Hydrate your skin naturally

How to hydrate the skin of the face naturally?

Beautiful skin begins with hydration. In order for the skin to retain its youthful appearance and stay healthy, it is imperative that it is always well hydrated. Indeed, a well hydrated skin will be much more luminous and will age less quickly! It will therefore be necessary to grant a major importance to this type of care!

Fortunately, it is possible to take very simple steps that will allow you to have soft and healthy-looking skin. Here is how to have a well hydrated skin.

1. Drink water to hydrate your skin

The first thing to do to improve the appearance of your skin is to drink enough water. Unfortunately, many of us don’t drink enough water and this not only causes health problems, but also affects the appearance of our skin.

2. The day cream to hydrate the skin of the face

Here’s how to properly hydrate your face: in the morning, after cleansing it well, apply a good moisturizing day cream to the skin of your face. Depending on your skin type and your needs, you can choose a very creamy or even a water-based one.

In addition, it is strongly recommended to opt for a moisturizer including a sun filter of at least SPF 15. Indeed, the sun has harmful effects on the skin and can accelerate its drying out.

Moisturize the eye area well!

Don’t forget the area around your eyes! This very thin skin is very sensitive to dryness, and needs specific moisturizers. So, opt for a cream or gel designed for the eye area, and apply this treatment by gently patting that thin skin.

3. The night cream to hydrate the skin of the face

Do you apply a night cream before going to bed? In fact, before going to bed, get in the habit of removing your makeup well and applying a moisturizing night cream.

These creams are specifically designed to help regenerate your skin cells, while providing it with the hydration it needs.

4. The moisturizer for the body

When we talk about hydration we immediately think of the face but it is important not to forget to hydrate the whole body.

So after showering or bathing, don’t forget to apply a moisturizer to all areas of your body, especially areas that tend to be drier.

For the hydration of the body, pay special attention to:

  • knees
  • elbows
  • hands
  • feet

It is also the best way to hydrate the skin on the legs which tends to become dry.

5. Aloe gel to hydrate the skin naturally

Aloe vera gel is a great way to hydrate your skin naturally. Plus, it contains acids that help remove dead cells.

And because it has soothing properties, aloe gel will be even more useful if you are used to sun exposure.

6. Exfoliate your skin for better hydration

Here’s a great tip for moisturizing the skin: Once or twice a week, be sure to exfoliate your skin well to remove dead cells from its surface.

This will help your skin absorb moisturizers better, while making you look better. Choose an exfoliant suitable for your skin type, as natural as possible, and use an exfoliating product specifically designed for the face and one for the body. Of course, follow this treatment with a good moisturizer!

7. Epsom salt to hydrate the skin naturally

Do you like natural products for your beauty and health care? Epsom salt is therefore a product that you should quickly test!

In fact, Epsom salt has several properties, including that of moisturizing the skin. Here’s how to use it as a natural moisturizer:

  • Fill your tub with hot water (but not too much! Hot water dries out the skin)
  • Add 2 cups of Epsom salt to it.
  • Soak your body in it for long minutes, relax, and your skin will be very well hydrated when you get out of the bath!

8. Avocado masks to hydrate the skin well

Are you interested in a hydrating face mask recipe? For well hydrated skin, here is an avocado mask that will be effective for dry skin on the face and body.

  • Take an avocado, remove the core and turn its flesh into a puree.
  • Apply this puree on your face, leave it on for a few minutes, rinse and you’re done.

9. Vitamin E for beautiful hydrated skin

For beautiful, well-hydrated skin, choose skin care products containing vitamin E, or take supplements in capsules.

Also consider improving your diet by adding foods rich in vitamin E, including avocado and certain nuts, not to mention the omega 3 that you find in fish such as salmon and herring.

10. Moisturize your skin well with milk

The lactic acid in milk helps to naturally and gently exfoliate the skin. Thus, the dead cells are eliminated and the skin is much softer.

Moreover, this treatment will prevent the drying of the skin! So what better way to hydrate your skin properly?

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