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New Year, New Skin: 14 Beauty Products You Must Try In 2021

With the New Year also comes wonderful news for lovers of beauty. We are talking about the new beauty products that go on sale with fabulous ingredients, revolutionary formulas or innovative technology. This promise to restore radiance and energy to your face. Also take care of the health of our skin in a 2021 full of challenges.


In a single pass, this leave-in cleansing lotion frees your pores of dirt, impurities, makeup. Even the remnants of sunscreen while feeding the microbiome of your skin with elements that balance and restore hydration in prebiotic inulin.

Two in One


With ingredients 100% of botanical origin such as bakuchiol, vitamin C. This oil for the face reduces the appearance of fine lines, improves the luminosity, firmness. Also retains texture of the skin, reduces imperfections and of course deeply nourishes . A complete treatment for daily use.

Nutrient Oil


A real cup of vitality for your face. With 15% vitamin C, this serum enhances its effects thanks to the caffeine derived from mate and guayusa. With immediate effect, it brightens, hydrates and reduces morning inflammation of the face.

Awake complexion


The solution for dark circles, bags, puffiness, spots under the eyes and other imperfections in the eye area. A multifunctional treatment with a balm texture that works around the entire eye. Its mixture of algae and peptides penetrates the skin quickly and effectively, providing a revitalized and rested look. 

Treatment 360


We know that the skin regenerates while we sleep. A more efficient function if we accompany it with a little help like this anti-aging treatment. It contains the power of retinol with cocktail of moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, mango butter, and vitamin E.

Night Ally


Jennifer Lopez’s beauty line has been a hit since its recent launch. The formula of this moisturizer contains hyaluronic acid, peptides, niacinamide, collagen proteins and its patented complex with olive oil. It promises to restore the elasticity, softness and shine of a superstar face to your skin.

Smart Look


When you try this sunscreen, you won’t want to use anything else on your skin. It is totally invisible, without aroma and without weight on the face. It protects you from the sun with its factor 30 obtained from minerals and perfect even for sensitive skin. Its formula contains a powerful moisturizing and anti-inflammatory agent, and vitamins C and E.  Does not contain microparticles and is safe for the environment.

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The results of this mask with mud from the Dead Sea are noticeable from the first application. Rich in minerals, it accelerates the skin’s exfoliation process, minimizing pores, wrinkles and fine lines. Dead Sea mud balances the skin’s pH, improves circulation, and helps detoxify your skin

Spa At Home


This tinted moisturizer has many more benefits than it may seem. To illuminating your skin with a light layer of color and a wet effect, it contains protection against pollution and blue light and deeply nourishes with vitamin E .

Bright Face


Feel your body fresh, smooth and hydrated with this bar of soap. It has exfoliating ingredients, such as glycolic acid or jojoba seeds. This removes dead cells, and powerful hydrating agents such as kelp seaweed or butter, which nourish the skin. It is also vegan and comes in a recycled cardboard box.


Wake up your body each morning to an invigorating scent of mimosa flowers and pink lemon. With this bath oil helps to retain hydration in your skin. Enriched with 100% natural hemp seed oil will leave your dermis hydrated with its rich and foamy formula under water.


The driest skin cannot even deny the moisturizing power of oil. The blend of nourishing oils and butters contained in this richly textured cream. Scented with coconut, hibiscus and musk, this lotion will transport you to exotic destinations. Every time you use it and provides 24 hours of hydration.

Evocating Scent

13.Vitamin C:

This already popular ingredient gives skin a natural glow and reduces blemishes . Trend research Exploding that Internet searches for “vitamin C serums” have more than doubled in the last two years. And the motivation is simple: flawless skin, even in front of the PC for a meeting via Zoom.

Vitamin C

14.Chemical peel:

Exfoliate without having abrasions all over the face. Brands have focused on this macro-category of beauty, obtaining effective and gentle products at the same time. Everyone is testing the new skincare terminology.

Chemical Peel

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