Skirt and sweater outfits

Skirt and sweater outfits: The ideal mid-season duo

As autumn approaches, do not hesitate to resume cocooning habits, hot tea and soft clothes included. This is also the time to bring out your big sweaters from the bottom of your drawers. And this season, skirts are also allowed in the fall closet. In association with different models of sweaters, you can create trendy and comfortable outfits.

Oversize sweater and fluid skirt – a sweet harmony

To make the autumn-winter warm, we advise you to put on your big woolen sweaters. The more oversized they are, the more we like them. For a contrast of materials, we associate them with a light and fluid skirt. We choose everything in shades of pink for a very soft and feminine outfit.

Fashion tip: color combinations

The easiest way to use color in your outfit without leaving a false note is to pair a main color with neutral tones like white, beige, or black. You can also choose to decline as here the same color in different tones.

Midi skirt and turtleneck sweater – a romantic outfit

Mesh turtlenecks are one of the hottest trends this fall. The latter goes wonderfully with a midi skirt in a lighter material for a whole in contrast. Or can also slip into a dress of the same length that you wear under your turtleneck sweater.

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Fashion tip: a nice belt to emphasize the waist

The big winter sweaters, if they are practical and comfortable, do not always allow to highlight the silhouette! You can therefore choose to pass a thin or wide belt over a large sweater to subtly mark your waist and make the outfit ultra feminine.

Black sweater and pleated skirt – the classic glamorous combination

As we have seen, the turtleneck is making a comeback this year. And in black, it’s a true classic that features in any wardrobe and goes wonderfully with almost any outfit. It can be worn with a wide variety of skirts, for an ever more chic and timeless look. While you’re at it, discover our focus on the 5 types of trendy sweaters that are warming up this winter!

Fashion tip: adopt the pleated skirt

To embrace the sixties fashion that is galloping back this season, don’t hesitate to pair your sweater with a long pleated skirt. It will bring a little volume to the outfit while fully playing the femininity card.

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Short sweater and mini-skirt – a cropped version of the duo

Crop top and short skirt: this set will suit the more adventurous who want to bring a student twist to their look! Fall-winter fashion will allow you to dye bright colors such as mustard yellow or emerald green for this outfit.

Fashion tip: don’t forget your boots

Boots should be one of your staple pieces this season. And this year, exit the black, we choose them in warm and golden tones. Your boots adorned with ocher, chocolate or beige will remind you of autumn.

Let yourself be inspired

Want to be at the forefront of fashion? Discover our tips for knowing the latest ready-to-wear trends! You will be able to sublimate your style and be on top in all circumstances. Also get inspired to know how to wear fashionable clothes and shoes!

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