Pokimane No Makeup

Pokimane No Makeup or Without Makeup Streaming

Pokimane no makeup look has long been trending and popular on several social media platforms, particularly on Twitch and Youtube. In this article, we will talk regarding Pokimane no makeup looks and discuss whether she has ever streamed without makeup on Twitch and any other live platform or not. 

Who is Pokimane? What is Pokimane No Makeup?

Pokimane is a famous twitch video streamer. Her real name is Imane Amys, but she is commonly known by her internet name. Besides being a video streamer, she is also a famous YouTube personality. 

In addition, Pokimane is a Moroccan Canadian citizen. She has been immensely popular for her skills in playing online games. Her popular live online games include

  1. Fortnite
  2. League of legends

Career of Pokimane

Start of her career in 2012

Pokimane started her video streaming career back in 2012 when she joined Twitch. Later in 2013, she started streaming on the Twitch platform. Currently, she has a large number of followers on all social media accounts to her name. 

Over time, her career took a more significant step as Pokimane was able to over 8 million Twitch followers on that day. Pokimane no makeup was the most viewed female twitch streamer by the end of that year.

Career in 2020

Pokimane added another feather to her cap in 2020 when along with two other streamers named Valkyrie and Sykkumno in her group, they became the face of Among Us. That played a significant role in reviving the title and strengthening the followers to her name. 

After achieving the title of most-viewed female twitch streamer in 2013, her streaming milestone hit made her the most prominent female streamer on Twitch. 

The biggest sensation of the gaming industry

No one can deny that she has a huge fan base, making her a big sensation in the entire female gaming industry. Once a person becomes famous on social media, broad revelation to the internet exposes him to numerous

  • Controversies
  • Comments
  • Hate
  • Criticism
  • Negative feedback

These are pretty normal in public view. 

Pokimane without makeup Live streaming

Pokimane generally streams as s presentable streamer with makeup. However, this act does not imply that streamers should not sit in front of the camera without makeup. Especially female streamers have to face rude comments for even being themselves.

Why and When Did Pokimane Started Streaming?

Pokimane started gaming as a recreational exercise before she got college admission. From being an active college girl to rising to her gaming star in the gaming industry, Pokimane gained immense popularity and success.

Latterly, she joined a few club tournaments to make some money. Her early career in online streaming was never a cup of tea. Still, all gamers appreciate how well she has done in the different paths she chose. Now she is often seen motivating the young generation. 

A balanced life of Pokimane

Managing school and college life with streaming activities was never a piece of cake for her. She often used to bunk classes to maintain a good streaming schedule and enjoy her gaming hobby. In the early days of streaming, her videos were watched with a thumbnail “Pokimane no makeup.” 

As time passed, her hobby as a gamer soon metamorphosed into a full-time career. Soon, she grew her brand around something she actually found fun doing. 

How ‘Pokimane without makeup’ turned into a big deal on the internet

Streamers on social media apps, especially female streamers, have to pay a lot of attention to their physical appearance because the fanbase judges them based on their appearance quite a bit. Thus, it triggered multiple debates when stream Pokimane without makeup got aired.

It all started in 2018 when Pokimane decided to stream without any artificial looks and appearances. That led to the ‘Pokimane no makeup’ term, one of the most highly searched terms on the internet up till now. 

The fanbase of Pokimane on streaming without makeup

There is no doubt why Pokimane is one of the most attractive streamers in the Twitch community? A significant portion of her fanbase consists of people who love to discuss the minute details of females’ physical appearances.

Although, her fanbase has always been treated as a family from her side. But many people criticized her physical appearance. These reactions of such fans on ‘Pokimane without makeup’ exposed their double standards. 

Pokimane No Makeup Stream

When Pokimane uploaded her no-makeup look, she had to face high criticism by fans for the first time. Some of them even called her simp. She bravely and positively defended herself from such negative comments spreading over social media. 

Moreover, although most of the fans were not happy with Pokimane no makeup looks, a few individuals in the crowd too appreciated her for presenting her natural beauty to the world. 

Response of all criticism summaries by Pokimane was

  1. I discourage fans for not being nice to women on social media.
  2. My natural look proved beneficial for my career.
  3. Despite my makeup look, I wanted to get represented on social media in a completely natural look.

Pokimane without makeup

If you are a social media influencer, at some times in life, you will always find criticism when you will go out of your typical track. The same was the case with Pokimane. Many renowned content creators like Keemstar, Leafy, and ItsAGundam mocked and made fun of her appearance without makeup.

In 2018, Pokimane hosted her first video without any makeup. That video gradually evolved into a live makeup tutorial. Pokimane no-makeup look was an unexpected surprise for her fans, who could not wholeheartedly welcome a woman without makeup.

Criticism faced on Pokimane without makeup look 

Some of the comments on Pokimane no makeup look were: 

  • Keemstar called Pokimane fake and pathetic when he looked at her without makeup.
  • People said she wanted people to continue donating and watching her streams after watching her natural look.
  • Her several so-called fans began to troll her appearance by making jokes, memes, and comments based on her looks
  • A few Pokimane fans even bombarded the internet using the term ‘Pokimane without makeup.’

Positive vibes gathered by Pokimane from that no-makeup look trolling

Pokimane always recognized and accepted her fans as a family. Her real fans always stayed on her side despite her no makeup appearance. Although several fans criticized her act, a few fans praised her for being bold and not caring about her no-makeup looks. 

  • She warmly welcomed all feedbacks and didn’t post a single word against her haters. 
  • She courageously messaged the world that you should respond to someone who is totally out of the way and against your opinion.
  • She proved that looking good in a photo involves many factors such as camera angles, lighting, and others.
  • She also posted a bunch of selfies where she was wearing no makeup to shut down the faces of her trollers.

Pokimane followers and fans

Pokimane has been doing exceptionally well at young 25 years old age. She has successfully impressed many people through her video streaming career so far. Currently, she has gathered so many fans and followers across different social media platforms like

  1. Twitch streaming

Pokimane has efficaciously attracted a large number of followers on her content platforms by live Twitch streams in gaming. She has over 8 Million followers as per estimated statistics in July. Streamers on Twitch usually earn $10,000 per 3,000 subscribers.

  1. YouTube Channel 

Pokimane has 6.43 million subscribers and 349 million views on her videos posted through her official youtube channel. Every month, she earns about $5,000 – $10,000 on YouTube. On youtube, she posts a video roughly after every three days.

Pokimane Awards and Nominations

Pokimane has not only gathered numerous followers and lovers only. But she has a list of awards and nominations to her credit too. Her career peaked in 2018, soon after when she started to get awards in different shows.

The year 2018

For the first time in her streaming career, she was nominated for the Shorty Awards for Twitch Streamer of the year in 2018. She was also nominated for the Streamy Awards as the Live steamer of the year in the same year. And it was of no surprise; she successfully won both awards.

The year 2019

In March 2019, she was again nominated for Canadian game and Esports awards. However, unfortunately, she did not win even a single award this time. 

The year 2020

Once again, in 2020, she was nominated for the Esports Awards and the 10th Streamy Awards. Successfully, this time she was able to fetch only the Esports award but lost the latter award.

Why is “Pokimane without makeup” a trending thing even in 2021?

It all started in October 2018, when Pokimane decided to film a makeup tutorial video that obviously needed a no-makeup face at the beginning of the video. That became a huge shock for her fans, who later used the terms’ Pokimane no makeup’ and made it viral everywhere on social media.

Many people refer to her no-makeup face with age-old claims that “women who use makeup are basically deceiving people.” Within no time after that streaming, “Pokimane without makeup” became one of the most trending searches over the internet. 

Vulgar reaction

Although, it was a bit of shame for the Moroccan streamer to be trolled everywhere on social media accounts. But it did not demotivate her to stop her rapidly growing career. Instead, she faced and retaliated like a champ and did not hesitate to shut down trolls who ridiculed her for her appearance.

She posted many

  1. Tweets on Twitter
  2. Live videos on Instagram
  3. Streaming videos on Twitch

To shut down the hatred and negative comments. Besides that, they were also to clarify that highlighting her supposedly bad photo would not demoralize her. Finally, she posted an entire video on her official YouTube channel concerning the whole ‘Pokimane no makeup’ drama. 

Impact on other female streamers in the community

This incident was undoubtedly an excellent lesson for all other females on social media platforms. Her friend Valkyrie was lead female streamers who favored Pokimane throughout the “Pokimane without makeup” controversy.

Latterly, the same friend also posted a makeup-free face and a makeup tutorial video by which she received a lot of support online for being real like Pokimane. 

Role of Pokimane 

Pokimane played a vital role in educating trolls on the internet to be better. Her refusal to silently bear all drama through trolling helped make the internet more inclusive, particularly for women. Moreover, her brave moves proved a motivation for many others. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Pokimane is known as the queen of Twitch. Fans love to explore more and more about her. Some of the questions roaming over social media about her personality, looks, or ethnicity are as follows:

Q: Who is Pokimane?

Pokimane is one of the best gaming streamers ever, born on May 14, 1996, in Canada. Her real name is Imane Any. Currently, she is 25 years old. She has been known to stream gameplay and commentary of Fortnite as a part of a sponsorship.

Q: How many followers does Pokimane have?

Pokimane has successfully gained more than 5.76 million subscribers on her official YouTube channel and over 7.9 million followers on Twitch till now.

Q: Is Pokimane an Asian?

Her ethnicity is one of the most common questions often queried by her fans. Actually, Pokimane has dual citizenship; she is a Moroccan-Canadian citizen. Once, she decided to take a DNA test and check out her origin. From that, she came to know that; she is 85% North African and Arabian, which means she is of Moroccan Descent. Her test helped to clear ethnicity issues circulating about her.

Q: Where does Pokimane live?

Pokimane lived with her field streamer friends in a content creator house. In 2020, she bought her own apartment and shifted to that house. The primary reason behind her shift was a misunderstanding between her and the content house manager named Fedmyster.

Q: When did the “Pokimane no makeup” drama occur?

It all went on social media in October 2018 when she was trying to conduct a live makeup tutorial session for her fans. She was much more criticized for her no-makeup look.

Q: Is Pokimane popular on YouTube?

Yes, she has more than 5.67 million subscribers and 349 million views on her videos. That makes her one of the most-watched female gaming streamers over the past few years. 


One of the biggest names on Twitch is Pokimane. Pokimane streams are good to watch because of many factors, which mainly include

  1. Great looks
  2. Nice and fast gameplay
  3. Energetic expressions 

Not only online media, but she has also been hitting record numbers on offline TV. Her fans and fame are increasing day by day due to pure content. 

However, despite facing many hurdles in her past career, like in October 2018 due to the ‘Pokimane no makeup’ drama. Pokimane has been covering steps of success steadily. This controversy lasted for a year and gave her inner-confidence to courageously embrace her true self and show on social media. 

Timely and positive responses from her side quickly and efficaciously put down the controversy. Moreover, that taught us a lesson to be brave and active in this cruel world to defend ourselves. And also, to make a real image in front of the entire world. 

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