Lip Shape Chart

Lip Shape Chart: Identify Your Lips

Undoubtedly, a lot of women are curious about the perfect lip shape. Actually, there are not any standards that define an ideal lip shape. But some shapes work better on specific face profiles. Here, in this article, we will guide you about a lip shape chart. That chart will show you what type of lip shapes women commonly have. In addition, it also teaches you how to apply makeup or alter the shape according to your desires.

Furthermore, this guide will also show you which type of lips looks better on your face shape and how you can get them. So don’t worry about your lips’ shape; instead, love them because they are yours. Last year’s eye shape chart went viral, but now it is the turn of the lip shape chart. So, let’s start to look at what types of lips there are.

Lip Shape Chart Tiktok Trend

Lip Shape Chart Tiktok Trend

Indeed, Tik Tok is the source of some of the best skincare and makeup tricks to help accentuate your natural beauty. One of the latest trends on Tiktok was the introduction of lip charts. Lip shape charts are what they sound like, a visual chart depicting different lip shapes. 

Lip shape charts are the ones that can help you determine your lip shapes. That, as a result, can assist you in discovering new and flattering ways to apply different lip products which can enhance your look. In this article, you not only find out more about lip charts, plus how to flaunt your natural lip shape. 

What is the Tiktok lip shape chart challenge?

The latest trend to take over Tik Tok is the Lip shape chart challenge. That especially allows people to find out about the shape of their lips.

People using Tik Tok use a special Snapchat filter and chart that helps them place their lips over a series of images. From that, they can find out whether they have

  • full lips
  • cupid-bow lips
  • heavy lower lips
  • thin lips
  • round lips
  • heavy upper lips
  • wide lips, and many more.

It’s just like to be a bit of fun. Now, if you also want to try it, here’s how to do it.

  1. You’ll first need to find a lip shape chart to do the challenge.
  2. You’ll find various images to use when you type into Google images’ TikTok lip chart’. 
  3. Choose any one of them, whichever you like.
  4. Save it to your camera roll because you’ll need it later.
  5. Place your selected picture on your own image and see whether the lip’s shape exactly matches or not.

How to make a Tiktok video of the lip shape chart challenge?

  1. Firstly, you have to film your Tik Tok video.
  2. For this purpose, you require a specific Snapchat Filter called the Eyes and Mouth Filter.
  3. Then, the next step is to open the Snapchat app and go to the camera screen.
  4. To bring up the filters section, press the smiley face to the right of the camera button
  5. Then click on ‘create’ in the bottom left-hand corner.
  6. Slide along until you find the Mouth and Eye Filter
  7. First save the eye chart photo 
  8. Then set choose it as a background
  9. Make your video, and then compare your eyes and lips to each category.
  10. Now save it to your camera roll, and lastly, upload it to TikTok.

What Is a Lip Shape Chart?

What is a Lip shape Chart

It is a unique chart used to easily, efficiently, and accurately find your lip shape.

There are many different types of lip charts out there on the internet that help you learn and understand your lips better. Some of them are 

  • lip shape chart
  • lip sync chart
  • lip-type chart, etc.

This article will guide you in detail about your lip shape chart and help you find the perfect styling methods for your lips. However, to know your lip size and sync precisely, you should sometimes refer to other lip charts.

How to determine your lips shape and enhance their beauty?

Identify Your Lip Shape

Nevertheless, lips are one of the most prominent features of a women’s personality. They can be easily made to look better and even perfect. But besides being so important, most women do not pay much attention to their lips as they do to face type, skin type, and hair type.

However, choosing the right makeup for your lips and face is essential. And that can only be done only if you know your lip type and also how to enhance your natural features.

In addition, to make up tips, some surgical options are also available now worldwide to get your desired lip shape and size. But most people do not prefer them because makeup is easy and reversible.

In general, our lip shape is typically determined by genetics. But we can still change them with the power of makeup. Makeup allows us to be what we want to be temporary. And we think having temporary changes is good.

Types of Lip Shapes on a Lips Shape Chart

There is an immense variety of lip types that even you can’t imagine. But in this article, we will guide you about the major and some of the most common lip types. Most of them cover almost 95% of the population of women.

Here we present a lip shape chart to help you discover your lip shapes and how to make your lips look better. 

  1. Heart-shaped lips
Heart-shaped lips

Heart-shaped lips are usually considered the sexiest type of lips because they’re the perfect pouty in shape. They are naturally full and plump. In this shape, the upper lip is larger than your lower lip. And at the center(middle) part of your mouth, both lips are fuller. Although this shape looks lovely on some women, it is very rare. People usually take collagen injections or do surgical procedures like lip implants to get this type of lips. You are lucky if you have this type of lips naturally. Moreover, such lips do not need any enhancements. You can achieve this look by simply filling in your upper lip with a darker shade. In addition, you can make such lips stands out more by highlighting your lower lip with a light color lipstick. That makes them plumper than usual.

  1. Perfectly proportioned full lips
Perfectly proportioned full lips

These lips are also considered the perfect ones on the lip shape chart. But they usually don’t have that “pouty” look. Instead, they tend to stay close together, which gives them a very natural and beautiful look. You can simply make this lip shape by filling your upper lip with a darker shade than the lower one, like the heart-shaped lips.

  1. Thin lips with visible wrinkles and fine lines
Thin lips with visible wrinkles and fine lines

That is a type of thin lips. And the wrinkles and fine lines present on them even make them look much slimmer and dryer. Because of this reason, they can’t form a full pout. Therefore, somehow these lips require hydrating products such as hyaluronic acid, Vaseline, or other moisturizers. Moreover, people with these lips should avoid Matte finishes unless they come in cream form. That is because they tend to be much more comfortable for these lips. Always use an oil-based pampering lip balm first to keep your lips moisturized and prevent flaking If you want to wear matte lipstick.

  1. Thin lips
Thin lips

These are the most common types of lips in the lip shape chart of women. The perfectly proportioned lips are different from these because they have fuller corners while thin lips don’t. You can get this shape by using a lighter shade on your top lip and applying a darker shade on the bottom, highlighting it more. The lower lip is naturally more minor than the upper one naturally. In general, you can achieve this by overlining your lips by drawing a darker outline on the smaller lip and then filling it with a lighter color than the other lip.

  1. Top-heavy upper lips
Top-heavy upper lips

You have top-heavy lips when you have a thin upper lip and a more prominent bottom lip. These lips are common in younger women who haven’t had time to get used to their new faces. You must remember that you should always highlight your upper lip if you have such lips. It is naturally smaller, so apply mascara or lip liner on your top lid. Moreover, you can use a highlighter on your upper lip on special occasions.

  1. Thin lips with fine vertical lines
Thin lips with fine vertical lines

These types of lips are very much similar to thin lips. But fine vertical lines on the upper lip make them look smaller than actual. That gives them an even slimmer appearance. Anyone can get this shape of lips by smoking or applying too much stress on their mouth area. Usually, hydrating products are not required for this shape. Mainly these types of wrinkles appear prematurely. You can conceal fine lines with the help of a concealer that matches your lipstick color. Remember, don’t try cake concealer on because that will enhance your wrinkles even more.

  1. Bottom-heavy lips
Bottom-heavy lips

These types of lips have heavy bottom lips than the top lip. It can look nice if done right. But unfortunately, many women, by wearing lipstick wrong, make their appearance much older than they are in actuality. Therefore, make sure that the transition between both your lips stays flawless. For this purpose, you can either use a concealer or a foundation to hide any visible fine lines. However, don’t line your lips too much because that will make them appear even more prominent.

  1. Angular lips
Angular lips

According to lip shape charts, angular lips are commonly known as square lips. They have a more defined boundary between your top and bottom lip. That gives them a squarish look. Typically, you need to avoid dark lipstick on the outer edges if you have an angular lip shape. That is because they appear bigger than they are in reality. So, you should apply lighter shades or wear some clear gloss instead of lipstick on them. That is a great trick that can help you in managing them finely. In addition to that, you can also apply some black eyeliner pencil on the outer boundaries of your lips. That will define the limits without looking too harsh on your face and making it pretty.

  1. Crooked lips
Crooked lips

When either upper or lower lips don’t line up correctly with your mouth, the lips are called crooked. That can happen either because of a congenital disability or if you’ve had braces on. Therefore, you’ll need to do two things to fix this kind of lips. The first thing is to apply concealer on both sides of each lip where it meets your face. Secondly, contour them with a matte bronzer just outside the outer boundaries of each lip so that they line up properly in a perfect shape. However, you can also use a foundation stick instead of a concealer because it’s more efficient and has a thicker formula.

  1. Disproportionate lips
Disproportionate lips

When one lip looks smaller than the other, you have a disproportionate lips shape. You can fix this either by using a brown kajal pencil that contours lips to appear more prominent or highlighting your lips with a lighter shade to make them look fuller. These strategies usually make your top lip look more proportional to your bottom lip. Moreover, instead of regular lipstick, you’ll need to use an eyeliner pencil because it’s easier to control. That can at least define the outer boundaries of each of your lips by following the natural line that separates them.

  1. Protruding upper lip
Protruding upper lip

You need to use a brown kajal pencil if you have a protruding upper lip like the one on the lips shape charts. Firstly, draw guidelines from where your top lip ends. That will mainly give you the appearance that your lower jaw is lifted, ultimately making your lips appear smaller in proportion and more symmetric with your mouth. This trick usually works on both large and small mouths. You must try it, especially if it seems that one of those areas needs a bit more help camouflaging them.

  1. Cupid bow lip (not defined enough)
Cupid bow lip

While drawing the perfect pout, cupid bows are used as references on the lips shape chart. Many people often get confused about making their lips look more prominent because they don’t have an ideal shape naturally. However, to try this on, you should first try that your cupid’s bow doesn’t look like it’s dripping downward. People with thinner lips always face this problem because they appear much smaller with this lips shape type than they already are. To avoid this, draw an imaginary line right outside the outer boundaries of your top lip. And then draw another one on the outer boundaries of your bottom lip. Remember that line should be centralized. Now by drawing a horizontal line in the middle, connect both lines. That will make your cupid’s bow more prominent than actual.

  1. Small, round lips  

Your mouth can naturally appear small if your upper and lower lips have the same size and you don’t define their shape correctly, as demonstrated in the lip shape chart. In order to avoid this, the first thing you should do is to apply darker lipsticks just outside the outer boundaries of each lip. That will give the appearance of your cupid’s bow protruding forward, thus making them appear bigger and more visible than they are. Moreover, it would be best to contour both sides of your bottom lip with a matte bronzer or cream color corrector to make them stand out more. That can give your mouth a wider appearance, perfect for round-shaped mouths. Furthermore, to avoid the corners of your mouth being too shadowy, you should choose either a lighter shade or some gloss if necessary.

  1. Wide lips
Wide lips

You should avoid dark and bold colors altogether if you have a more rounded lip shape. Instead, you should choose lighter and brighter ones like clear glosses or sheer lipsticks for wider lips. Because more vibrant colors will make your lips appear fuller. People with wide mouths also want to have fuller lips. So, remember, don’t contrast that feature by wearing dark shades.


What Is a Lip Shape Chart? 

Lips are unique and vary from person to person, like a person’s fingerprint. A lip chart is a chart that helps in identifying different types of lip shapes. It ranges from thin to round to heart-shaped and heavy upper or lower lips. 

 Why Should I Use a Lip Shape Chart? 

Undoubtedly, the visual representation of your lips can help you better understand your lip shape. Therefore, you can consider a lip shape chart for a dramatic lip look. This particular chart can significantly inspire you to make your lips stand out and change your face on the whole.

What to Do After Determining Your Accurate Lips Shape?

After using a lip shape chart, you can figure out and define your lip shape according to your wish. The short answer is you can do whatever you like with your lip shape with a few makeup tips and tricks. You can make them narrow or broader, fuller or crocked, and many more. In addition to that, you can also explore different lipstick colors on your lips, as you may indulge in a vampy black lipstick or a berry shade or whatever you want or suits you.


Lip Shapes

One of the most distinctive features of your face is your lips. Indeed, our lips are as unique as a fingerprint. You need to identify them from a standard lip shape chart, from cupid’s bow to heart-shaped or any other shape. Identifying your lip shape can help you discover new and flattering ways to use various types of lip makeup and greatly enhance your natural pout while presenting a dramatic lip look. If you want to know about your lip shape, grab a mirror and keep reading for our tips on identifying your lip shape. Or you can also use a standard lip shape chart that is trending nowadays on Tiktok. Once you determine the right shape of your lips, you can do everything with makeup to make them stand out from the crowd.

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