How to wear white jeans: A woman's wardrobe

How to wear white jeans outfits: A woman’s wardrobe

In the feminine wardrobe, jeans occupy a prominent place, they are the flagship and essential piece. And when we talk about jeans, it’s the famous blue denim that immediately comes to mind. But did you know that her cousin the white jeans are also a must have in your wardrobe, just as easy to wear as blue jeans?

Forget the prejudices of transparency or magnifying effect that stick to the reputation of white and let yourself be tempted by immaculate jeans.

White jeans: a must have for any season

White jeans are an ultra trendy piece that has the advantage of adapting to all styles and all seasons. In winter, it brings light to your outfits often tinted with gray or black. And in summer the chic and neutral side of white allows you to play with all colors and styles.

You may still hesitate to wear white pants because of the ideas that stick to your skin: white is transparent, it has a magnifying effect, it is not easy to wear on a daily basis. Forget all these prejudices, we have all the advice to choose your white jeans and wear them with style without complex.

How to choose your white jeans?

How to choose your white jeans?

To fully enjoy the chic and comfortable effect of jeans without worrying about transparency concerns, choose a thick canvas. The quality of the white denim is decisive in the choice of your white jeans.

A very simple little test to do when you try on white jeans: run your hand through the pants, if you can see your hand, the fabric is too thin. Likewise if you opt for white pants with a very fitted cut such as slim or skinny jeans, make sure that the pockets do not appear through transparency.

In addition to the quality of denim, choose comfortable materials, combining cotton and elastane for optimal comfort. By choosing a quality canvas, thick and solid, you also have the guarantee of white jeans that will not deteriorate over time, and that will retain their shine.

As for the magnifying effect that is often attributed to white pants, this is again a prejudice. Everything is a question of morphology and adapted cut. The white jeans are available in the same models as the blue jeans: straight cut, slim, skinny, boyfriend cut, low waist version or high waist. Whether white or blue, your jeans will highlight you if you choose a cut that matches your body type.

The straight-cut white jeans are the model that highlights all body types, even bringing a chic side when they are in a very trendy high-waisted version.

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How to wear white jeans for a trendy look?

How to wear white jeans for a trendy look?

Summer and winter, white jeans appear in all trendy looks and in all styles. One of the great assets of white pants is that they can be combined with all colors.

To keep the chic style of white jeans, opt for a top in pearl gray, pale pink or sky blue tones : the white bottom is enough to brighten up your outfit embellished with sandals.

White jeans go wonderfully with printed tops: dare to wear polka-dot blouses, blue and white striped shirts, or even the traditional sailor top. White pants also allow you to play with contrasts by combining them with a very trendy khaki jacket, or a black perfecto.

An elegant and bright look is guaranteed by teaming your white jeans with a camel, brown or even red coat, and ankle boots with heels.

If you are a fan of the casual chic style, team your white jeans with a pretty blouse or an oversized shirt and a pair of sneakers.

White jeans also go very easily with you for an evening look: combine the natural chic of white jeans with a small lace top and a pair of pumps for a very successful glamorous chic look.

Can we dare the total white look?

Can we dare the total white look?

A total look is often synonymous with elegance, as long as you choose the right pieces and play with different materials .

Worn by the most daring, the total white look is the one you can all adopt for a very trendy and refined style. Go for a very stylish daytime look by wearing your white jeans with a pretty white knitted sweater.

White jeans go perfectly with the classic white cotton t-shirt : choose them with a printed message for a resolutely bohemian look. For the more shy, you can opt for a monochrome look by pairing your white pants with an off-white or cream top. The result will be chic and elegant while being more discreet than the total white look.

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