beauty trends in 2022

Most popular beauty trends of 2022

Despite the global pandemic, the beauty industry trends have been evolving even with people staying indoors, they are having more creativity and originality throughout the year. Some of these trends are unusual to see in recent years, but have made a big impact on social media today. In this article, we’ll be discussing the most popular makeup trends of 2022 that you can try and recreate on your own to have an upgrade to your overall style.

Bold-colored eyelids

Go big or go home, technicolor eyelids are all the rage this 2022. Being creative with eye makeup is the biggest makeup trend in 2022 and having a bold color on your eyes will catch people’s attention. This will certainly give you that runway fashion look even with your everyday outfits.

Lifted & long lashes

If you’re going for a natural and more simple look, tweaking your eyelashes is the best option. Lifted eyelashes have been used for all kinds of looks, this trend can make your eye color pop and make your eyes more dramatic. Having eyelash extensions and treatment is a simple and easy way to have this look, but there are also options for you to do it yourself at home.

Colored eyelashes

Going bright is the way to go with your lashes, this makeup trend brings out a different spark in your eyes. Colored mascara gives a fun accent to neutral makeup and outfits. For a subtle look with colored eyelashes, try to put on a coat of colored mascara first, then finish with a light and even layer of black or brown mascara to give more volume.

Stained lip color

Wearing lip stains are more convenient if you have a long day ahead and don’t want to keep reapplying lip color. It is also less prone to getting smudged if you need to wear a face mask. Texture is also more comfortable and takes less effort to apply compared to wearing ordinary lipstick. A good tip for a stained lip look is to apply layers of lip stains and let them dry so you can have a long lasting effect. 

Bold eyeliner

People are still wearing face masks because of the pandemic, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to give up a gorgeous look. Having a smoldered eye look is simple yet gives an edgy look to your everyday outfit. 

Fresh and natural beauty

Going bare-faced is getting more popular these days. People want to flaunt their natural skin and facial features without the help of makeup, and skincare is now as important as makeup. Going all natural boosts your confidence and gives a bold statement of loving your skin as it is without covering your natural imperfections.

Early 2000s makeup

Feathery eyebrows and neutral brown lips are coming back in style. This beauty trend gives a light and fresh look to emphasize your natural features. Nowadays, there are more options in finding the perfect neutral shade for your lip and most companies provide more that a few shades of brown. 

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