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Short Flat Vs. Wide Brim Hat – What To Choose? 

There are lots of reasons to buy a hat this season. They can keep you warm on a cold day, protect your skin from the sun, or just look great! But when it comes to hats, one question always comes up – which type should you choose? Hats are available in different types, materials, colors, and designs, which makes it hard to determine your match for them. With so many hats in hand, people are often seen getting confused and making the ultimate choice.

Both short and brim hats are important and great style accessories to add to your outfit. Most commonly seen people struggle to choose between flat-brimmed hats or wide-brimmed hats. These are two different hat types with unique and striking features. To decide which is the best option among the two, let’s discuss some basics and a few styling ideas of these hats first.

Short Brim Hat

One of the most common kinds of the hat is Short Brim Hats. These hats are usually made of soft cotton, lamb’s wool, or nylon. These hats are simply brimless to add to your style, becoming very popular nowadays. The basic structure of a short brim hat involves the stitching of two panels on the top with a narrow piece of material or ribbon under to hold it together. This type is usually put on the top of the head and is worn in different ways. Usually, these hats are seen in different styles and designs like the newsboy hat, Homburg, fedora, and others.

Styling Ideas For Short Brim Hats

These hats are perfect if you are looking for a peaky and cool look with your appearance, their short brim may not be enough to protect your face from sunlight, but it gives an elegant look in your style. If you are looking to wear short brim hats, there are a few great clothing ideas to pair with your short brim hats.

  • If you are looking for a classier look and want to add to your style, then you can try these short brim hats with formal wear and three-piece suits. It adds to the formal royalty look in your personality.
  • Wearing a short brim hat with a long coat is a great idea if you are looking for an extra layer of protection against the rainy weather. This jacket gives an edgy and cool feel when paired with a short brim hat.

Wide Brim Hats

Wide brim hats are exactly the opposite of short wide brim hats with a wide brim hat that is longer than the actual hat size itself. The material used to make a wide brim hat depends upon the style or design of a hat, but the most commonly seen material used is cotton, wool, or fur. Wide-brim hats are made of stiff materials and only cover a little part of your head which is why it is also called a “helmet” or “sombrero” hat. This type of hat is different from others as it covers less surface area on your head and more around your face. Also, to give more privacy to their users, the sides are trimmed with ribbons, which can be adjusted according to the size of the wide-brim hat you want.

Wide Brim Hat Styling Ideas

These good quality wide brim hats are great for those who want to keep their hair hidden from the public view as these hats offer this privacy at its maximum level. 

  • You can wear a wide brim hat with a hair tie or leave it as is if you want to keep your hair long and allow others to see it. 
  • Wearing a wide brim hat with a high ponytail gives a great look. These hats are fashionable and great for those who want to give a rugged look to their personality. 
  • The rugged style of these hats provides extra protection to the wearer’s face from harsh conditions like wind and rain. 

Wearing wide brim hats in a combination of leather jackets and waterproof jackets turns them into the perfect motorcycle riding equipment.

Why Wide Brim Hats Are The Best Choice?

Many people think that there is no difference between flat-brimmed and wide-brimmed hats. But one important factor is different between the two types: wide brim hats have a higher crown or peak than flat brims hats, which gives them a fuller coverage to your face. This wide brim offers great protection for your skin against harmful and damaging UV Sunrays. Also, wide-brim hats come in so many designs and styles with different color combinations. These thick hats can be used anytime throughout the year. 

As both short and wide brim hats come with their importance, you should choose which one will suit your personality more. They look great on almost all types of clothing choices like jackets and coats. If you are looking for a casual look to add to your style, then a short brim hat is the best option for you. 

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