Best Leopard Print Shoes

Best Leopard Print Shoes

Clothes and shoes with animal prints are extremely popular among girls and women. She creates a bold and sexy image that attracts the attention and views of the opposite sex. In particular, often the choice of fashionistas falls on leopard print shoes that look bright, stylish and seductive.

Leopard Print Shoes Women

Fashionable leopard print shoes have been known for a very long time. The use of such coloring for decorating shoes was suggested by Christian Dior a little over 70 years ago, whose influence on the development of fashion trends was incredibly wide. Today, animal print is applied to any model of shoes – classic pumps, products with a pointed and rounded toe, concise flat-soled models, bright options with a high platform, and so on.

In this case, the coloring may not cover the entire surface of the shoe, but only a certain part of it – for example, a heel, toe or heel. Models with a print on the side surface or in several places at once look interesting. Traditionally, leopard print shoes women are made in yellowish or brownish tones, and the most original and brightest are orange, blue, red or pink models with black or dark brown spots.

Leopard Pumps

Leopard Pumps

Stylish leopard pumps are the perfect choice for everyday wear, a romantic date or a club party. As a rule, such models have a heel of average height, about 7-8 centimeters, due to which there is no discomfort during walking. The universal shape of the pumps allows you to combine them with various wardrobe items – trousers and skirts, jeans and shorts, dresses and overalls.

Fashionable women’s leopard pumps are presented in the collections of most famous brands, and very often they are complemented by original decorative elements. So, girls and women have a popular bright model from Dolce & Gabbana with shiny stones and charming feminine inserts on the toe. The Jimmy Choo line features traditional pieces with a velvety surface without unnecessary decoration, while Karen Millen launches incredibly elegant black pumps with side prints and an asymmetrical toe.

Leopard Print Shoes with Low Heel 

Leopard Print Shoes with Low Heel 

Stylish leopard print shoes women with low heels, on the contrary, are ideal for everyday wear. They do not cause discomfort even during prolonged wear and, moreover, provide an optimal rise of the arch of the foot. As a rule, such models have animal coloring over the entire surface, and can additionally be decorated with lacing, a large buckle or contrasting inserts.

Leopard flat shoes

Leopard flat shoes

Young girls often opt for leopard print flat shoes that they feel most comfortable in. Meanwhile, orthopedic doctors do not advise walking in low-speed shoes for a long time, as this negatively affects health. In addition, such models are not recommended for miniature women of fashion, as they visually make the growth even smaller and the silhouette larger.

Leopard women’s flat shoes are best for walking and romantic dates. They are perfect with denim shorts and short skirts and dresses that are not overloaded with decor. This model also looks good with straight or skinny jeans, which can be tucked up a little at the bottom.

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Leopard stilettos

Leopard stilettos

Women’s leopard print stilettos add elegance and sophistication to the hostess’ look. Such models visually stretch the legs and make them noticeably slimmer, which is very popular with girls with an imperfect figure or petite stature. Meanwhile, excessively high heels can be very uncomfortable to walk on, so such products are completely unsuitable for everyday wear. In such shoes, you can go to a youth party in a club or a solemn event, but in the latter case it can be very difficult to find accessories suitable for such a look.

Leopard Louboutins

Leopard Louboutins

Incredibly beautiful Christian Louboutin leopard shoes are the dream of many of the fair sex. Most of the models of this brand are made in classic yellow-brown colors, however, the main surface of some products has a snow-white color scheme. All Loiboutin leopard print shoes women look very stylish, bright and original, and the patented red sole gives them extra charm and elegance.

The brand’s collection includes both classic pumps with medium heels and models with catchy decor. So, many young ladies are attracted by pointed products with a contrasting red insert or dark brown genuine leather options, decorated with spikes on the side surfaces or in the nose area. Shoes on a high platform also deserve attention – they look incredibly impressive and can make their owner the queen of a club party or a gala event.

Leopard print wedges

Leopard print wedges

Wedge shoes are chosen by those young ladies who want to look feminine, elegant and sophisticated, but cannot walk in heels for a long time. Thanks to a noticeable rise, such products visually stretch the silhouette and make it slimmer, but do not affect the location of the center of gravity and do not put additional pressure on the feet and spine.

Leopard wedges for women in most cases have a printed top and a smooth sole. At the point of rise, it can be absolutely flat or have a texture similar to the base material. For example, the Jimmy Choo brand line features adorable predator-printed wedges made of wood and covered with smooth black leather.

Some models of such shoes additionally have a platform in the front. Nevertheless, many girls consider this option to be excessively rough and massive, so stylists and designers complement it with feminine elements that can emphasize the elegance of the silhouette of their mistress. So, leopard shoes with a strap around the ankle make the fashionista’s leg thin, fragile and sophisticated.

Leopard print shoes loafers

Leopard print shoes loafers

Comfortable low-heeled loafers are ideal for work, school, shopping, meeting friends or dates. Decorated with an incredibly active animal print, these products will make their owner’s look bright, catchy and incredibly original. So, a fashionable look with leopard loafers can be made using the following wardrobe items:

  • a simple light dress of an intense shade without a pattern and unnecessary decor;
  • a suit of one of the universal color shades – black, white, beige or light gray;
  • straight or skinny jeans and a laconic T-shirt in a calm shade;
  • sheath dress in black, beige or red color.

Leopard platform shoes

Leopard platform shoes

Models on a high platform visually increase height and stretch the silhouette, so they are perfect for petite fashionistas. Meanwhile, Adidas leopard print shoes for girls, which have a noticeable rise in both the back and the front, look very extravagant, so they are not suitable for everyone. As a rule, they are used to create club looks, combined with leather and denim skirts, ultra-short shorts and dresses, and other similar wardrobe items.

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What to wear with leopard print shoes?

The question of what to wear leopard print shoes women with or without heels worries many fashionistas. Since the predatory print is incredibly active, it simply catches the eye and absolutely always becomes the main focus of the image. For this reason, when drawing up a fashionable look, you should not add other bright elements to it. Complete bad taste is the simultaneous combination of several prints in one outfit – animal, vegetable, geometric and others.

Shoes with leopard coloring are recommended to be combined with simple things that do not draw attention to themselves. So, jeans that can be worn with simple shirts, T-shirts or T-shirts are considered an ideal pair for such shoes. Such products also look good with dresses, however, the latter should be as restrained and concise as possible.

Look with Nike leopard shoes

As a rule, shoes with a predatory print are used to create a casual look. So, at the beginning of the summer season, they can be worn with classic blue jeans and a snow-white shirt or T-shirt, complementing this set with a plain knitted cardigan or jacket. You can choose different dresses for leopard print shoes, however, they should all be plain and simple in cut.

It is not recommended to give preference to asymmetric models or products with rich decor – in an ensemble with such bright shoes, they will get lost and demonstrate to others the lack of taste of their owner. Among what to wear with leopard pumps and other models, a little black dress stands out clearly – this piece of clothing looks very good with such products and emphasizes the femininity and elegance of the hostess.

Accessories for leopard shoes

Any additions to the look with leopard shoes should also be as restrained and concise as possible. Although some young ladies believe that a bag for leopard print shoes women should be made in the same style, in reality, this is not entirely true. You can add a small clutch or handbag to a fashionable look, while too much predatory ornament will look tasteless. In addition, a simple product made of genuine leather in black or brown colors and a model with small leopard inserts are perfect for it.

With What to Combine Nike Leopard Print Shoes?

 To begin with, let’s figure out what colors of clothes are combined with nike leopard print shoes women. There are many options here, the main thing is to find the most successful ones for yourself.

With black

The perfect tandem: black clothes combined with leopard print shoes. The basis of the ensemble can be a black dress, trousers or a suit. In this case, the predatory print will add expressiveness to the outfit, making the bows more interesting.

With denim

With denim

The combination of leopard shoes with classic indigo jeans can be attributed to the classics. This option looks stylish, so if you don’t know what to wear with Adidas leopard print shoes, feel free to wear them with your favorite jeans. Moreover, you can choose a model not only in the classic color, but also in any other – gray, blue, black.

With plain colored clothes

 You can wear shoes decorated with leopard prints with any plain clothes. It can be things of different shades of brown, beige, burgundy. If the printed shoes are colored, then they can be combined with clothes that repeat the main color.

 But wearing leopard print shoes with polka dots, stripes or flowers is absolutely not recommended.

We create images

Using Adidas leopard print shoes, you can create a variety of looks. The main thing is to choose the right model of shoes and choose the right accessories.

To work

 If the office does not have strict dress code requirements, leopard pumps can even be worn to work. In order for the ensemble not to look defiant, it is necessary to correctly select additions to it.

It is best to use black or dark chocolate things, moreover, it can be a business dress, a pencil skirt or straight trousers. It is better to choose a top for a skirt or trousers in light beige tones, for example, a cream shirt or a light sand blouse will look great.

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On a date

On a date

For a romantic meeting, most girls prefer to create feminine images. Therefore, the basis of the ensemble will be a plain dress and Nike leopard print shoes with heels. The dress is best to choose a discreet color, for example, a beige outfit would be an excellent choice. Complement the set of gold-colored jewelry. A belt or a handbag can also be golden.

To the theater

A romantic burgundy chiffon dress can be paired with open-toed leopard print shoes. This ensemble can be complemented with a pale gold clutch and a wide bracelet made of wood and yellow metal.

To walk

For your favorite jeans, you can buy leopard platform shoes. As a top for such an ensemble, you should choose a plain top or a light T-shirt without prints and inscriptions. You can complement the set with a brown soft-shaped bag.

On holiday

 If you want to create a memorable and vivid image, then you should choose a red dress as the basis of the ensemble. It is better if it is of a discreet style and without additional decor. The ideal solution is a sheath dress. We put on leopard wedge or stiletto heels for the dress, choosing the most convenient option for ourselves. Complement the set with a black bolero made of light fabric, a rectangular black clutch and yellow metal jewelry.

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