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Nua Sanitary Napkin Nua Pads Review

Know everything about Nua Sanitary Napkin Nua Pads, their uses, benefits and features here in this exclusive post only on stylotips.

Almost half of the world’s population means ladies get periods monthly, and still, no one talks about this matter. We all know about women’s menstrual cycle, but we don’t want to speak about it. But unfortunately, we live in a society where feminine products are wrapped in newspaper and black polythene bags to hide. Society still refuses to talk about menstruation openly.

For this purpose, engineers Swathi Kulkarni and Ravishankar Ramachandran took very challenging steps. They designed and manufactured a napkin that fulfills the needs of hygiene and comfort required during periods. Moreover, they also removed the taboo around carrying and storing such products.

Furthermore, according to Ravishankar Nua, Napkins should be made of non-woven fabric. They must have an absorbent core with an aesthetically – designed package. In addition, these pads should be separately packed with a cover for easy disposal. Moreover, they should be effortless to get. One must be able to order them online, or they should be home delivered for women.

Ravishankar further exclaimed that the pads should be free from prints, bleach, or dioxins. The perfume must be on the backside of the pad instead of the front side to avoid direct exposure to the skin. He also said that extra-white-looking pads contain bleach which can break down into dioxin. Many reproductive and developmental problems can be caused due to that dioxin, which may further be carcinogenic. So, considering all these facts, he reliably made Nua pads. Let’s talk about them in detail in this article.

What are Nua Sanitary Napkin Nua Pads?

These are modern ultra-thin sanitary pads with new and improved designs made of high-quality non-woven fabric with a super absorbent core. In addition, these pads do not have any harmful chemicals, prints, or perfume on the top layer to avoid rashes on the skin. Instead, they possess convenient disposable covers with wider backs to control the flow of the full heavy periods. Each Nua pads pack usually contains 12 pads for heavy flow. Every single pad in the pack is covered in a hygienic disposal cover.

About the brand: Nua 

Nua is a feminine care brand that provides hassle-free sanitary pads for women’s personal needs. Nua aims to directly provide women personalized solutions with an enhanced support system that cares about them and their individual needs.

Nua Brand

Nua Pamper me kit

That Nua pads kit is a specially curated box to celebrate women’s day every day. It has all the necessities to uplift the ladies’ moods, relax their minds, and present self-love. Any girl can gift it to some dear buddy or even give it to herself to brighten up her day and start a self-love journey without the worries of periods flowing.

What does the Nua Pamper me kit contain?

The Nua pads kit generally consists of the following period care items:

  • 12 x Nua Sanitary Pads
  • 3 x Heat Patches for Period Pain
  • 1 x Nua Cloth Pouch (design may vary)
  • 1 x Accessory Box
  • 1 x Lavender Scented Candle
  • 1 x Sleep Mask
  • 1 x Lapel Pin
  • 1 x Pop Socket
  • 3 x Stress-Relief Activity Cards
  • 1 x Self-love Jar (Stickers)
Nua pamper me kit

Characteristics of Nua Sanitary Napkins Nua Pads

There are many prominent characteristics of the pads of Nua company. Some of them are as follows:

  1. They feel so comfortable and soft on the women’s skin, thus preventing rashes.
  2. Wide enough to prevent leakage during periods.
  3. Are extremely stable and manage heavy flow quite easily.
  4. They are not long enough to wear during the nights, though.
  5. They usually come with disposable bags.
  6. They are considered completely safe for the skin.
  7. They are made of superior quality non-woven fabric.
  8. Ultra-thin sanitary pads for heavy flow make women stress-free.
  9. Their Super-absorbent core traps period blood by converting it into a gel leak-proof.
  10. Usually, come with a wider back for full lower-body coverage.
  11. No paraben, sulfate, prints, perfume, cruelty, or harmful chemicals are used in these pads.
  12. Each pack contains 12 x Nua Ultra-Thin nRash-free Sanitary Pads (All XL with individual disposal covers).
Nua Pads features

How to use Nua Pads?

These non-woven fabric, wide coverage pads are extremely easy to use. The method of their usage is as follows:

  1. First, take a pad from the pack and open its wings.
  2. Then, uncover the back wrapper and place it on the undergarment.
  3. After that, paste the wings on the opposite side of the undergarments for safety.

That’s it. You are all ready to go anywhere.

While when you want to change a used pad with a new one, dispose of the previous pad in the disposal cover provided, and then repeat the above-mentioned process for the new pad.

Where to buy the Nua Sanitary Napkins Nua Pads?

Anyone can buy Nua pads online from the official website of Nua company. One can also buy a customized pack of 12 pads according to their requirement from the company directly. Women can choose from large ones for heavy flow days, medium-size and small-sized pads for low flow days. Moreover, women can also get them on Amazon and other similar online shopping markets with all women accessories.

where to buy Nua Pads

Nua Pads Price

In general, a pack of 12 Nua pads costs only Rs 169. However, in the case of monthly subscriptions

  1. The Nua pads price range is INR 199 for a one-month subscription of getting 12 pads
  2. While a three-month subscription costs only INR 399 for 36 pads

Both these subscription offers prove more cost-effective for women worldwide.

The official website of Nua company also informs you about medical tips for dealing with rashes, chafing, etc., along with period date reminders through emails.

Nua pads review

I personally tried Nua pads when they were launched. Their results were excellent. I also bought a Nua self–care kit, which included sanitary pads in all sizes, sleeping eye bags, stickers, candles, and a heat pouch. That remarkably provided me the facility to try on all their sizes and find out which one suits me the best. I like their customization offer also with their pads and napkins. You can easily choose how many L or XL or regular sizes you require.

These pads performed well with heavy periods’ flow. Also, unwrapping such pads is very easy. These pads don’t leave their place and remain stable the entire day. There is only a 1% chance that they slightly move from their position. That is a great facility, especially for working women.

Furthermore, I felt that the material used in Nua pads was soft like a cotton ball which was very comfortable for the skin. They do not cause irritation, rash, or discomfort. Wearing Nua gave me so much relaxation as I did not have to wear anything else with them. They feasibly absorb much blood of periods compared to other sanitary pads, even during heavy flow. They also prevent extra leakage or mess.

Besides all the advantages, I noticed that they are not long enough to secure the back at night. Their width is good but not the best for nights, especially if you have a heavy flow.

Nua Sanitary Pads


How does Nua make pads?

Nua is officially certified by Safe Cosmetics Australia. Safe Cosmetic recommends brands that initiate to exclude and restrict irritating chemicals, potentially toxic in their pads. These pads are clinically tested to ensure that they are free from contaminants and suitable for women’s skin types.

Nua does it all by a systematic process from manufacturing to supply chain and then to the laboratory. This brand makes sure that all ingredients are safe and healthy and tries its best to consider the single most crucial factor that helps establish good practices and win consumer trust.

What are the benefits of soft and dry pads?

Mostly the pads in the market are soft but not dry. Nua offers you the comfort of softness without any compromise on dryness. The soft cottony top layer of Nua prevents you from irritation and itching, while its multi-layered design helps in the absorption of periods’ blood, which keeps the surface of the pad dry.

Why do Nua pads have a wider back?

Nua sanitary pad’s back is 50% wider than various ultra-thin XL local company pads available worldwide. Its extra wings at the back of the pad provide additional leakage protection. Moreover, these pads also give more safety and comfort for longer times.

How do Nua pads help minimize skin irritation and rashes?

In addition to the incredibly soft top layer, Nua pads are dermatologically tested, 100% toxin-free, and fragrance-free. All these qualities help minimize skin irritation and rashes. In contrast, other pads in the market usually do not have these qualities.

Are Nua pads quality tested?

Nua pads are usually made according to South Korean Quality Standards. Moreover, yes, they are tested by authentic laboratories in India.

When do I use heavy, medium, and light flow pads?

It depends on different days and each woman’s flow pattern. The suggestions below are only indicative.

Heavy flow:

These pads are the largest compared to other XL pads in the market. Their length is 320 mm, they have a wider back, and they are very suitable for heavy flow days like the first two to three days of periods. However, if someone has extraordinary flow and needs pads larger than XL pads, Nua pads might not shit her.

Medium flow:

These pads are of a mid-size with a length of 280 mm. Their back is also wider, and they are suitable for days when your flow begins to reduce. They are specially used on days 2, 3, and 4 of periods. TheThe medium flow Nua pads are also lengthy compared to other medium-sized local pads available in the market.

Light flow:

These pads are smaller compared to L and XL sizes of Nua pads. But they are comparable in length to the regular size of pads available in the market. Their standard length is 240 mm, and they are usually used during the last days of periods when the flow is minimum.

Nua 12 Pads Pack

How often should I change my pad during my period?

You should change your pad at least once after 6-8 hours as clinically recommended. This time may even be less in the initial heavy flow period days.

What are the safety precautions being taken during Covid -19?

The Nua company cares for the health, safety, and wellness of women worldwide. The company owner has reliably taken some of the steps during Covid -19. Those critical steps are:

  1. When the sanitary pads reach the warehouse, they are treated with a UV sterilizer. That terminates the germs immediately.
  2. The owner made masks and white gloves essential for the entire warehouse staff.
  3. He made the use of hand sanitizers necessary after regular intervals of time.
  4. He also allotted a staff team who frequently checks the body temperature of everyone daily on entering the premises of the company.
  5. Sometimes, he also conducts a safety session to generate self- incentive hygiene by taking basic precautions for awareness purposes.
  6. Moreover, the housekeeping staff of the company cleans the warehouse every day very carefully.

What is the expiry date of Nua sanitary pads?

These pads expire almost two years from the date of their manufacturing.

How can I change the assortment of pads?

We recommend a pack of three heavy flow, five medium flow, and four-light flow pads for first-time use. However, you can change this sequence according to the customer’s requirement. The total number of pads in the pack should be 12. 

To make any changes, first, reduce the number of pads you need in fewer numbers by clicking on the ‘-‘sign in the respective sessions. Then increase the number of pads you need in more quantity by clicking on the ‘+’ sign.

However, if you are a Nua subscriber, please use the edit option at My Nua Plan to make any change in the collection of your ongoing Nua auto-repeat plan.

Are the pads safe to use? Are the pads safe for kids/teenagers?

Yes, of course! These pads are made according to South Korean Quality standards, well known for quality and hygienic standards in the feminine care industry. That is why these pads have no dioxins, no parabens, and chlorine. 

Moreover, their top layer is made from non-woven fabric, which, when it comes in contact with your skin, feels super soft and prevents the skin from rashes. Thus, they are safe for use by almost everyone.

Furthermore, the company owner obtains certificates of analysis for all its products to ensure performance and safety. The Nua pads are tested dermatologically and accredited by the honorable Safe Cosmetics Australia Organization with the following certifications.

  • Allergy certified
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Made Safe
  • Toxic-free

Are they rash-free/suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, absolutely, they are rash-free because the top layer of these pads is made from non-woven fabric that is super soft. Moreover, these pads have no prints, chemicals, or perfumes, so there are no chances of skin rashes. However, if any girl faces any issue, she must check and consult with a reliable gynecologist about the best for her sensitive skin.

Are Nua pads suitable for me if I currently use XXL/XXXL pads?

Nua’s heavy flow pad is 320 mm long with a wider back than other local XL pads available in the market. However, if you have a hefty flow and you need pads larger than XL pads of Nua, then these pads might not suit you on heavy flow days. Then you may need to opt for XXL/XXXL pads.

How to cancel Nua pads?

Your customized Nua pack will be delivered in a specific period. So, you can easily make a change, postpone or cancel future orders at any time. And if you would also like to buy one time only, then the official website of Nua also has that option.

However, the general cancellation policy is that once you place an order, you can cancel it within 90 minutes of placing your order. If you want to cancel the order within the time limit, don’t hesitate to contact

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