to switch from one hair color to another that it is not always possible to give up the temptation to do it according to your mood. But you should be aware that dyeing seriously changes the structure of the hair, and mostly for the worse. Therefore, it is best to dye your hair just to keep it presentable.

Too frequent dyeing can destroy the integrity of the cuticle and even the cortex, make the strands more porous, and the hair web dry and tired. And, of course, curls in this state will need to be restored. If you want healthy hair, try not to take impulsive steps and dye it as little as possible.

Color-damaged hair is no joke. They can be difficult to comb, style , and generally save. Hair can not only begin to split at the ends, but also break, which can provoke increased hair loss. Do you want to dye your hair without unnecessary chemical exposure? Take a closer look at natural dyes like henna, which can give a rich hue ( but also have their own characteristics ).

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How much shade is enough after staining

How long the tint stays on your hair after dyeing depends on two factors. The first is what types and strengths of the dye you choose, and the second is how you care for the curls after the procedure.

So how often do you dye your hair? Thanks to the correct technique for caring for colored strands, their damage can be reduced, which means that you will have more opportunities to change the shade without any special consequences.


Tint Sprays Tint hair sprays are great for fancy dress parties. You just spray them on your hair, and the effect is very short-lived, literally until the first hair wash. But be warned that if your hair is very light or porous, the pigment may linger longer.

Crayons for hair

Can you dye your hair twice a day? Yes, if you use hair crayons. They make it easy to create a look for a festival or themed party. With crayons, your hair can become a canvas for your fantasies, without much consequence and mostly for only one day. Crayons are unstable dyes, as they remain only on the surface of the hair and do not penetrate inside. But before applying this type of direct pigment, be sure to read and follow the instructions to avoid surprises in the form of spots and so on …


You can tint bleached hair, but even after rinsing, the bleached areas will remain so until you grow your hair back. This is why it is worth thinking twice before lightening.

Permanent and semi-permanent dyes 

The result depends on how porous your hair is – color fastness after dyeing with permanent and semi-permanent dyes. The basic rule is that after permanent dyes, the color can fade, but you can only grow your hair or dye it again. Semi-permanent dyes can be washed out of your hair.

Pro tip from hair salons Expert

Now hope you have all your questions answered. But one of the most important thing we want to share with you guys a recommendation from hair salons Fredericton stylist that you should always have your hair colored by a professional at the salon. You get the best results when a professional colorist applies salon formulas to your hair. Your stylist will examine your hair and prepare the color according to your hair health and condition. A DIY hair color is possible but not recommended.

How to maintain colored hair

There are several golden rules that you should immediately start applying on freshly colored strands.

1. Find a shampoo and conditioner for colored hair

To maintain the color-lasting color of colored hair, try products specially formulated for this.

Editor’s Tip: Dove Nutritive Solutions Color Shine Shampoo & Conditioner is a pair that deserves a place in your bathroom. These products with Vibrant Color Lock technology help to keep the color of colored hair from washing out, to maintain a healthy look and shine of curls.

2. Use thermal protection

Since dyeing involves a remarkable chemical effect on the strands, after the procedure, you should treat them even more carefully. Before any heat styling or hot blow drying, apply a heat protectant to your hair to avoid further damage.

Editor’s advice: for example, it can be “Thermal protection” foam of the “Chistaya Liniya” brand with calendula extract. Not only does it help protect the hair from high temperatures, but it also helps moisturize and hold it easily.

3. Hair masks are your best friends

Hair after dyeing is much more fragile than before. To support them, try an intensely regenerating and nourishing product called masks.

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