Keratin for Hair: what is it and why is it needed?

Keratin for Hair: what is it and why is it needed?

Today’s keratin hair straightening is on everyone’s lips: even if someone has never done this procedure, he still heard about it at least once. But even 10 years ago in Russia, almost no one knew about  keratin for hair.

History of Occurrence

Keratin hair straightening is a special salon procedure, thanks to which even the most curly curls can be made perfectly smooth for a long time. The straightening drug first appeared in Brazil at the beginning of the 21st century, and immediately gained immense popularity. Brazilian women are famous not only for their magnificent forms, but also for their hard, curly hair, which is not amenable to any styling. José Arevalo, who at that time was an ordinary hairdresser, developed a special formula, thanks to which the hair of the girls straightened and looked smooth for several months.

The Americans immediately decided to repeat the procedure, having developed their own formula. And although the American formulations could straighten hair, their effect and duration were still inferior to the Brazilian drug.

The first mention of the procedure in Russia dates back to 2010. In that year, ESK concluded an agreement with Jose Arevalo and began to distribute his products in our country and neighboring countries.

Modern formulations are much safer than those used at the very beginning of the production of the hair straightening drug. Moreover, many compositions include a large complex of vitamins, minerals and natural oils, which has a very positive effect on the quality of the hair.

What is keratin

Keratin is a protein found in human hair, teeth and nails. It is he who makes curls strong, healthy, eliminates their fragility and is responsible for beauty. In our body, keratin is produced independently, but sometimes failures can occur, as a result of which the hair becomes dull and brittle, the nails begin to exfoliate, etc. Keratin no longer provides its protective function (or does not provide it in full force). In such situations, you need to worry about supplying the body with the right amount of keratin. Everything here is like vitamins: in autumn, the body receives fewer vitamins, so we drink special complexes. It’s the same with protein!

Keratin for cosmetic purposes is extracted from sheep’s wool. According to the state, two types of this protein are distinguished: alpha and beta, that is, soft and hard. Few people know, but human hair is almost 80% composed of alpha-keratin. And in order to maintain this level at the proper level, it is necessary to nourish the body both externally and internally. The diet should contain more plant foods and animal protein. And for external nutrition, you need to take care of your hair with cosmetics that contain keratin.

Why does hair need Keratin?

During the straightening procedure, keratin penetrates deep into the structure of the hair, and acts on the most damaged areas of it, restoring them. As a result, your hair:

  • become flawlessly smooth and shiny;
  • get a good dose of hydration, and therefore lose fragility;
  • stop cutting;
  • become easy to style and comb;
  • strong, healthy and beautiful again;
  • The result lasts for about 6 months.

Among the minuses can be noted:

  • volume loss;
  • some keratin preparations, due to the amino acids they contain, can lead to a loss of color by 2-3 tones;
  • hair roots get dirty faster;
  • the procedure is not recommended to be done too often: even despite the presence of vitamins, minerals, oils and other useful elements in the preparations, this is still a chemical process that cannot only positively affect the hair;
  • some formulations contain formaldehyde, which is harmful to health.

It is worth noting that keratin straightening is best done in a salon, as the procedure has strict rules to perform. At home, you can additionally nourish your hair with home care cosmetics containing keratin: shampoos, hair masks, conditioners. When choosing a cosmetic product, pay attention to the position of keratin in the composition: the lower the protein is listed in relation to other ingredients, the less it is present in the composition. But after the keratin straightening procedure, the hair does require special care.

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How does keratin hair straightening work?

The procedure has a strict list of rules, non-observance of which can not only lead to a lack of results, but also ruin the hair. According to the general rules, keratin straightening occurs in the following order:

  • the client’s hair is cleaned with a special technical shampoo (in some cases, 2-3 washes may be required);
  • excess moisture is removed with a towel;
  • a comb is applied to the composition for straightening, separately for each curl, starting from the lower strands. It is necessary to ensure that the mixture is on each section of the hair, without exception;
  • the composition is left on the hair for a while for better absorption, and then the curls are well dried with a hair dryer;
  • to seal the scales and fix the result, dry hair is straightened with an iron heated to 200 °. In this case, the hair must be well pulled back and kept at an angle of 90 ° with respect to the scalp. Each strand is heated with an iron 3-4 times, and then the master moves on to the next strand;
  • after all the hair is straightened, it is necessary to let it cool naturally or use the cold air of a hair dryer.

How exactly the master followed the recommendations for the procedure, and how carefully the client looked after the hair after it, depends on how long and how well the straightening effect will last. Usually, the result is visible within 4-6 months.

What is better nanoplastic or keratin

Keratin straightening, Botox, nanoplasty, “happiness for hair” – modern beauty salons offer just a huge selection of newfangled hairdressing services. Each treatment promises great, long lasting results for your hair, so choosing just one isn’t easy. Therefore, in today’s material we will tell you what is still better: keratin or hair nanoplasty!


In general, nanoplasty and keratin are very similar procedures. In both cases, the hair becomes smooth and shiny. However, there is still an important difference: unlike keratin, preparations for nanoplastics do not contain formaldehydes in their composition. Of course, some modern keratin mixtures also do not contain harmful toxic fumes, but you will have to look for such a composition, while in the case of nanoplastics, all preparations are safe.

Due to the natural composition, which includes a wide range of vitamins, oils, amino acids, and, of course, keratin, nanoplastics can first of all be called a healing procedure. But keratin straightening is, first of all, the smoothness of the hair!

What is the best procedure? As you can see, it’s hard to say for sure – it all depends on your goals. If you want to get perfectly smooth hair for a long period, then you need keratin straightening, and if you need smooth hair, but in order to be safe in the first place, then you need nanoplasty.

In terms of duration on the same hair, keratin, of course, retains the effect longer than nanoplastics. All because of the rough chemical composition. Nanoplasty spares the hair, so the result is not as bright and long-lasting as with keratin straightening. And if you have Afro-style curls, the nanoplasty, most likely, will not take your hair at all – only keratin will help here.

Regardless of which procedure you choose, the main rule is the same: follow the rules for hair care after keratin straightening or nanoplasty. It will depend on how long the effect will retain its effect and what quality the hair will be at the end of the procedure!

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