Multani Mitti Ke Fayde

Multani Mitti Ke Fayde

Multani mitti is a kind of yellow / beige clay bursting with natural minerals. It is widely used in particular the domestic framework. It is used in the manufacture of cat litter, to clean fabrics, and degrease surfaces. The multani mitti originates from the city of Multan in Pakistan, hence its name. Here Stylotips Professionals discuss multani mitti ke fayde. 

Multani mitti is extensively used and overcomes the consumption of beauty products a lot. Multani mitti have such elements like sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron silicate with antioxidants. You can use numerous types of multani mitti face packs. It’s said that during the Second World War, multani mitti and water was also used to lessen the swelling on the feet. 

Multani Mitti Ke Fayde for your skin

Multani Mitti Benefits Multani mitti is used as a natural cleaner and tangy. Some other benefits are give in the following:

Oily skin 

According to fashion professionals, multani mitti has mattifying effects that maintain skin oil and also remove dirt. It’s especially useful for oily skin, because it aids in unclogging the clogged pores. It absorbs further sebum from the body. According to current research, multani mitti eliminates dirt and absorbs excessive oil. 

For acne 

Multani mitti is also beneficial in diagnosing acne treatment. It acts as a sweat and dirt remover. It is also helpful in removing dead skin cells. It stops whiteheads and blackheads. Maintains production of excess oil products. Reduces pores and controls skin to cool. Multani mitti also contains magnesium chloride which helps to remove acne. 

For glowing skin 

Multani Mitti Ke Fayde for your skin

According to exploration, multani mitti cleanses the skin by removing dead skin cells from the face. It provides nutrients. This enhances blood rotation to the skin layer and maintains the skin tight. It acts as an exfoliating agent. It makes the skin brighten and glowing. 


Multani mitti cooling effect on the skin which causes fighting against dark circles and sun damage. It’s very helpful against tanning, saturation, sunburn, and skin infections. 

For glowing skin 

Multani mitti is very effective in removing excess oils and dead cells. It gives a natural glowing to the oily skin. Multani mitti contain elements of iron which lightens the skin and repairs the damage or dead cells caused by sun exposure. 

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Apply the multani mitti as a mask on the hair

Fans of no poo: this powder should please you. Applied as a mask on the head, it helps remove excess sebum and regain clean, soft hair. In addition, unlike many Ayurvedic powders from plants, this one hardly smells like anything. Personally, I use it as a mask for a few minutes (about 10 min because yes, I work like everyone else so very little time!) Before washing myself. I previously combined it with amla powder .This association allows me to both stimulate my hair growth and cleanse the scalp. In addition to that, multani mitti strengthens hair and eliminates dandruff

You should know that I have not washed my hair since the beginning of the year with industrial shampoos. And the results are starting to bear these fruits: less hair loss, less itching on the head. In addition, I do not pollute the water! Multani mitti will go very well with other Ayurvedic powders such as shikakai, bhringaraj etc.

In short, this clay is ideal for people with oily hair and wanting to do without shampoos. For others: be careful, this powder tends to dry out. So associate it, for example, with coconut milk, or aloe vera gel. Another important point too: the multani mitti makes your colors bleed, so be careful if you want to keep your pretty reflections.

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