How to make hair thicker and fuller naturally home remedies?

How to make hair thicker and fuller naturally home remedies?

You can make your hair thicker at home or in the salon. The choice depends on how much money you have. One way or another, in the salon you can make hair thicker and fuller naturally much faster than at home. But houses are cheaper.

There is another method to visually make hair thicker and fuller – this is hair extensions. Your natural hair will not suffer from this, but your hairstyle will look more attractive and voluminous. In addition, thick and long curls will look luxurious in any situation.

A great way to reliably make your hair two, three or five times thicker is Photoshop. If you need to add volume to your hair and make your hair appear thicker, then this popular photo editor will gladly help you with this.

To make thin and sparse hair thick with the help of folk remedies will not work quickly. You will have to perform a fairly impressive number of procedures to achieve a positive effect.

There are several recommendations that must be followed in order to make the effect of hair treatment with folk remedies more noticeable:

  • Try to wash your hair in warm water. It should not be too hot or too cold, so as not to irritate the scalp and not provoke hair loss.
  • At the first sign of a cold snap, get a hat and always cover your head in the cold, as the cold has a detrimental effect on the hair roots.
  • Try to use only boiled water to wash your hair, because it injures the hair structure the least.

We suggest you adopt several recipes with which you can prepare therapeutic masks to increase hair density at home.

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Folk remedies to make hair thicker and fullerĀ 

Folk remedies to make hair thicker and fullerĀ 

You can make your hair thicker and more beautiful with the help of folk remedies, the recipes of which came to us from our grandmothers. The power of nature is undeniable and has been repeatedly proven. Based on natural products, you can create incredibly useful masks for hair density that will help heal your hair and make it more voluminous.

If you are determined to take our advice, then we offer you some of the most effective recipes for making hair masks based on natural products that will make your hair manageable and silky, as well as add thickness. I would like to note that it is necessary to use such masks no more than twice a week for one or two months.

With yeast

In order to make hair thicker and strengthen, a yeast-based mask is perfect for you. In order to make it, you need to beat the egg yolk, add a large spoonful of yeast to it, and then mix it all with a decoction of calendula, St. John’s wort or chamomile. Send the resulting mixture to infuse, but for now you can go about your business for about an hour.

An hour later, when the yeast starts playing, you can apply a mask to dry hair and wrap it with a warm towel. It is necessary to leave the mask on the hair for at least half an hour, after which the hair must be washed with warm clean water with the addition of the initially selected decoction.

With nuts

To make hair thicker and manageable, all you need is to find some pine nuts and grind them with a blender or meat grinder. Add a little liquid and stir in the nut chips, then put them in a hot oven for 25 minutes.

After the required amount of time, you will see how a light liquid appeared instead of gruel from nuts. It must be applied to the hair roots and massaged into the skin every day. It is recommended to use this tool for at least two months to stimulate the accelerated work of the hair follicles and make the hair thicker.

With almonds


Find quality almonds and grind them in a blender, then gradually add milk, stirring constantly until the mixture resembles thick sour cream. On the hair, such a mask should be for two hours. It is recommended to use it no more than once a week.

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With bread

Bread is the head of everything, it can not only satisfy hunger, but also make hair thicker and fuller much faster at your home. You can prepare a mask based on rye bread at home as follows:

  • Carefully cut fresh rye bread into thin slices.
  • Place them on a plate, add some milk and mash them with a fork to a porridge.
  • If needed, you can add a little more milk to make the mixture mushy.
  • Apply the resulting mask to damp hair and wash off after half an hour.

You can wash off such a bread mask for hair density even without shampoo. You can take only warm water with the addition of any decoction.

With kefir


If you want to not only make hair thick and lush, but also straighten wavy curls, then you will need a recipe for a hair mask with kefir. It will help even the most unruly hair to become smooth and strong, and it is very easy to prepare it. To do this, mix one chicken egg with a small spoonful of cocoa, then add half a standard glass of fatty kefir to this mixture and mix. How to apply the mask:

  • moisten your head a little;
  • apply a small layer of the prepared mixture;
  • wait until it is absorbed into the hair and apply the next layer;
  • repeat until the mask is finished.

After that, it is necessary to wait about half an hour, and then wash off the product from the hair with warm water with the addition of a decoction of nettle. This will help your hair become thick and manageable.

Thus, using our tips, you can easily and quickly prepare a hair mask that will help them become beautiful and thick. However, do not forget to make sure that you are not allergic to a particular product.

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