Smokey eye makeup - step by step instructions

Smokey eye makeup – step by step instructions

Smokey eye makeup

When you have a festive event, date or other equally important event, naturally you want to look your best. And here you are desperately sorting through the hangers in the wardrobe, repeating the incantation: “nothing to wear”, thinking about accessories and hair.

But make-up in this case is no less important, it is the final element, creating the perfect image. With it, you can set the desired mood. Mascara, shadows, lipstick – all this should only emphasize your beauty and in no way detract from it. Excessive makeup is fraught with clowniness, because it is important to consider you behind it.

The golden rule of any make-up image is that we focus on either the eyes or the lips. Although in some cases, bright eyes and red lipstick are a justifiable measure. Remember that luscious and mesmerizing makeup can become a real weapon of mass destruction! In this article we will talk about smokey eyes, in other words about smokey eyes.

The beauty of this type of makeup is that it visually enlarges the eyes, makes them bright.

At the same time, the look becomes mysterious and seductive. Many celebrities are supporters of smokey eye makeup, and use it for photo shoots or when going out on the red carpets.

Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Mila Kunis, Katie Holmes and many other star beauties have repeatedly emphasized their beauty with such makeup.

Of course, to paint smokey eyes, you need to know exactly how to do it. Otherwise, you risk looking sloppy and vulgar. Therefore, we will similarly dwell on technology.

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Smokey eye makeup step by step

Smokey eye makeup step by step

Why is this type of makeup called “smokey?” The answer is simple – because it uses mainly black and gray shades of shadows (of course, you can choose a gold color). The basic rule, without which this makeup is impossible, is correctly shaded shadows, which look as if the eye is enveloped in haze. It looks exciting and sexy.

So, two shades of shadows are used (lighter and darker). If you are worried that the colors may look inharmonious with each other, buy a ready-made kit for smokey eyes, where the shades will already be matched for a hundred points.

What will be needed to create the image? Eyeliner brush, brush for blending shadows (these are two different brushes). Also, you cannot do without a black pencil, so that it creates a clear contour of the eyes (it will also need shading, so the pencil should be soft). And, of course, the shadows themselves will be included in the set.

  1. First, the face needs good cleansing. Wash your face, you can pamper your skin a little to smooth it out.
  2. Next, we apply a foundation to smooth out imperfections and give the face a pleasant tone.
  3. Then take the time to use a primer to avoid shedding the eyeshadow.
  4. Next, paint your eyebrows.
  5. After that we need a pencil. We paint over the border of the upper eyelid with it, gradually thickening the line, do not forget to fill in the voids between the eyelashes with a pencil, so that the look will subsequently be deeper.
  6. Next, proceed directly to shading. It will need to be done more than once, because it is in it that all the charm of such makeup lies, creating a smokey look. We blend the pencil using a pre-prepared brush from the bottom up.
  7. Let’s start with the shadows. On the brush, “type” black shadows and apply them to the eyelid. Then we take the gray shade of the shadows, with it we shade the black color. The crease above the eyelid and the outer corner of the eye are stained in gray. Then, with a light shade on the outer edge of the eye, we fix the makeup, shading it towards the temples.
  8. From the bottom of the eye, we also draw with a black pencil and shade it with the help of gray shadows. For those who have big eyes, you can also paint over the inner eyelid from below with a pencil. But for those with small eyes, this should not be done, otherwise such makeup will only reduce them.
  9. Then we generously paint the cilia with mascara to give them volume and lengthening. Before dyeing, you can curl the eyelashes with tweezers or use mascara, which also performs the curling function. It is worth noting that you can use false eyelashes (both whole and bunches). It is better to glue the bunches to the outer corner of the eye to make the look more open and effective.
  10. Lipstick will be the finishing touch to your look. It is preferable to use light shades (beige, pale pink) so that the calm tone does not interrupt the bright eye makeup, otherwise the image may look overloaded. You can simply circle your lips with a pencil (to match the color of your lips) or apply a transparent gloss to them.
  11. In the end, be sure to evaluate your make-up. Perhaps you will notice the shadows that crumble and flaunt on your cheeks, they need to be eliminated, then once again go over this place with foundation or powder.

This was a step-by-step guide to smokey eye makeup.

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Gray-black shades are classic for smokey eyes, but the choice of colors depends on your eye color

Gray-black shades are classic for smokey eyes, but the choice of colors depends on your eye color
  1. If you are the owner of brown eyes, then we hasten to please you – many shades of shadows will suit you. Of course, you can use the good old classics in a combination of black and gray, but do not be afraid to experiment with gold, brown, greenish (not bright green), purple, blue. These shades will emphasize the depth of your look and are perfect for brown eyes.
  2. Owners of green eyes, in addition to the classic combination, can choose all shades of purple. Moreover, green eyes can be different – close to blue or saturated, bright. You can do smokey eye makeup for green eyes with olive and emerald tones, try brightening the look with magenta and plum. The result will please you, do not hesitate! Get ready to catch rave glances from men and women!
  3.  Blue-eyed beauties , in addition to the classics, can also afford interesting solutions. Shades of pink and gray-blue will suit you (but not to match the eyes). Do not neglect greenish and olive shades. Lilac shades will favorably emphasize depth and saturation, just what you need for blue eyes.

As you can see, the smokey eye makeup technique is not difficult, but still you should not cover your eyes with shadows and assume that you have done decent makeup. You still need to be able to envelop your eyes in a haze.

Errors that can spoil your entire image

  1. If you don’t get rid of dark circles under the eyes with foundation, be sure that all your makeup will go down the drain.
  2. Do not forget about the primer, otherwise the eyeshadow will not lie well on the eyelids. As a result, they will simply begin to crumble or roll off, and the smoky makeup will turn “dirty”.
  3. Pay special attention to the eyebrows. If you make the eyes bright, and the eyebrows are barely drawn with a pencil, the image will look incomplete.
  4. Do not use too flashy lipstick! If you vitally need to accentuate your lips, you can choose dark matte tones (for example, burgundy).
  5. You need to shade everything carefully! Otherwise, you will not achieve the desired effect! Just makeup will come out of clear lines. Separate pencil or eyeliner, separate shadow. For what then did they try?
  6. Work well on the borders of the eyelashes. There should not be any gaps, otherwise the look will not turn out expressive and attractive. But it was for his sake that all this was conceived, isn’t it?

And, of course, the main thing to remember is that any, even the most beautiful make-up, will look unprofitable and even comical if it is inappropriate. It should be understood that smoky eyes are still an evening option. Therefore, if you have a party with friends, a corporate event or a date, you can safely use this makeup, but if you go to work or for a walk in the park, limit yourself to a more relaxed option.

We hope this smoky makeup tutorial was useful to you! Feel free to experiment and find new ways to highlight your beauty!

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