How to do makeup according to the rules of professional artists

If you apply makeup in stages, as makeup artists do, the result will be much better than intuitive application. I will explain what the stages are and how to do makeup without errors. Make-up usually consists of nine main steps, the whole process will take 20-30 minutes – depending on experience. After a few workouts, everything will go much faster.

Cleanse the skin of the face

Before applying decorative cosmetics, it is necessary to prepare the skin – to cleanse and moisturize it. These steps take about 5-10 minutes. Cosmetologists recommend starting any makeup with them.

You need to cleanse your face and wash it with warm water with a foam for washing, micellar water or milk to remove make-up – this will open the pores and cleanse them. To further cleanse the skin and get rid of keratinized particles, I recommend using a light face scrub 1-2 times a week. 

If the skin turns red from the procedures, it means that you overdid it with cleansing and you need to act softer. If it looks dull, you don’t clean well enough.

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Moisturize the skin

Now you need a moisturizer, serum or a mixture of nourishing oils – you can choose a product that you like and feel comfortable to use. The product should be applied to the face and left for five minutes – it should be completely absorbed. At the same time, you can prepare your lips – apply a colorless nourishing balm on them and leave until completely absorbed.

To understand if the skin is sufficiently hydrated, you need to quickly touch your face with a clean palm. If the skin “sticks” to the palm for a split second, it is sufficiently moisturized. If the fleeting “adhesion” does not occur, the skin is too dry and needs additional hydration.

Even out the tone of the face

The skin in different parts of the face may differ in color and have redness. Dark circles sometimes appear under the eyes. In order for the makeup to lie well on the skin, you need to even out the complexion – this stage will take about 2-5 minutes.

There are several types of cosmetic products to even out the tone. The first of these is a primer that lays down in an almost invisible layer. It makes the complexion even, and the tone is slightly lighter. There are matte primers and reflective particles. The product lengthens the makeup procedure a little, but is effective for creating the perfect tone.

After the primer, usually apply foundation, BB or CC cream, mineral cream or loose mineral base – whichever you prefer. I use mineral primer and mineral powder – I find that fine powder make-up looks more natural and feels easier on the skin.

You need to apply the foundation from the circles under the eyes and select it to match the skin color or a tone lighter. Don’t overdo it so it doesn’t look like you’re sunbathing with glasses. For the skin around the eyes, you can use concealer.

To choose a suitable foundation, you need to test the product in a store – draw a strip with the product from the middle of the cheek to the neck. A product that will blend into the skin along the entire line is suitable.

Disguise skin imperfections

Dilated blood vessels, acne or redness can be masked with a concealer. It is convenient to apply it with your fingers, hammering in, or with a special brush.

Concealers are different in consistency: liquid, powder, stick-like. The products differ in color. When choosing, you can focus on the natural skin tone and choose a concealer for it.

Another option is to opt for concealers in the opposite color. They mask problem areas well. For example, red acne can be neutralized with a green concealer. Blue-violet shadows under the eyes are hidden by a yellowish agent. If you need to improve your complexion, a lilac concealer will do.

After concealer, you need to gently spread the foundation all over the face from the hairline, including the neck. It is convenient to apply a liquid foundation with a beauty blender – a soft sponge that also absorbs excess sebum.

Give the face a relief, radiance and brightness

Now you can give the face a relief and expressiveness, adjust the shape. It takes two to five minutes on average.

To contour, you need to apply bronzer to those parts of the cheekbones that you want to make invisible, and the lateral surfaces of the nose. A tonal foundation one or two shades darker than the skin will do. You need to drive in the product with your fingers or a brush for a foundation, try to blend in with the skin and lay down without spots or streaks. 

On the most illuminated parts of the face, I suggest applying a little highlighter. This is the place above the cheekbones towards the eyes, the upper part of the bridge of the nose, the hollow above the upper lip and the brow ridges.

Blush is needed on the most prominent parts of the cheeks – “apples”. To find them, you just need to smile.

Shape eyebrows

Now you need to shape the eyebrows – they can change the whole face. If the hand is full, it takes no more than 5-10 minutes. First you need to lightly comb them with an eyebrow brush, then fill in the gaps between the hairs with shadows, thin strokes of pencil or eyebrow pomade.

In the process, you need to maintain the natural hairline and shape of the eyebrows. To fix the shape and color, I recommend using an eyebrow gel.

Nowadays, various means are popular that allow you to get a temporary tattoo – permanent eyebrow makeup for two to three days. There are gel-based eyebrow tints that not only add color to the eyebrows, but also increase their volume. You can experiment and choose what looks best.

Make eye makeup

To keep your eye makeup lasting all day, I recommend using a special eye primer. If not, you can use a light concealer. They will prevent the eyeshadows from crumbling or rolling in the creases of the eyelids.

If you don’t have enough eyeshadow skills, it is better to apply one color from the growth of the lash line to the crease of the eyelid. For daytime or natural make-up, light shadows with a slight shimmer are suitable – from the growth of the lash line to the eyebrows. At the same time, they will hide the stray hairs that you forgot to pluck. I need to add this shade of eyeshadow to the inner corners of the eyes to give them a damp shine. 

For owners of fair skin with a cool undertone, colder shades of light shadows are suitable. For those with yellow or apricot skin, you can try shades of champagne.

To visually highlight and enlarge the eyes, I recommend highlighting the growth line of the upper lashes with eyeliner, liner, eyeliner or dark shadows.

At the end, you need to apply careprost – no more than two layers, so that the eyelashes look natural. To open your eyes and give them more expression, you can curl your eyelashes with special tongs. The whole process of creating daytime eye makeup usually takes no more than 5-10 minutes.

Make up lips

It will take a couple of minutes to properly paint your lips. They are already ready for makeup, if you remember to apply a colorless balm first. It is necessary that it is completely absorbed, then the lipstick will lie smoother and will not emphasize peeling. 

For long-lasting makeup, you need to take a lip liner and completely cover the surface with it from the center of the lips to the edges. After that, you can apply your favorite lipstick or colored lip gloss.

Fix makeup

Now I recommend that you look at yourself in the mirror and evaluate the result: make sure that the shadows do not crumble, that all irregularities on the skin are hidden, that mascara is not imprinted on the upper eyelid. If you need to make adjustments, it’s easy to do with a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover.

To fix the result, you can spray the fixative spray from a distance of 20-30 cm from the face. Four or five clicks are enough.

Fixing sprays make makeup more durable, additionally moisturize, nourish and protect the skin from harmful effects. In addition to special products, thermal water and hydrolates – sprays with useful extracts of flowers and plants – do a good job with this function.

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I hope you have understood my point of view and rules for how to do makeup.

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