How to wear leopard print shoes

How to wear leopard print shoes on a daily basis?

Leopard print shoes, do you like them? But how to wear them?

This is the question I will try to answer in today’s look. I find the leopard a pattern that is both trendy, a timeless strand and not so easy to combine. He can be vulgar if he is associated with the wrong pieces. Just as it can actually add a very fashionable touch to an outfit. Like on leopard print shoes in my outfit of the day.

Besides, I find that it’s a print that’s easier to wear with accessories, don’t you? On shoes, a bag or a scarf, it can be difficult to go wrong. Usually, one leopard print piece per outfit will be sufficient on its own. On clothes, it is better to favor sober associations. But also materials that contrast with the sexy state of mind that is associated with this print. For example, a chunky leopard knit sweater will be more trendy than a mini-skirt in the same pattern. Let’s take a look at the combination I chose for this summer look.

How to wear leopard print shoes on a daily basis?

My sober, but effective outfit

The return of the little black dress. Simple, but still effective. I really liked the ones I shopped at New Look. It is a casual dress, with a fluid material that is comfortable to wear. The tie around the dress allows it to be tightened. In order to mark more or less the size. Its versatile style allows me to wear it both during the day, in a casual way. Or in the evening with more elegant accessories.

The accessories that do it all

How to wear leopard print shoes on a daily basis?

The famous leopard print shoes also come from New Look. They belong to the brand Premium range. Thus, they are made of supple leather and of very good quality. They are also very comfortable and their heels allow me to wear them easily. I can take them for several hours without worry.

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The fact of having chosen to associate these leopard print shoes with my little black dress allows me not to make a fashion faux pas. These are two sure values: a basic piece of the dressing room with another with a more trendy print. Finally, it is an outfit that is very easy to wear on a daily basis. We are well dressed, without taking the lead and without doing too much.

For the other accessories, I wear a small imitation leather bag, still from New Look, definitely! I swear to you it’s not done on purpose. I really liked its python effect, which gives it a vintage style. It is sold with a longer strap but I like the effect with the shorter one. We are in a real handbag.

On the jewelry side, I wear the Leo astrological sign medal from Maje. I got it for my birthday at the end of July. I love it, it is really very pretty and very high quality. My silver hoops are also a gift that comes to me from my sister. She found them in a small shop in Toulouse. I really like wearing big hoops, they always have their effect.

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