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Red Eyeliner Looks

Top Red Eyeliner Looks to Try Right Now!

Nowadays, vibrant eye color pencils of different shades are in the spotlight and are not going to stop soon. Experimenting with all the distinct colored eyeliners will open up a fantastic world of creative and stylish looks. That is because they not only brighten your eye colors but also enhance its natural shape giving it a remarkable touch. Red eyeliner looks are the most prominent of all.

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Versatility in Red Eyeliner Shades

The current go-to color in the market is red. The great versatility in red color shades makes it a perfect choice to wear whenever you intend to set up your beauty game instantly. Whether you are going to any casual or formal function, or either on summer or winter holidays, Red Eyeliner will make a go as it comes in a huge variety that does not need to be reserved.

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Trending Red Eyeliner Looks  

Eyeliners are so versatile that one can ever imagine. There is so much to do with this single beauty product according to my own wish and current trends. All their different application techniques will alleviate your overall look uniquely.

Therefore, if you wish to show up your experimental side to this cozy world then you must be creative and stylish at the same time. That means you don’t have to stick to a single eye statement each time. There are numerous ways to incorporate a Red hue into your look because its application is super customizable.

Below are given some of the top trending Red Eyeliner looks that are worth your experimentation:

Parallel Lining Style, A unique red eyeliner style

Although it is not tricky to do, yet it seems beautiful and enhances the natural shape of your eyes. You just have to apply the black or white eyeliner in the usual way and then draw a parallel red line over it to give a double-lined effect.

It is one of the most casual looks one can have for everyday use. An extraordinary advantage of this style is that it will not only make your eyes more defined but sexy in a unique way that you may have ever imagined.

Red Eyeliner parallel style

Double wing Liner, A dandy red eyeliner look

This is one of the other extraordinary Red Eyeliner Looks. This style comes with thin long-lined wings that may be doubled either on one corner of the eye or be a single line extended from both eyes ends. This gives both a simple and trendy look. Apply it above and below the eyelids and extend the way outside from the corners.

Double wing eyeliner

Color Blocking, One of the best red eyeliner looks

We are sure that you may have used this technique at least once in your lifetime. When it comes to getting ready for a special occasion and you have to wear a formal outfit, it is the best time to introduce this technique to your eyes.

 It is also famously known as the cat liner trick because the applied liner gives a catty look enclosing all the lid eye shades in it. Although you will feel a little breaking out of your comfort zone, believe us it will work out for you.

Color blocking Red Eyeliner

Sparkling Wing

You might have liked a little sparkle on your eyes whenever getting ready for a night party or wedding occasion. No doubt that is the best time to try the Red Eyeliner sparkling wing style. Surely it will grab the attention of all other people present at the party.

You just have to create a classical regular wing at first and then add a little glitter on it for the sparkling effect. The sparkle may be silver, golden or multi-colored according to your wish and dress.

Sparkling wing eyeliner

Bold Red Eyeliner

A bold red eyeliner look is the one that leaves everyone confused whether it is an eye shadow or the eyeliner spread. Although creating this regular eyeliner look might need a lot of product and effort, it seems stunning. Moreover, a semi-matte liquid lipstick is suggested along with this style.

Bold red eyeliner

Best Ways to Wear red eyeliner Looks

Now as you are well aware of some of the top Red eyeliner looks that you can have with it, a major problem that most women face is how to wear it properly? Wearing it is as simple as other makeup products only if you follow the below-given simple rules:

Mix out Mascara

The major key to wearing the liner successfully with paler eyes is applying it along with mascara. But make sure you wear enough mascara that readily counterbalances all the red color. That is because red eyeliner is such a strong beauty itself that it does not allow other makeup features to conceal it. Rather, it loves to be the focus on the entire makeup look.

Never wear Red Eyeliner on the waterline

Waterline is the baseline of the eye that is directed inwards. It is a very sensitive area so it is never suggested to apply any liner on it. Although it may look great in images and editorials but in reality, it may lead to severe eye irritation and infections.

Keep monochromatic makeup

Try to keep the rest of the makeup of a single color. Like, for example

  1. If your liner’s shade is bold red, then you should opt for a subtle pink or natural color blush along with sheer red lipstick. Only then they will pull your look together on the way to look gorgeous.
  2. Alternatively, for having a daring look, try to put on a perfect red-colored lipstick along with Red Eyeliner, leaving the blush and contour a little lighter for the shade equation.

In both these red eyeliner looks, keep the rest of your face complexion supernatural with just a slight touch of concealer or foundation. This will attract everyone’s eyes to you and will make you stand out wherever you may be.

On whom Red Eyeliner suits the most?

The best thing about this colored eyeliner is that it remarkably works for everyone regardless of

  • eye color
  • skin tone
  • outfit color
  • occasion / event
  • eye shape and many more.

However, red eyeliner works best in harmony with hazel and brown colored eyes people. While functioned in contrast for individuals with blue and green colored eyes.

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