How to make eyebrow slit

How to make eyebrow slit

Eyebrow slit refers to shaving a part of the eyebrows in a straight line, and is attracting attention as a means of self-expression. Previously, it became popular in the 90’s, and the fashion has never stopped. You can use an electric clipper or a manual razor to make a slit. If you’re undecided to shave, you can use make-up supplies to make it look like it has a temporary slit. If you follow the correct procedure, the slit will be completed in no time

How to make eyebrow slit

To create eyebrow slit, we have divided the whole process into two steps:

  • Step 1. Use hair clippers or razors
  • Step 2. Use makeup supplies

Step 1. Use hair clippers or razors

1. Draw a straight line with a white eyeliner. Use a pencil-type white eyeliner to draw a straight line where you want to make a slit. Decide whether you want to have both left and right eyebrows or just one side. Let’s decide the number and position while looking in the mirror.

  • It is most common to have one to three slits in one eyebrow. For people with dark eyebrows, multiple slits look great. When considering the number, consider the thickness of your eyebrows.
  • In most cases, the slit should be placed towards the end of the eyebrow.

2. Take a cellophane tape to stick the tape on one side of the line and stick it right next to the line drawn with the eyeliner. Align the straight line of the tape with the edge of the line. Let’s work one by one.

3. Apply the tape on the other side of the line as well. Apply it so that there is a gap between the tapes. This gap becomes a slit. This tape will serve as a reference when shaving your eyebrows later.

4. Hold the clippers perpendicular to the skin that shave the eyebrows between the tapes. Slowly move the blade against the flow of hair and shave the eyebrows between the tapes. Do it slowly so that the tape does not come off, and do not use too much force.

  • Move the blade up and down instead of left and right.
  • When inserting multiple slits, work from the one closest to the end of the eyebrow.

5. Remove the tape and drop the eyeliner. Remove the tape slowly so that the eyebrows do not come off. Dip water on your fingertips to remove the eyeliner. You will have a slit in your eyebrows.

6. Remove the sparsely remaining eyebrows with tweezers. Look closely at the mirror to see if there is any unshaved hair. Pinch the ends of the hair with tweezers and pull it out to arrange the eyebrow slits.

7. If there is only one slit that repeats the same procedure as needed, then the procedure is complete. If you have more than one, draw a line, tape and shave between them.

8. Shave again and keep the slits. Look in the mirror from time to time to see if the hair in the slits is starting to grow. If you’re starting to grow up, follow the same procedure to tape and shave with a razor.

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Step 2. Use makeup supplies

How to make eyebrow slit

1. Fill the gaps in the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. First, shape the eyebrows with a screw brush or comb to make the curves of the eyebrows stand out. Let’s also arrange the flow of hair. Next, apply eyebrow powder to an angled makeup brush to fill the gaps in your eyebrows for a darker look. At this time, match the color of the powder used with the color of the ground hair. The bolder and darker the eyebrows, the more noticeable the eyebrow slits.

2. Apply concealer around your eyebrows. Choose a concealer that matches your skin tone and apply it to the edges of  your eyebrows. Apply it to your skin so that you can’t see the makeup border around your eyebrows.

  • With a concealer, the color of the eyebrow slits matches the color of the skin around the eyebrows, making it look more natural.
  • The concealer can be applied with a brush or with your fingertips.

3. Apply a smaller brush to the concealer. Choose a small, flat brush and apply the same concealer that you applied around your eyebrows. Put on a concealer to cover the tips of the brush.

4. Press the tip of the brush against your eyebrows. Choose a place to put the slit and press the tip of the brush with the concealer over your eyebrows. Move the brush up and down to make a solid line. Also, be careful not to blur the edges of the lines as much as possible. 

5. Dry the concealer for 5 minutes. Use a fan to blow the damp area of ​​the concealer to finish it even faster. Do not proceed to the next step until the concealer is dry.

6. Apply face powder to your eyebrows with a brush. Apply face powder (no color) to a larger brush. With this brush, tap the slit and the area around the eyebrows. This will give the slit a more natural look and will fit in overall.

7. Make up the entire face so that the concealer around the eyebrows does not float. When the makeup is complete, the slits are complete. If you wash it off with makeup, it will disappear.

Advice while making a eyebrow slit

If you do this this way, you will be shaving the hair that was filling the gaps in the corners of the eyebrows, so the corners of the eyebrows may look very thin. First, insert only one and check the overall appearance, then consider whether to increase the number.

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