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15 natural hairstyles for the New Year that everyone can handle

We propose to meet 2021 fully armed and start with a new hairstyle. We have collected for you the most fashionable and relevant natural hairstyles for the next year, which you can bring to life right now.

1. Hairstyle with a shiny strand

An option for the laziest. Get a hairstyle that you wear every day, or tie it in a sleek low ponytail and add some shine to your hair. This can be a strip of rhinestones, a pair of iridescent rain harnesses, or a decorative garland of tiny gilded balls.

You can attach the jewelry to your hair using invisible hairpins. Another option is to stock up on special hair glue in advance : it will help to securely fix the shiny tape exactly where you need it.

2. Vintage hairstyles

Parted hair behind the ears, soft curls and always large symmetrical hairpins on both sides. To do such a casual and incredibly stylish hairstyle, you will need a couple of minutes, no more.

3. Vintage hairstyle for the vamp woman

A provocative variation of the previous styling. It is enough to smoothly comb the hair in the upper part of the head, and lower the hairpins symmetrically on both sides behind the ears closer to the back of the head – and the image will become more modern and hot.

This hairstyle works best with makeup that has a bright accent on the eyes or lips. A pale “natural” face contradicts the chic vamp style.

4. Smooth braided tail

All you need is a moisturizing modeling gel or wax to make your hair smooth and shiny. Comb your hair thoroughly, smooth out the unruly strands, make a high ponytail and braid it in a tight braid.

5. Bulky large curls

You can’t style such a hairstyle in five minutes – you have to work with an iron or a styler to curl your hair. But the effect will be really festive. To give your look a New Year’s flair, sprinkle hair with shimmer or larger sparkling particles.

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6. Soft wave for pixie

A festive short pixie cut might look like this: select a few strands in the bangs and all over your head and shape them with gel or hair wax. The hairstyle can also be sprayed with shimmer varnish.

Another option: form a soft, but well-defined wave from the elongated bangs. It will look unusual and solemn.

7. High bun with strands around the face

A high bun has been on the fashionable wave for several seasons, and in the coming year it will clearly not give up its position. Therefore, feel free to make a high tail, twist it around the base and fix the whole thing with hairpins. For a New Year’s party, it is better to choose large accessories with sparkling elements.

Be sure to leave a few strands around your face. They can be ironed out or shaped into a soft wave for a more romantic look.

8. Hairstyle with the effect of wet hair

“Wet” hairstyle is another hit of the last few seasons. And this is understandable: making such a styling is as easy as shelling pears. All you need is clean hair and gel or special spray to create a wet look. Optionally – modeling wax or texturizer. These products will help highlight individual strands, giving them extra curl and shine.

I would recommend you to use essential oils for your hair to make them smooth and shiny.

9. Hairstyle with large accessories

Do any hairstyle you like – even the simplest one will do. But be sure to complement it with noticeable shiny hair pins-jewelry. Snowflakes, Christmas trees, stars, crowns – the larger and brighter, the better.

10. Natural hairstyles with small braids

To add zest to the image, one or two thin braids, braided near the face or in the mass of hair, are enough. And the braids just look gorgeous in combination with large hair pins-jewelry from the previous version.

11. Hairstyle with sloppy pixie 

Renee Zellweger’s chubby cheeks have become the hallmark of the actress. Many were surprised by her short haircut, because girls with a round face, as a rule, prefer long curls. However, the actress was right. Her haircut has a casual look and her curls are trimmed to varying lengths. Looks stylish and bold.

12. Side knot with strands natural hairstyles 

Tufts and knots do not want to go out of fashion thanks in large part to the representatives of the British royal family. The rest of the celebrities follow the examples of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. To hide wide cheekbones and chubby cheeks, release a couple of side strands, allowing them to frame your face.

13. Loose curls hair 

Smart girl Drew Barrymore continues to delight fans with interesting roles and images, despite her age. Recently, the actress gained extra weight, which is why many considered her to be pregnant. The fullness was reflected on the cheeks and the actress’s face became even more round. However, she successfully chose her hairstyle and increasingly appears in public with long hair in small, careless curls. As a rule, Drew has a parting clearly in the middle.

14. Natural hairstyles with Hollywood curls 

Sasha Baron Cohen is damn lucky because he is married to the beautiful Isla Fisher. The actress has wide cheekbones, which she gracefully hid with a chic retro styling. Hollywood curls remain one of the sexiest and most seductive natural hairstyles. You know Isla reminds me of Jessica Rabbit, the red-haired beauty singer from the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

15. Lateral free tail hairstyles

Aishwarya Ray (Indian actress and model) has a rounded face with a wide forehead and a small chin, which did not prevent the girl from winning the title of one of the most beautiful women on the planet. Try this gorgeous selection of natural hairstyles! Tails will never go out of style, and besides, this option is better than any contouring. On one side, the tail itself covers the cheek. Side parting and neat curls helped create a sexy look.

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