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How often should you wash your hair?


  • Does frequent washing cause hair loss?  
  • Signs of washing your hair too often  
  • 5 factors affecting how often you wash your hair

What does “too often” mean about washing your hair? Can washing your hair too often or not often enough to cause hair loss? And is it really necessary to wash your hair daily?

The fact is that you can overdo it with washing your hair and harm it without even realizing it. Most people should not wash their hair and scalp every other day, because shampoo can strip the hair of essential and healthy natural oils.

By all accounts, hair should be washed when it becomes dirty and oily.

Does frequent washing cause hair loss?

Frequent washing with harsh shampoo removes too much sebum (sebum) from the scalp. Hair needs sebum to keep it hydrated. Otherwise, they may become dry 1 and brittle. Hair can fall out a lot if left untreated. More frequent washing can also mean more frequent use of hot styling tools, which can damage your hair.

Maintain healthy hair by choosing shampoos that are gentle to the scalp and moisturize, such as our Nioxin System Cleansing Shampoos. Our Nioxin 3 -Step System Kits are designed to renew scalp, strengthen hair and prevent breakage and hair loss.

Signs of washing your hair too often

If you don’t know if you wash your hair often or not, your hair can tell you that it needs a break. As we have already mentioned, dry hair is one of the consequences of washing too often – dryness is easily noticed by the increased degree of frizz and stiffness of the hair to the touch. The ends of the hair will split faster than before, and the hair itself may lose shine and tarnish due to the lack of natural fats.

In addition, dandruff may appear. Dandruff occurs on dry and itchy scalp, where scalp cells flake off when scratched. Dandruff can be treated with targeted hair care products such as the Scalp Recovery Kit. The products in this set cleanse the scalp and restore its natural balance.

If your hair is dyed, you may notice that the color is washed out faster than expected. It is important to use a special shampoo and conditioner for colored hair, for example, included in the Nioxin System 3 kit: the shampoo removes excess sebum, and the conditioner moisturizes the scalp and hair, keeping their color vibrant.

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5 factors affecting how often you wash your hair

In general, it is not recommended to wash your hair daily. However, there are a number of factors that can cause hair to become dirty quickly.

1. Sebum production

When it comes to dirty hair, oily, greasy hair is most often referred to. The scalp produces sebum that moisturizes and protects it. The sebum production activity depends on various factors such as age, gender, heredity and environment.

This activity increases from adolescence to 20-30 years, and then begins to decline. Thus, people who have reached middle age can continue to wash their hair as often as before, but it can be harmful to their scalp and hair.

2. Hair type

How often you wash your hair also depends on its texture. Straight and thin hair should be washed more often, because sebum covers the hair more easily and faster, it “slides” down, as it were, without hindrance.

Curly, wavy or thick hair tends to be drier because sebum cannot cover the entire hair, so it doesn’t need to be washed as often as straight and fine hair. Afro Volos should be washed less often, ideally once every 7-10 days, to remove any build-up from the scalp and hair, but avoid removing all natural fats from them.

3. Sweat

Excessive sweating can also make your hair look greasy and greasy, as sweat helps spread the sebum more easily through the hair. For example, those who often play sports wash their hair more often.

4. Environment

Working in highly polluted environments, frequent gardening or cleaning may require washing your hair more often. Dust, dirt and pollen on your hair make it dull, dirty and cause an unpleasant odor.

5. Hair styling products

The use of hair styling products such as creams, gels, sprays, often leads to their accumulation on the scalp and, therefore, to hair pollution. Therefore, if you want to wash your hair less often, try to use fewer products when styling your hair.

What to do in order to wash your hair less often

When you wash your hair frequently, you find yourself in a vicious circle – the more you wash your hair, the more actively sebum is produced to maintain the right degree of skin hydration, which in turn forces you to wash your hair more often. In order to break this circle, you just need to take a break. If you wash your hair daily, try washing it every other day. If you wash your hair every 2 days, try every 3 days.

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One of the best ways to resist the urge to wash your hair while keeping it looking well-groomed is to use dry shampoo. When you start to notice that your hair is getting greasy, spray a little dry shampoo on the root zone and you can be calm.

 is a dry shampoo that not only absorbs excess sebum, but also gives hair the much needed volume, leaving hair feeling cleaner and thicker, as if you just washed your hair with a regular shampoo. Hair after using dry shampoo is easy to comb, it does not accumulate in the hair and gives freshness to the hair and scalp.

Our hair is healthy when our scalp is healthy. Keeping your scalp in good condition means following good hygiene practices and using mild moisturizing products that not only cleanse but also meet their specific needs. Nioxin 3 -Step System Kits contain a cleansing shampoo, conditioner and scalp care product designed to not only cleanse the scalp, but also fight thinning and hair loss, and are suitable for a variety of hair types.

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