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Simple, Modern and Wedding Blouse Back Designs

Every woman looks for the most fashionable saree blouse styles to wear with their plain sarees. Even a basic saree may look more glamorous if the blouse is attractive. The saree pallu slightly hides the saree blouse’s front neck, while the blouse back designs, especially back neck styles, are always completely visible. Thus, most women emphasize pairing their saree with the modern blouse back design. Check out this blog article if you’re browsing for the trendiest saree blouse back neck designs. 

Saree Blouses

wedding blouse back design

The day when blouses were exclusively worn to cover the upper body is long past. In today’s Indian fashion, blouses are given high importance. What’s more astonishing is that ladies spend more money on back design blouses than on sarees! What is the cause of this? Simple! They want to look unique in a crowd! This idea led a lot of designers to explore different blouse styles, especially with blouse back designs or back neck designs.

Indian Sarees and Blouses go hand in hand

simple blouse back design

Indian girls begin to appreciate sarees early after witnessing their moms drape a magnificent nine-yard fabric of elegance. Sarees have been a feature of Indian tradition since the dawn of civilization. A saree is the essence of femininity as women are honored in it. A flawless back blouse design completes the look.

It is undoubtedly every Indian woman’s most treasured commodity in her wardrobe and the most desired outfit when it comes to participating in important occasions. A saree is the best ethnic garment to wear if you wish to seem sophisticated and royal. Over the years, this classic ethnic favorite’s dress and blouse styles have greatly improved. Your overall appearance might be either spectacular or a complete disaster, depending on the blouse you pick for your saree.

The blouse and saree should match since they are complementary to one another. When you get your blouse stitched, every little delicate element matters, including texture, the material of the fabric, style, length, and shades of the blouse. Additionally, while choosing a specific puff blouse back design, your body type is essential when searching for ways to accentuate your saree style and prevent fashion faux pas; take into account all the relevant variables. These elements will enhance your saree’s look. However, we are here to assist you if you want to select one. Feel free to indulge yourself in a variety of blouse back design options!

Are you looking for photos of back side blouse designs?

back side blouse design

Many blouse’s back neck designs for heavy embroidery and bridal collections are available online, but there aren’t many options for simple blouse back designs. But do not worry, you have landed at the correct place. 

In this article, we are listing the trendy collection of the latest blouse back design styles. In addition to our selection of the most extraordinary blouse designs, you can also discover other unique and eye-catching blouse designs here.

Blouse neck design collections with yearly trends

wedding paithani blouse design patterns back neck

Every woman desire to appear stunning in contemporary attire. Costumes are often evolving nowadays. Recently, there have been significant changes in fashion, with women increasingly beginning to place more value on their blouses than on their sarees. Most ladies now spend more time and effort making their blouse back designs attractive than their sarees. Women spend most of their time online looking for the ideal blouse designs for sarees. 

The Back Neck Net Blouse Design Features

Modern blouse back designs highlight the back neck designs, unlike vintage designs, which generally concentrate on the front neckline. The blouse back designs are the most distinctive features and are perfect for exploring various styles if one is interested in how to design blouse back. If you are still hunting for the trendiest blouse neck designs, we can give you the idea of the most eccentric blouse patterns. 

  1. Embroidery Work 

These are the most famous designs ever! Rich and sophisticated designs, elaborate Zardosi artwork, themes, and thread crafts last a long-term impression. 

  1. Deep Cuts

The deep back neck net blouse designs offer a striking contrast to today’s popular high front necks. Modern blouse back designs are characterized by shapes such as circular or elliptical, and even pinholes are embedded in these designs too. 

  1. Patch Works

When considering effort and expense, patchworks are the next best substitute for actual embroidery work. There is a demand for floral patchwork. Even peacocks, cows, and elephants are also quite famous now. 

  1. Sheer Backs

Sheer blouse back designs with transparent fabric are the ideal choice as more women choose to go bold nowadays. On the back, a layer of the fine net is applied. This layer can be superficial or often has a patch in the middle.

  1. Tassels and Bows

These essential yet elegant embellishments give your back neck net blouse designs a vintage aspect and increase their attractiveness.

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Latest Collection of top 17 Back Neck Blouses with Pictures

Women tend to opt for stylish designer blouses for special events like weddings or celebrations, but they prefer basic blouse neck styles for more casual occasions. Simple blouse back designs can nevertheless appear classy and lovely, after all. Although many blouse back designs are simple, the ladies still prefer wearing them to formal events like weddings and celebrations. Boat neck blouses, deep V-shaped backs, strings, piping-style embellishments, net back design blouses, and other similar simple blouse neck designs are a few examples. Here are a few examples of simple blouse designs that you may explore or try out.

  1. Fancy Saree Blouse Back Neck Designs

You need a stylish and fancy blouse design back side to go with your gorgeous saree! A unique blouse pattern pair nicely with this lovely Shibori beautiful saree. The blouse back design is open, and both sides are held together with fabric buttons. The center area has been purposefully exposed to give the garment a fashionable aspect.

  • Blouse Design: Back side blouse design with Fancy Button Style
  • Fabric: Cotton material
  • Preferred body shape: Wide shoulder women 
  • Suitable Occasion: Wedding Events
  • Suitable Sarees: Silk and Chanderi Sarees
  1. Lehenga Blouse Back Neck Design

Tassel blouse back designs are essential if you intend to opt for the lehenga option! The lehenga blouse design back and front has a high neck in the show, but the blouse’s back neck is a standout feature! There is simply a shoulder strap on this extremely deep, nearly backless blouse. The strap is embellished with substantial, vibrant tassels, and the waist section has a simple Dori to tie it all together.

  • Blouse Design: Lehenga blouse design back and front decorated with tassels 
  • Fabric: Cotton or silk material 
  • Preferred Body Shape: Wide-shouldered ladies 
  • Suitable Occasion: Reception or Wedding Events 
  • Suitable Sarees: Half Sarees or Lehengas 
  1. Back Embroidered Blouse

A gorgeous zari and stone embellishment pattern characterizes this back blouse design pattern. Despite appearing simple, it is one of the most ethnic wedding blouse back designs you will find on the market nowadays. The blouse still has charm despite not having cuts or a deep neck. Furthermore, the jacket-style sleeves further enhance its attractiveness.

  • Blouse Design: Heavy embroidered blouse back design 
  • Fabric: Velvet or cotton combination 
  • Preferred Body Shape: Wide-shouldered women
  • Suitable Occasion: Traditional Occasions or Wedding Events 
  • Suitable Sarees: Net or Georgettes sarees 
  1. High Collar Blouse
High Collar Blouse front and back

This blouse back design neck pattern for saree blouses will unquestionably raise your level of elegance. The design will enhance your appearance and offer the appropriate feminine flair. This wedding blouse back design is quite fashionable yet sophisticated. It is favored by most women nowadays as their favorite blouse. 

  • Blouse Design: Deep Round Back Neck Blouse
  • Fabric: Georgette
  • Preferred Body Shape: Wide-shouldered women
  • Suitable Occasion: Special occasions and Wedding Events 
  • Suitable Sarees: Georgette sarees, Flowing sarees blouse back design 
  1. High Neck Back Design Blouse 
black lehenga blouse design back and front

The front of the blouse is blank, and the majority of the attention is placed on the back, making it the perfect blouse to wear with cotton or silk sarees. You might also try adding a handloom Kalamkari or designer patch to the back to adorn it. 

  • Blouse Design: Embroidered Blouse back design 
  • Fabric: Raw Silk 
  • Preferred Body Shape: Long-necked females 
  • Suitable Occasion: Traditional Events 
  • Suitable Sarees: Handcrafted sarees, Cotton sarees.
  1. Jacket Style Blouse
lehenga blouse design back and front

This one is a cozy back design blouse for a saree, which is also very famous now. Almost any traditional clothing, including sarees and lehengas, may be worn with this without making you appear to have an endlessly sophisticated sense of style. The finest feature of this blouse is that you may wear it again with shirts and Kurtis.

  • Blouse Design: High Back Neck Jacket Style Blouse back design
  • Fabric: Cotton material 
  • Preferred Body Shape: Long-necked women
  • Suitable Occasion: Cultural Events
  • Suitable Sarees: Cotton Sarees, Linen Sarees
  1. Corset Style Stringed Blouse
Corset Style Stringed Blouse

This off-shoulder blouse back design, which has a stringed pattern, is a contemporary take on the traditional corset-type blouse. Its appearance is quite evocative. This simple blouse back design is perfect for low-key events since it features several zari and stone embellishments. Simply put it on with a flowing saree to make a long-lasting impression!

  • Blouse Design: Zigzag pattern corset style blouse 
  • Fabric: Brocade
  • Preferred Body Shape: Wide-shouldered ladies 
  • Suitable Occasion: Traditional Functions 
  • Suitable Sarees: Sarees made of silk, flowing sarees 
  1. Floral Blouse Design
puff blouse back design

This back design blouse features a sophisticated floral pattern structure for the back neck and a high collar to complete it. This detail enhances the blouse’s aesthetic appeal and gives the fashionable floral collar patterns on blouses a more current vibe.

  • Blouse Design: Open-neck wedding paithani blouse design patterns back neck design 
  • Fabric: Cotton material 
  • Preferred Body Shape: Long-necked ladies 
  • Suitable Occasion: Day functions 
  • Suitable Sarees: Flowing sarees 
  1. Symmetrical Blouse
back design blouse

The blouse appears quite formed, with the rhombus-shaped slit created by the knotted ends of the blouse. Instead of a hook, the blouse features two strings on either end, one holding the bottom half while the other controlling the top neck area. The blouse is straightforward and works best for casual party wear. But travelling to the market while wearing this isn’t your most feasible option with that slit. 

  • Blouse Design: Blouse back design with deep cut 
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Preferred Body Shape: Wide Shouldered women 
  • Suitable Occasion: Wedding events and traditional wear
  • Suitable Sarees: Net sarees or Georgettes
  1. V Cut back blouse Design
fancy blouse design back side

This particular blouse design is a stunning rhombus-shaped design enveloping the neck, and a series of strings keep it intact while connecting it to the bottom of the blouse. This fancy blouse design back side is incredibly unique, making it a smart choice for you to make a one-time investment. You could even hear from your tailor that it is the latest design. Prepare to give yourself a self-congratulatory pat!

  • Blouse Design: Cutwork Back Neck Blouse
  • Fabric: Georgette
  • Preferred Body Shape: Wide-shouldered Ladies 
  • Suitable Occasion: Traditional wedding functions 
  • Suitable Sarees: Georgettes and Net Sarees 
  1. Velvet Round Slit
Velvet Round Slit blouse design

It has a stunning velvet-cutout back neck pattern on a designer blouse. This wedding blouse back design patterns back neck may appear basic, but it is elegant for formal groups at family gatherings or parties with simple themes. A sophisticated bead network is also present on the blouse.

  • Blouse Design: Cut Back Neck with circles 
  • Fabric: Velvet and cotton 
  • Preferred Body Shape: Wide-shouldered women 
  • Suitable Occasion: Cultural events and Wedding occasions 
  • Suitable Sarees: Georgettes and Net Sarees
  1. Blouse with Beads
Blouse with Beads

If you want to reflect the fashion market’s current trends and your style, this wedding paithani blouse design patterns back neck is the perfect fit for you. There isn’t a single noticeable issue with it. It resembles a blouse design with all the motifs integrated into one piece. Simply form a hair bun to highlight the design.

  • Blouse Design: High Neck Blouse with Back Button Placket
  • Fabric: Net material 
  • Preferred Body Shape: High-necked women 
  • Suitable Occasion: Evening gatherings 
  • Suitable Sarees: Flowing sarees 
  1. Blouse Back Neck Designs with Borders
Blouse Back Neck Designs with Borders

 This stunning traditional blouse back design features Zari borders on the pattern. The proper back neck is maintained deep and has a strip of border covering it. The inner neck is covered with beaded lace, while lace flows down the exterior neckline. An essential thread Dori is connected to give the shoulder an elegant look.

  • Blouse Design: Traditional Back Neck Designer Blouse with borders 
  • Fabric: Silk cotton 
  • Preferred Body Shape: Wide-shouldered ladies 
  • Suitable Occasion: Parties, Night events 
  • Suitable Sarees: Net and Georgette Sarees
  1. Back Embroidery Motif Wedding Blouse
Back Embroidery Motif Wedding Blouse

An embroidered motif on the back of a net material distinguishes this blouse’s back neck design from other similar styles. The wedding paithani blouse design patterns back neck seems more modern because the saree border and the sleeves coordinate. The beautiful patchwork on the sheer back appears like an illusion. 

  • Blouse Design: Transparent back neck blouse design with patchwork
  • Fabric: Net material 
  • Preferred Body Shape: Wide-shouldered ladies 
  • Suitable Occasion: Wedding occasions, Reception 
  • Suitable Sarees: Net and Georgettes sarees
  1. Racer Back Blouse Design
Racer Back Blouse Design

This blouse back design looks like a racerback since the threads are tied together at the back with a stone gem. It’s the perfect outfit to pair with a designer or net sarees because of the halter neck feature. Consider layering a transparent jacket over this blouse for even more comfort and sophistication.

  • Blouse Design: Racer back Neck blouse design 
  • Fabric: Satin Crepe 
  • Preferred Body Shape: Wide-shouldered women 
  • Suitable Occasion: Night events 
  • Suitable Sarees: Flowing sarees 
  1. Net Blouse Back Neck Designs
back blouse design

That is another exquisite blouse design. Curved necklines and a sheer net border are featured on the back portion. The fancy blouse design back side stonework is used as decoration on the neck’s contour, and Potli buttons are used as decorations on the net’s entry panel. To try something different, you may even wear this blouse sleeveless!

  • Blouse Design: Sheer Net Back side blouse Design
  • Fabric: Silk 
  • Preferred Body Shape: Wide-shouldered ladies 
  • Suitable Occasion: Night Events 
  • Suitable Sarees: Net Sarees and Georgette ones
  1. Back and Sleeves Design Blouse

This blouse has a unique style with lace. The back and sleeves feature the same pattern, while the front is kept simple. This blouse back design is ideal for sarees that require folds, which are often made of silk or cotton. This back-side blouse design is best suited for weddings or sangeet events. 

  • Blouse Design: Open Blouse with Jacket Sleeves
  • Fabric: Brocade 
  • Silk Preferred Body Shape: Wide-shouldered ladies 
  • Suitable Occasion: Traditional Wear 
  • Suitable Sarees: Silk Sarees, Flowing Sarees 

How to Design Blouse Back?

modern blouse back design

Back neck blouses are somewhat more expensive than a standard blouse. To make this investment worthwhile, professionals advise using easy style hacks!

  1. If you have a plain cotton saree, consider kalamkari patches or handwoven patterns to highlight your back.
  2. Choose deep necklines or sheer backs to add elegance to the heavy saris. That also improves airflow. 
  3. Embellished back blouse designs look fantastic with silk sarees. To accentuate the saree, experiment by adding thread work.
  4. To highlight the blouse back design, properly drape the saree. It is also suggested to use smaller pleats with this saree. 
  5. To reveal the intricacies of your back, tie your hair up in a bun or braid it. Let your lovely blouse shine, not let your hair ruin it!

Never change the blouse you prefer for fit, comfort, or style to avoid the odd feeling. You can wear several blouses with the same saree to appear different whenever you walk outside. That extra sophistication will steal the stage, even if you carry your mother’s classic saree attire. 


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What style of blouse is trendy right now?

Sheer sleeve blouses are brand-new to the fashion world. Bollywood’s newest fashion trend is sheer-style blouses. Every woman should try this full-sleeved puff blouse back design. Net blouses are also quite elegant, which give off a glamorous doll vibe.

How can you find the perfect blouses for your sarees?

Follow the idea of pairing similar colors or striking contrasts for a sleek, modern look. Initiate with traditional color schemes like yellow and green, blue and pink, and black and any vivid hue.

How should I design my blouse?

Draw the basic outline of the blouse on the croquis’s torso. You have various style options for your blouse, including jacket-style, asymmetrical, off-the-shoulder, T-shirt-style, puff blouse back design, and many more. Look at other blouse styles in this article to gain more inspiration for your plan. 

What blouse looks best with a simple saree?

Kutch work blouses look magnificent when layered over a simple saree. Kutch’s work frequently appears heavy and looks best when paired with simple sarees. 

Which kind of blouse works best with a silk saree?

Pairing silk sarees with cropped cotton blouses is the best option for a trendy appearance. They are ideal for both day and night events. The cotton crop top is simple enough not to seem flashy and is easily manageable.

What should be the appropriate length of a saree blouse?

Your body type and desired overall look will determine how you should dress. However, your blouse can generally be 1-2 inches below your chest. While the low neck can reach a waist range of 10 to 14 inches, the high neck blouse typically measures approximately 14 to 15 inches long.

Key Takeaways

simple silk saree blouse designs back neck for Sale OFF 65%

Those days of only using blouses to conceal the upper body are long gone. In the modern Indian clothing market, blouse back designs are pretty significant. More surprisingly, women are more eager to spend money on a blouse than a saree. What is the potential reason for this? It is pretty simple. They want to appear more attractive than the others! Numerous designers were inspired by this idea to experiment with various blouse patterns, particularly the back necks. You may get inspiration from this article’s examples of different blouse back neck patterns, ranging from elaborate embroidery to delicate lace patches!

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