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Julian Henry de Niro: Complete bio

In this article I will discuss with details on the personality of Julian Henry De Niro. He was born in October 1995; Robert De Niro was the father of Julian Henry De Niro. His grandmother and grandfather are also famous American painters. Virginia Admiral and Martin De Niro are his grandparent’s names. In the industry, his mother is also a famous name. His mother is also in the industry, she is an actress and model. His mother’s name is Toukie Smith. Julian De Niro was born in New York, the USA he holds American citizenship. On social media, he keeps a low profile and he holds a private life, unlike most children born to famous parents.

Julian has not started his career now; at 20 in Brian De Palma’s movie his father has made his debut appearance. It’s not easy to estimate his net worth. His father earned net income about $ 200 million and this from his professional career, but a little bit less than taj cross. Julian is not following his father’s path, He has appeared in some movies, but he is known for his business mind, for a very long time he is earning. He has been an entrepreneur for a very long time.

Julian Henry De Niro:

· Name: Julian Henry De Niro

· Profession: Entrepreneur

· Country: United States

· Ethnicity: White

· Father: Robert De Niro

· Mother: Toukie Smith

· Hair Black color

· Height: 175 cm (in centimeters), 1.75 m (in meters), and 5 feet 9 inches (in feet and inches)

· Gender: Male

· Birth sign: Capricorn

· Religion: Christianity

· Nationality: American

· Spouse: N/A

· Children: N/A

· Hair Colour: Black

· Hair Colour: Black

· Weight: 65 kg (in kilogram), 143 lbs (in pounds)

· Weight: 65 kg (in kilogram), 143 lbs (in pounds)

· Net Worth: $3 Million


 De Niro started his career as an actor, “In Dubious Battle”. His acting career never lasted. But he does not prefer acting, he prefers business. At a very young age, he is a successful businessman and a professional entrepreneur. His business is not known well but he lives a ravishing lifestyle.  

· Personal information:

Julian Henry De Niro is 5 feet 9 inches in height and his weight is about 65 kg. The colour of his hair is Black and his eyes are Dark Brown. His zodiac sign is Capricorn. Julian De Niro preferred business.

Julian De Niro is a private person and not known in the media. Julian graduated from the University of America. His favourite place in Italy, he likes to travel. The food he likes is Italian. Julian DE Niro likes watching football and different tasting foods.

· Relationship:

He is not dating anyone. He focuses on building a career first and he is still single. He lives in a famous film star family; he likes to keep his life private and away from the media and has been quite successful. He does not reveal his personal life.

· Julian De Niro net worth:

From a very young age, Julia De Nero is a very successful entrepreneur. If he needs one it assumes that his family helps him financially. The net worth is about $ 3 million.

· Julian de Niro Siblings:

Julian has 5 siblings;

· Julian De Niro has a twin brother named Aaron Kendrick. From 1988 to 1996 their parents were together.

· A sister Drena

· Raphael a half brother

· Elliot a half brother

· Helen Grace a half-sister

About Education:

Any of his education histories is not disclosed. But it predicts that he graduated from the University of America.

Mother of Julian De Niro:

The mother of Julian Henry De Niro is a popular actress and model in America named Toukie Smith. Doris A is her nickname. The birthplace of Toukie Smith in the United States.

Father of Julian Henry De Niro:

The father’s name is Robert De Niro. His father is an actor. He dropped out of school earlier. He appeared in a film when he worked with a few plays. On 17 August 1943, he was born in New York City. He is a famous popular actor.

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