How to remove hair from face permanently naturally at home

How to remove hair from face permanently naturally at home

Girls always treat their appearance with great scrupulousness, therefore, the presence of extra hairs on the face, even thin and light, makes them constantly look for effective methods of dealing with unwanted vegetation. The war turns out to be not easy and sometimes exhausting, but, as they say, beauty requires sacrifice. Here you will find all the available ways to remove facial hair permanently at home without much material loss.

Cause of Facial Hair Growth

Before starting a confrontation, it is worth deciding whether you need to do the removal yourself or whether it is better to consult a doctor first. If a girl has dark, coarse facial hair on her chin, neck, and above her upper lip, the methods below will not work. In this case, it is necessary to be examined by a gynecologist-endocrinologist, because the problem may be in hormonal failure, malfunctioning of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, or in the development of tumor processes of any internal organ.

The doctor prescribes a treatment that inhibits further hair growth, and only after normalization of the condition, a woman can remove unwanted hair from her face using modern beauty salon procedures. The most effective are:

  • laser hair removal;
  • photoepilation;
  • electrolysis;
  • burning out with hydrogen peroxide.

If the hairs on the face are thin, light and resemble more fluff than hair, then folk and cosmetic remedies can become very effective when used regularly for a long time.

Bio Epilation

For starters, you can try bio epilation with resin or wax. There is nothing complicated in this procedure. The resin is slightly warmed up and applied with a spatula to the problem area, kept for 10 minutes and removed with smooth movements along with the hairs. It is the same with wax. After removal, be sure to lubricate the face with a soothing cream and avoid going to the pool and solarium for two days.

Some girls, instead of wax and resin, take caramel paste, roll a ball out of it and drive it around the problem area, clinging to excess hairs and pulling them out along with the root. After such a procedure, be sure to lubricate the face with cream and do not go to the pool and solarium.

Do not be afraid of the slight burning sensation that occurs when using any of these methods, since with a normal reaction it can persist for the first minute.

Plants and pharmaceutical preparations

Herbal and alcoholic tinctures and decoctions help well in the fight against excess hairs. Many women use substances with a high iodine content to prepare such products. For example, a very effective procedure is rubbing the problem area on the face with fresh juice from a green walnut. A month is enough for the bulbs to die.

If it is not possible to get a green walnut, then it is replaced with ordinary iodine, mixed with alcohol in a 2:1 ratio, and a few drops of ammonia and castor oil are added to the resulting mixture. It is recommended to wipe your face with such a solution once a day at night for several weeks.

You cannot use the proposed methods for those who have skin diseases, since the surface of the face can be severely burned. It is also worth remembering that both iodine and green walnuts will definitely color the skin in a brown-purple color.

Those whose hairs are very light, thin and easily pulled out, so you can try to smear problem areas with Rivanol 1%. He does not take a strong hair follicle and does not give a lifelong effect, but for 2-3 months it helps to get rid of the gun quickly – a month passes from the beginning of the procedure until the vegetation completely disappears.

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Folk remedies

Nettle seed with oil

There are other very simple ways to remove unwanted facial hair quickly enough.

Nettle seed with oil

Nettle seed with oil fights well against hairiness. Seeds of stinging nettle are boiled for 10 minutes at the rate of a tablespoon per 250 ml of boiling water, the solution is cooled and 20-30 g of vegetable oil is added to it. They smear the problem area with this mixture 1-2 times a day.

Soda solution

A completely safe method of dealing with excess facial hair is to use a soda solution. Stir a teaspoon of soda in a glass of boiling water and moisten a cotton swab in the resulting mixture, apply it to the problem area on the face and leave it overnight. In the morning, be sure to wash off everything with warm water, and then smear it with an anti-inflammatory cream. It is enough to do this 10 times, and the woman will notice that hair growth has noticeably decreased.


At small rates, the effect can be achieved with the help of special oils: formic and dope herb. The first option is good because it does not cause irritation even in the most delicate places. It is advisable to first pluck the hair or cut it. You can’t shave. After that, a thin layer of formic oil is applied to a flat surface 2 times a day. For some, two months are enough to completely get rid of vegetation, but more often the effect appears after six months.

Datura herb oil can be bought ready-made and applied to your face once a day. It’s not that hard to make a decoction. To do this, you need 150 g of a plant with a root. It is poured with a liter of water and simmered for half an hour, after which it is cooled and stored in the refrigerator. Wipe the skin with cold broth overnight.


If none of the proposed methods suits someone for one reason or another, then it is worth trying mechanical action. But the same plucking is not always effective, since in some women the facial hair only increases its volume from this. Therefore, it is better to lighten hair with hydrogen peroxide or perhydrol ointment. How is it done?

They smear problem areas with a cotton swab soaked in pharmacy peroxide and wait 10-15 minutes, then wash off the rest of the substance with water. If your skin dries a lot, it is best to lightly apply a non-greasy moisturizer.

You can make a peroxide solution from dry matter or paste. For this, 2g of perhydrol is mixed with 1% of ammonia and knocked down with a small amount of soap suds. Leave everything on the skin until signs of discoloration, and then wash off with warm water. If you use a paste, then knead it with water until a doughy state.

Both the one and the other lightening options are repeated as the hair roots grow back. After several applications, as a rule, the bulb becomes thinner and growth slows down, or the vegetation disappears completely.


Folk omens say that it is necessary to get rid of excess hairiness only when the moon is waning, otherwise the opposite effect will turn out.

You should never use a razor, depilatory creams or an epilator to get rid of facial hair, as rough mechanical stress only aggravates the situation. In the presence of a light cannon, it is better not to touch the hairline at all, so as not to provoke even greater activity of the bulbs.

If the proposed methods do not give results and the woman does not know how to remove facial hair permanently, then they turn to a doctor and a cosmetologist to identify the cause of increased hairiness, eliminate it and carry out more reliable cosmetic procedures in the salon.

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