Ponds light moisturizer

Ponds Light Moisturizer Review

It is cream from the ponds company for moisturized and soft skin that offers a non-oily fresh glow on the body. It is fully enriched with vitamin E and D, both of which moisturize one’s skin from deep within. Ponds has always been one of the most staple beauty brands readily available in the market. This Ponds light moisturizer cream is the best lightweight formulation to use in both hot and humid weather from all its beauty products range. It got in massive demand because of its claim of being non-greasy.

General details

Ponds super light gel moisturizer contains glutamic acid, an amino acid produced naturally in the human body. It helps restore the moisture balance to keep the skin smooth and soft. 

In addition, its formulation ingredients instantly absorb into the skin and make it ideal for year-round use. Furthermore, it also improves the skin renewal process and restores skin’s barriers loaded with vitamin B3 and C. 

Ultraviolet rays can damage skin badly. So, the sunscreen with SPF 15 can protect it by effectively blocking UV rays. Moreover, the glycerin present in this moisturizer improves skin’s 

  • Softness
  • Radiance
  • Smoothness
  • Appearance

Texture, and many more.

People get glowing, smooth, and non-oily skin with it remarkably. 

Product description

This moisturizer is infused with Vitamin E, which moisturizes dry skin all 24 hours. In addition, its non-oily touch is suitable for all-year use and all types of skin. It leaves your skin incredibly smooth and soft with plumpness.

Some of the specifications of ponds light moisturizer are given below:

  • Items form: Creamy nature
  • Brand: From PONDS
  • Benefits and advantages: Nourishing cream
  • Specified uses: Nourishment purposes
  • Skin type: Normal and smooth
  • Sun protection: 15 SPF
  • Age range: As per prescription (usually for adults)
  • Recommended uses for the product: Vitaminic moisture
  • The tone of skin: Best for all types of tones 
  • Item weight: Mini packing 250 grams 

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Ingredients of ponds light moisturizer.

It has a lot of perfuming agents and comedogenic ingredients that may not be suitable for those with fungal acne. Some of the boundless ingredients that are used in its composition are as follows:

  1. Niacinamide

Used for skin brightening and anti-acne purposes

  1. Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate

It is a common form of Vitamin C which is excellent for skin lightening

  1. Tocopherol Acetate

It is an excellent anti-oxidant, also the best replacement for Vitamin E

  1. Glycerin

It quickly locks hydration into the skin with its humectant

  1. Sodium PCA

Sodium PCA also retains moisture into the skin with humectant

  1. Allantoin

The skin-soothing task is allocated to Allantoin

  1. Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate and Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane

They both protect skin from UV rays and chemical filters

  1. Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide

It provides sunscreen filters to the face and hands.

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General information and facts about this pond’s moisturizer

Some people have mild to moderate acne-prone skin, and ponds light moisturizer reviews are excellent. They do not experience any side effects using this cream. It has always been compared with other creams in the market, so one should know general information about it.

  • Form: Cream and gel
  • Application area: All body 
  • Sales package: Cream tube
  • Model name: Light moisturizer 
  • Quantity: 250g and 500g
  • Ideal for: Most suited to women’s skin, but men can also have a try
  • Applied for face: It controls oil and provides radiance, glow, moisturization, and nourishment
  • Applied for the body: Nourishment and moisturization
  • Skin type: Best for dry skin
  • Organic: Not mentioned
  • Ideal usage: It can be used at any time in all-day
  • Maximum shelf life: It has an expiry of 35 months (approximately three years)
  • UV protection: No
  • Dermatologist tested: It is verified and recommended by many skin specialists
  • Professional care: It takes care of skin, hands, and face from dust and roughness
  • Instruction: Encrypted on the box packaging

How to use ponds light moisturizer

Ponds cream is easy to use as it is a moisturizer. Stepwise procedure includes

Step1: One should dot the cream all over the face

Step2: Then gently and mildly massage in an outward and upward spiral motion

Step3: Massage some cream on hands and body too for smoothness

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Features of ponds light moisturizer cream

Some of the key features are

  1. It is lightweight and contains a non-oily formula
  2. It efficiently moisturizes dry skin and hands with the help of 24 hours moisture lock
  3. It is not seasonal, which means ideal for all-year-round use
  4. Instant absorption property quickly spreads and absorbs the cream
  5. The cream leaves skin smooth with a non-oily fresh glow
  6. It provides nourishing care for the face, hands, and body
  7. The maximum shelf life is 35 months for its effective use
  8. It is suitable for all skin types

Besides all, one of the critical characteristics of ponds light moisturizer cream is that there is no awkward shine or stickiness. It just provides a moisturized glow. That is why it is considered ideal for keeping the skin moisturized for many hours without being heavy on the skin.

Ponds light moisturizer product details.

Each Ponds product is different and unique in its terms from others. The same is the case for ponds light moisturizer cream. Its product details are as follows:

  1. Packaging

It is available on the market in blueish-green plastic tube packaging, which is sturdy to hold and looks classy. Additionally, an aluminum foil is placed inside the tube for protection purposes. The whole ingredients list is printed on the back of the packaging. 

  1. Price 

Ponds light moisturizer price is available all-over local markets at very reasonable prices. Despite its cheap price tag, the tube looks classy. Moreover, it comes in various sizes, so the prices vary accordingly. The most miniature ponds light moisturizer 25ml price is just PKR 250, which is pocket-friendly for almost everyone. 

  1. Texture and color

Similar to lotions, its texture is a milky white-colored cream. It is very smooth to use, lightweight, and forms a pretty thin layer on the skin.

  1. Fragrance

A very mild floral scent can be smelled, barely noticeable once the product is applied to the skin. Moreover, it is very subtle and does not cause trouble for people with sensitive noses.  

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Benefits of using ponds light moisturizer.

Some of the pros of this cream include the following:

  1. Travel-friendly packaging which is easy to carry
  2. A perfect day cream in the winter season
  3. Ponds light moisturizer has sunscreen SPF15 for protection from UV rays
  4. Its nourishing effect contains glycerin and Vitamin E
  5. It gets absorbed easily by gentle massage
  6. Due to rich hydrating formula, it does not clog the pores 
  7. It is perfect for normal to oily skin
  8. It feels light on the skin and makes skin soft and supple
  9. It is affordable and has good staying power on the skin
  10. Anyone can easily purchase it from the market in multiple sizes
  11. It contains peach and strawberry extracts
  12. The majority of ingredients are skin brightening and complete matte
  13. It extraordinarily provides several anti-aging benefits
  14. The rich vitaminic formula spreads quickly on the skin, making it easy to apply on the face, hands, cheeks, and body.
  15. Its nourishment effect smoothens the skin deeply and keeps it moisturized all year round.

Disadvantages and cons of ponds moisturizer

Nothing in this world is perfect. Some of the negatives of using ponds light moisturizer are as follows:

  1. Its tube packaging is unhygienic for some people
  2. It is not suitable for a long time for individuals with dry skin
  3. Many times, 24 hours moisture lock is not true
  4. Its ingredients also contain parabens and mineral oil to some extent 
  5. It may be sensitive for a few people and may cause them skin irritation
  6. It has silicone, which may not hydrate dry skin
  7. Isopropyl myristate is pore-clogging and may cause pimples somehow. 

Side effects of using Ponds light moisturizer

  • It can cause allergy, which may be a reason for acne as it does contain a highly comedogenic ingredient.
  • It is not suggested for oily acne-prone or sensitive skin.
  • Some of its allergy-causing elements are Citronellol, Limonene, Linalool, etc.
  • It can also block pores, making a face dry and causing fungal acne to trigger.
  • Palmitic acid and stearic acid present in it may be dangerous for face 
  • Its fragrance might be irritating and cause nose irritation in some people.

Ponds light moisturizer price

It comes in various packaging sizes in the market. Prices vary accordingly to their quantity in a tube. Some general sizes, along with their prices, include the following:

  1. 25ml – 85 PKR
  2. 75ml – 115 PKR
  3. 150ml – 199 PKR
  4. 250ml – 250 PKR

Ponds light moisturizer 25ml price is very reasonable. Therefore, more and more customers usually tend to buy it first. 

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Ponds light moisturizer reviews

Many people face dryness issues in the winter season, so it is necessary to share their experience after using this moisturizer. As per their positive feedback, their reviews are:

  • It is a perfect skin vibrant for health throughout the year, suitable for all skins in all seasons.
  • The moisture-rich formula of infused glycerin and niacinamide penetrates deep into the layers of your skin to hydrate it well.
  • It ensures that your skin remains nourished, smooth, soft, and healthy the entire day.
  • No one has an issue regarding the stickiness or oiliness after applying this cream.
  • This gentle face cream readily absorbs into the skin to revive its glow.

Ponds light moisturizer feedback

It is lightweight yet very moisturizing and hydrating at the same time. It remarkably vanishes into the skin within seconds and doesn’t make a combination of oilier or drier skin. Furthermore, it neither makes the skin stretchy or taut nor feels greasy.

Its regular users state that the moisturizer has a velvety matte finish and leaves the skin soft and radiant looking. It has some unique sunscreen filters that provide apparent whiteness on their skin, making them stay fair and fresh most of the day.

Personal experience

I have personally used it many times and noticed its super lightweight texture. The ponds light moisturizer cream is neither thick nor runny, just the perfect lightweight consistency. It provides healthy growth if done in a proper way i.e.

  • Start from massage of hands
  • Dot the cream on a specified dry area of the face
  • Gently rub, and the skin will absorb it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: When to use ponds light moisturizer?

As per the best skin specialists, it is recommended to be used as day and night cream, as it does not give acne-prone skin any breakouts. It also does not cause any clogging of pores.

Q: Is ponds cream intense?

The intensity of ponds moisturizer is neither too thick nor too light. You may have observed that it even works on hot summer days.

Q: Can this moisturizer work under makeup?

Yes, it also works great under makeup for girls. Women wear ponds light moisturizer under their makeup face so that their skin stays perfectly moisturized.

Q: Can this cream be regularly used?

There is a noticeable difference on skin with regular use and a random basis. If light moisturizer is applied daily, it permanently maintains soft skin and a glow on the face. 

Q: Can this cream be used with other lotions?

Yes, this Ponds light moisturizer cream works perfectly fine with calamine skin lotions, facial toners, and Vitamin C serums, showing no side effects.

Q: Which parts can be nourished through cream?  

It can be used as a body cream on the foot, hand, face, neck, elbows, and wherever you need moisturizing or brightening.

Q: Why is it recommended?

This cream is mainly recommended for people with dry skin. It is undoubtedly an excellent oil-free moisturizer that suits almost all skin types. Its reasonable price makes it ideal for those on a limited budget. 


One of the best super lightweight creams on the skin is undoubtedly ponds light moisturizer. It keeps skin soft and smooth for hours without being sticky or heavy. That too with a healthy and nourished glow. In addition, it works great in winter dryness as it is non-oily and non-sticky. No breakouts are caused even after regular usage. Furthermore, this cream also goes well under makeup, giving a smooth canvas for makeup application.

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