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A complete Guide to Nose Piercing, Types, Cost, Healing Time & More

Nowadays nostril piercing or nose piercing is something that almost everybody knows. It is the latest trend of body modification and every second celebrity likes to wear it for the hottest look. For example, Pink was one of the first celebrities with nose piercings on both sides and made it a fashion trend. And then the trend continued and now almost every family has a woman with nose piercing all over the world. 

Nostril piercing gives an awesome and slightly edgy look to women. Therefore, if you also want a nostril piercing, then here in this article, you can find complete knowledge about the procedure, as well as the answers to question that you might have in your mind.

What is Nose piercing?

The part of the nose that surrounds the outside of the nasal passages, the soft cartilage, is the best place for nostril piercing. The piercing can be done anywhere on the nostril even in the dimple. But the important thing is to know the structure of your nose, and how different locations of your nose give you pretty or worse looks. So, make sure about the right placement before you decide where you want to get your nose pierced. 

However, to pierce the nose, your piercer should make a small dot on your nose before going to insert the needle. Now it is your job to finalize after looking at the dot whether it suits you or not. You can also check it by wearing a fake ring to experiment with placements.

Nose piercings Chart

Different Nose piercings fast facts

Placement positions 

  1. The most common area for a piercing nose is the cartilaginous structure that covers the nostril.
  2. The columella that separates the right and left side of the nose is also used in piercing and this is known as septum piercing
  3. Piercing can also be done on either the bridge of the nose or on the third eye.


Somewhere between $25 and $30 per piercing. Though the jewelry is not included in this cost.

Pain level

Almost 3/10

Healing time

Complete healing time for a nose piercing mostly takes 4 – 6 months. However, the exact healing time depends on the type of piercing. 


Washing the area with sterile saline water to prevent infection and induce a healing process. 

Types of Nose piercings

There are a wide variety of nostril piercings. Given below are the details of some popular ones for your information. 

  1. Nostril piercing

It is one of the most common and popular types of piercing of the nose. It is the least painful as compared to having to pierce other areas of the nose. The piercer pokes the needle through the side of the nostril in which you can later wear

  • Stud
  • Ring
  • Hoop
  • Barbells 

In addition to these, you can wear any other jewelry on the nostril piercing which you like.

  1. Bridge piercing

It is the most difficult and riskier type of piercing. The piercer does it through the skin in the bridge area of the nose. Most commonly the jewelry used in this piercing includes Barbells.

  1. High nostrils piercing 

In this type of piercing the piercer place the needle higher up as compared to the regular nostril piercing. Jewelry you can use at this place include

  • Studs
  • Pins
  1. Septum piercing 

It is one of the most painful piercings which is done through the area between the nostrils. The jewelry you can wear it this point include 

  • Hoops
  • Curved barbells.
  1. Septril piercing 

The area which goes vertically upwards around the tip of your nose is Septril. The piercer does its piercing very professionally because it is a very delicate part and the process is very painful. You can wear the following types of jewelry at this point

  • Curved barbells
  • Hoops

The procedure of Nose Piercing

This piercing procedure sometimes is quite painful because it involves making a hole in the sensitive internal skin. Therefore, instead of doing it yourself, you should hire a professional piercer for this purpose. The steps of this piercing process are given below:

  1. A safe and clean place

Make sure that your piercer is using sterile tools. Anything he uses should be in a sealed bag and disposable. It means that he should not be using tools that are already utilized.

  1. Sterilization

The first precaution a piercer should take is to wear sterile gloves. Then he should sterilize the cartilage or the spot you choose for piercing. This prevents you from infection. 

  1. Marking

You should choose your piercing point wisely with the recommendation of your piercer. The piercer then marks the spot that may be either around the septum or nostrils.

  1. Piercing

The hollow needle is the safest tool, not the piercing gun. These needles are cleaner and safer as they cause less damage and infection to tissues as compared to piercing guns. However, the pain level caused by them may differ from person to person.

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What type of jewelry is used for Nostril piercing?

  1. Studs

A twist nose stud gives a cool effect to the personality of most women. It is safe and has a curved post that fits perfectly through the piercing hole. 

  1. Hoops:

Small nose hoops are good for a new piercing. Moreover, they are extremely comfortable. A good example of them is a captive bead ring

  1. Nostril’s screw and fishtails:

As compared to other jewelry items they are not safe and easy to wear. They may be loose and cause healing problems because the thin wire can poke the inside of your nose. In addition to that, an 18-gauge piercing is needed for this purpose.

Nose piercings jewelry

What jewelry material is used for Nostril piercing?

Mostly two types of material are successfully used for piercing

  1. Titanium:

This is the best material antone that can be utilized for piercing. Because of its quick healing quality and fewer allergic reactions, it is popular among most people.

  1. 14K gold:

The second option suggested by most piercers is higher quality gold that does not has any artificial mixing. 

Nose piercing jewelry styles

  1. Twist:

This type of nose ring is very popular among people as it stays safely in the nose.

  1. Nose Bones:

The nose bone consists of a post with adornment on one side while the other side has a small ball that is slightly larger in diameter than the post on the other side. However, they are mostly worn after the healing process. But they are very enough comfortable and stylish.

  1. Pin:

This is simply a straight post but the piercer has to bend it into an L-shaped stud.

  1. L-shape

These nose rings have a post that is bent at a 90-degree angle. People who do not like the crew twist wear these L-shaped rings because they are easier to insert and are safer than screws for the nose bone.

  1. Hoop nose rings:

They are becoming more popular nowadays. They give you a stylish look. They are easy to insert and have decorated beads for giving some extra flair to the nose.

  1. Seamless ring Hoop Nose Rings:

Unlike the normal hoop, the seamless ring wraps all the way around your nostrils. However, its thickness depends upon the size of the gauge used by the piercer. So never pull the ends apart in a seamless ring rather twist them up and down in opposite direction to open.

  1. Faux Hoop Nose Rings:

This ring is actually a combination of two nose piercings jewelry. It gives you the stylish look of the hoop as well as the comfort of an L-shaped back combined. Also, it is extremely easy to insert.

Nostrils piercing Jewelry

Pain Level

The level of pain ranks relatively low for nose piercing. It is almost three to four out of ten on the piercing scale as compared to other parts of the body. It mostly feels just like a small pinch. However, everyone has a different level of tolerance so you may have a different one.

Nose piercings

How long do nose piercings take to heal?

Similar to pain level, the time of healing varies from person to person and each type of piercing takes a different time to heal. The average healing time of each type of nose piercing is listed below

  1. Nostril/high nostril piercing takes 4-6 months for healing
  2. Septum piercing needs 6-8 weeks
  3. Bridge piercing requires 8-12 weeks
  4. Nasal Lang piercing takes 4-6 months 
  5. Rhinoceros piercing needs 6- 9 months and many more 

However, all these healing times depend on the care you take after piercing.

Nose piercings healing signs

Nose piercing aftercare

Once your piercing has been done it’s now your turn to make efforts that can reduce the chances of infection. For this purpose, you will have to follow the below-given guidelines:

  1. Your piercing should be done by a professional with all precautionary measures to minimize the risk of infection and complication.
  2. Choose the jewelry which is recommended by your piercer 
  3. Whatever you wear should be light in weight
  4. Strictly follow the aftercare instructions
  5. Wash your pierced area with a sterile solution to prevent infection and induce healing.

Nose Piercing Side effects

Everything has its pros and con. The same is the case for nose piercing. In addition to giving you a new and stylish look, the piecing can cause infection if it is not cleaned properly.

  1. The material your piercer is using can cause allergy to you
  2. If your body rejects the piercing, the nose piercing close or grow on your nose causing you to blow hard and feel difficulty in breathing.
  3. Changing jewelry should be tricky. So, you should put it on and take it off very carefully.
  4. You should maintain your hygiene and follow the necessary aftercare instructions.

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Nose Piercing FAQs

Nose piercings FAQs What does piercing in the nose mean?

Ans: In some countries of the world, the piercing of the nose has a very significant meaning. For example in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia it can symbolize marriage, wealth, or fertility. While in the west it is a sign of rebellion against conventional expectations and beauty standards. How do Nose Piercing hurt?

Ans: This is not a much painful process as it only feels like a pinch and it makes your eyes water to just a little time like for 5-10seconds. But everyone has their own tolerance level so some can feel more pain than others. What should you know before piercing your nose?

Ans: Make your research complete before going for piercing. The most important is to find a professional piercer who uses proper hygiene and sterilized tools that are at less risk of causing allergies. How much do nose piercings cost?

Ans: Normally you have to pay between $30-$100 depending on the kind and jewelry the piercer is using. Also, the experience, as well as the piercing place rates, matter a lot. So, the rates vary in different regions. How to clean a nose piercing?

Ans: It is an open wound because of its location so never touch it with unwashed hands.

  1. Clean it with a cotton ball soaked in saline.
  2. Carefully rub the crust attached to the piercing with a cotton swab gently.
  3. Moisturize the nostril piercing and prevent it from dryness with the help of a fresh cotton swab twice daily.
  4. Don’t use any stronger antiseptic as it can cause an infection deep into the wound
  5. Try to avoid picking at the jewelry or rings as they may irritate you.
How to clean Nose piercings

Nose piercing conclusion

All in all, this piercing offers the girls a lot of advantages, some of them are listed below

  • They give you a unique look
  • Help you to enhance your personality
  • Make your look stylish
  • Are affordable for everyone 
  • Last but not least, these can be done at any safe place with minimum pain level. 

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