Medium Haircuts For Women

Medium Haircuts For Women

Properly selected medium haircuts for women can not only change the image, but also give a woman mystery, charm, sensuality, grace. We offer popular options from the fashion shows of the 2021-2022 season.

Top 9 medium haircuts for women

When choosing a haircut for yourself, consider the shape of your face, type, lifestyle – the hairstyle should be comfortable, look harmonious with any outfit.

Layered haircut or “cascade”

Versatile, so it practically never goes out of fashion:

  • looks good on hair of different lengths;
  • the image of the owners of thick curls gives lightness, airiness, naturalness, thin – adds volume;
  • depending on the execution technique, it corrects facial features (a torn cascade masks wide cheekbones, a graduated one expands, balances the disproportion).

Another advantage of layered medium haircuts for women is ample styling options. Strands can be straightened, emphasizing the shape of the hairstyle, curled, creating natural curls. Less commonly, stylists twist some ends.

Life hack: For a sliding cut, it is most convenient to use special scissors, for example, Cut Profession 5 “from Kiepe , Italy. This is a professional tool with diamond sharpened blades, amplifiers (little finger rest) and a limiter. Interchangeable rings, size regulators made of soft, hypoallergenic material.

Bob and bob

In the classic version, created by the Frenchman Antoine de Paris, such a haircut for medium hair involved elongated strands on the sides near the face and short in the back. In 2022, its other fashionable varieties will be popular:

  • with long oblique bangs, smooth or structured;
  • tousled bob;
  • elongated – moreover, to make the image more vivid, girls dye long strands using unusual techniques (balayage, ombre, shatush) or curl them, achieving natural curls.

Try an innovative development of Italian stylists for curling – Bubbles curling iron, 33 mm. Thanks to the special shape of the working surface, it can create natural waves or bouncy curls in minutes. Includes protective tip and glove to avoid burns.


Another popular haircut for medium length hair. In the classic version, the strands are pulled out during styling to get a perfectly even shape – on well-groomed, shiny hair, this hairstyle looks especially impressive.

This season, its other variations will be fashionable:

  • With bangs – shortened will give the face freshness, make it more open, long to the level of eyelashes on thick hair, made with a blunt cut, will provide the image with mystery, femininity.
  • No bangs with side parting. The lower it is, the more seductively the hair will fall over the face.
  • With tousled upper strands – for this it is enough to give them a basal volume.

To quickly straighten your hair, use the Liner GP PRO from Harizma. They have floating working plates with galvanized coating, which prolongs their service life (products are resistant to corrosion, high temperatures). The heating temperature itself is adjustable (150–230℃), there is overheating protection, an auto-off function after 60 minutes. Cord – rotating, 3 m long.

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Graduated caret

A popular haircut for medium length hair that combines the features of a cascade and a bob. When performing it, the stylist leaves elongated strands in front, cutting more hair at the back of the head, but changes the cut line – as in the cascade, it is stepped in the form of a ladder. The step size is selected depending on the type, the shape of the girl’s face.

The main advantage of a graduated square over a classic one is its versatility. It is not so strict and suits almost every woman. The main thing is that the stylist chooses the right shape and offers a winning option for styling it:

  • on both straight and wavy hair, a bob with lengthening looks good – when the strands in front are below the cheekbones;
  • a short hairstyle (above the cheekbones) helps out if you need to emphasize the oval of the face, to focus on the beautiful line of the neck.

For quick everyday styling, pick up brushing, such as Pro Forme, 33 mm from Olivia Garden. It has natural bristles (it pulls hair better, providing them with extra shine) and a rubberized handle with a ponytail for separating strands.


Women’s haircut that refreshes the image without drastic changes – no need to cut the length, change the shape. It is enough to make a “ladder” of hair, cutting the strands in “steps” – so that each one is 2-3 mm longer than the previous one.

Unlike the cascade, where the transitions start from the top of the head, and not from the chin, the ladder smooths out the image, making it more romantic.

The advantages of this women’s haircut:

  • Universal, looks good on different types of hair – straight, curly, thick, thin.
  • Hides defects, emphasizes dignity – it is advised to girls with a triangular and square face shape to smooth out the angularity. The ladder draws out the round face, making it more reference.
  • There are several of its fashionable variations – a torn ladder (with thinning for thick hair that is difficult to style), smooth to give the image femininity, tenderness, and curly (the strands are cut with straight scissors using a serrated cut to remove density).

Shaved temples and nape

There is no more suitable haircut for medium length hair, in harmony with shaved temples or the back of the head, than a bob. To make the image fashionable and more extravagant, long strands are lifted and combed to the side, revealing shaved areas.

The Moser brand produces specialized machines for creating patterns, for example, ChromStyle Pro. They have a set of nozzles for creative hairstyles. The tool works both from the mains and from the battery (charges in 60 minutes, there is no “memory effect”, there is a charge level scale). Battery life – 1.5 hours. The knife block is adjustable – you can choose a cutting height from 0.7 mm to 3 mm. Blades can be quickly changed thanks to the Quick Change function.

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Bangs and medium haircuts for women

This season, bangs are in trend:

  • Straight to the eyebrows looks good with loose hair, and gathered in a bun. In combination with voluminous styling, it focuses on the depth of the look.
  • Asymmetrical oblique. Many women’s hairstyles are in harmony with it – including a square, a cascade, a classic bob.
  • Creative multilevel. Suitable for those with thick hair.

Depending on the idea of ​​the stylist, the bangs can be milled. The ideal thinning tool is the New Acroleaf Wide K50 scissors from Mizutani , Japan. Thanks to the special shape of the teeth and the cutting edge, they gently cut off the excess, giving the hairstyle an internal volume and without catching, without pulling the hair. The handle is ergonomic, with an offset ring to relieve tension during operation.


Be sure to consider it if you are looking for elegant medium haircuts for women. To create it, stylists make a ladder around the face, oblique bangs, and cut the rest of the strands so that they have different lengths. Due to this, the hairstyle always looks neat – you don’t need to style your hair for a long time, you can simply dry the strands with brushing to give them volume.

Although Rhapsody is similar to other women’s haircuts (cascade, debut), it still differs from them with a voluminous, raised crown. You can create volume with a hair dryer, for example, BaByliss PRO Caruso ionic . He has 6 levels of speed and heating adjustment, an instant cooling button. There is a built-in source of negative ions – it protects the hair from overdrying and gives them extra shine. Includes 2 concentrating nozzles.

Asymmetrical medium haircuts for women

Popular in the 2021-2022 season: asymmetric bob, page, square. They are often recommended to owners of curly hair to pacify them and give the hairstyle shape. Styling is possible in two ways: stylists stretch the strands or create curls to add lightness and airiness to the image.

For trendy curls or casual curls, use a hair dryer with a soft diffuser attachment, such as the YSPark SILVER AND TITAN MESH LOOP DIFFUSER. It converts the air flow into heat, but does not dry out the hair. Thanks to this, the curls are light and natural.

  • Haircut on medium length hair using YSPark student combs

Step-by-step instruction:

  • Comb your hair with the G33 student comb. The comb has round teeth, which makes it painless.
  • Make a parting from the center of the edge line at the face to the center of the edge line at the back of the head.
  • Take the G45 comb from the student series, it has a ruler on the head. This ruler will allow you to control the balance.
  • Divide the area with symmetrical horizontal partings, retreating 4-5 cm from the edge line, check the balance of these partings.
  • Next, use the G39 comb from the student series to create a one-length line.
  • The wide teeth of the G39 comb will reduce hair tension as much as possible.
  • Press the hair to the neck and cut parallel to the parting.
  • The head of the G39 comb is flat, so it allows you to press the hair as close as possible to the skin and make a clean cut.
  • Next, use the G45 comb again to measure the length and check the balance of the length, and use it to part for further work. Then use combs G45 and G39 alternately to create a line of one length.
  • On the next strand, when building, use the fine teeth of the G39 comb, as they give more tension and more accuracy in building.
  • As soon as you get to the crown, use another comb – G33 with round teeth – it reduces the tension as much as possible, which will allow you to achieve a clean silhouette when cutting the shape in the crown area.
  • Cut through the large teeth of the G33 comb, without fixing the hair with the headband, in a free natural position.
  • Then go to the sides and first make a separation from ear to ear with vertical parting.
  • Use the G39 comb to create a line at the face through the large teeth of the comb, as they relieve tension as much as possible. Press the hair to the neck and cut parallel to the parting, parting parallel to the horizon.
  • Next, use the fine teeth of the comb until you reach the very last strand on the side.
  • Finally, use comb 333 to create the softest cut possible on the last strand with the least amount of tension.

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