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The most fashionable light lipstick shades in 2021

How can you not love lip products: lipsticks, glosses and their various variations help to transform any beauty image in a few seconds. Well, for the makeup to be flawless, lipstick shades and colors must match the features of your appearance and comply with the latest trends. This is what we are going to talk about today!

The main fashion trend of the last few years – naturalness – is still at its peak in the beauty industry. Keep this in mind when choosing lipstick shades. But who said that being “natural” is boring? We are going to convince everyone! Depending on the different textures, lip products of these shades can look seductive, elegant, or vice versa, as natural as possible.

We remind you: natural lip makeup does not mean only transparent gloss. Check out the very trending shades of light pink this year . Muted, deep shades will look especially fashionable (we will analyze them in more detail below).

Classic nude also does not give up its position. However, it must be correctly selected for the hair color and skin tone, so as not to visually make the face pale.

Do you like dark shades? We have great news for you: they are trending again! Choose exquisite and “rich” plum, burgundy, wine, cherry lipstick shades – this year they will look especially fashionable and luxurious.

We’ve sorted out the main trends! Now let’s tell you what color range of lip products to choose in the warm and cold seasons.

Trendy lipstick shades for spring / summer 2021

In the warm season, we want at the same time lighter and more feminine makeup, on the other hand, bright colors. We are in luck this year! The trendiest lipstick shade 2021 for spring and summer is pink.

Look for the perfect colors in the Superstay Matte Ink liquid lipstick palette from Maybelline NY – it has just been updated with four new shades. A mixture of pink, dusty, berry and pastel shades resulted in unusual, very feminine and elegant colors.

The advantage of such lipstick shades is that it goes well with any eye makeup – with arrows, shadows, or just well-dyed eyelashes.

Trendy lipstick shades for fall / winter 2021

Traditionally, in autumn and spring, we are drawn to darker and deeper shades. They look great with coats, leather jackets and even down jackets.

This year, make a choice in favor of trendy wine, cherry, plum, burgundy shades. Maybelline NY has very beautiful shades – take a closer look at the long-lasting matte lipstick in the form of a stick Superstay Ink Crayon in shade 65 settle for more.

The always relevant shade of lipstick for autumn and winter is red , in its most diverse manifestations. Choose from different textures – matte , classic , glossy .

Trendy lipstick colors 2021 for brunettes

Red lipstick shades for brunettes

A brunette with red lips is a classic seductive look. It would seem that there can be no beauty mistakes here. But no! Too dark a shade of red is not suitable for brunettes – the image may turn out to be faded. The perfect choice for you that will highlight your beauty – the classic scarlet lipstick. For example, Hydra Extreme Matte in 905 “Retro Ruby”.

Another option is red lipstick with a slight coral or carrot tint. This will make your makeup look especially bright and fashionable. A perfect example is Color Sensational Liquid Matte Lipstick in shade 344 Coral Sunrise.

Pink lipstick colors for brunettes

Brunettes, you’re in luck! The most fashionable shade of lipstick 2021 –  pink , which we talked about just above, is perfect for you. Just such deep, slightly complex colors are the perfect choice for you. Pay special attention to the new shades of Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick from Maybelline NY . All four new products, depending on the intensity of application, are suitable for both a discreet and a brighter accent on the lips.

Plum lipstick shades for brunettes

Dark, rich plum shades are very suitable for brunettes, especially with fair skin . Choose both matte textures (a real “bomb” – a shade of liquid lipstick Color Sensational Vivid Matte 39 “Corru” ), and more classic (note the lipstick in the “tasty” shade 920 “Sugar Plum” ).

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Trendy lipstick shades 2021 for blondes

Red lipstick color for blondes

Blondes, you’re in luck! If brunettes and redheads need to choose special shades of red lipstick, then absolutely everything will suit you: from the classic “simple” red to the brighter carrot and deep wine

Nude lipstick color for blondes

When choosing a nude lipstick shade, be guided by the formula: you need a shade a tone or two darker than the natural lip color. By the way, it’s a good idea to use two shades at once: a darker shade for the outline and a lighter shade for the center. For example, take two shades of Superstay Ink Crayon lipstick stick : light 10 “Trust Your Gut” and slightly darker 15 “Lead The Way”.

Pink lipstick color for blondes

Again, we focus on the skin tone: lipsticks of cold shades are suitable for light pinkish skin, and for girls with skin with a golden undertone, it is better to pay attention to products in warm shades.

How to choose a trendy lipstick shade for a redhead?

Red lipstick shade for redheads

Classic red lipstick is a godsend for girls with red hair! You will be surprised, but it will look very harmonious not only in evening make-up, but also as a daily lip care product. A universal option (not too glossy and not too matte) is Superstay Ink Crayon lipstick in shade 45 “Hustle in Heels” . By the way, you can also use this tool to highlight the contour of the lips.

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Nude lipstick shade for redheads

It is better not to choose cold shades for girls with red hair, but warm, soft, pastel ones will be just right. This is especially true of the fashionable nude palette. An example of the perfect nude is Superstay Ink Crayon Lipstick in shade 10 Trust Your Gut .


The shade of ripe cherry on girls with red hair and fair skin looks very elegant and emphasizes the “brightness” of beauty. A great option for evening makeup! The source of inspiration is Superstay Matte Ink lipstick in shade 112 “Composer”. But dark lipstick shades with a purple undertone are taboo for redheads.

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