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Soft Girl Aesthetic is undoubtedly a booming fashionable trend starting in 2019. As the modern aesthetic trends never stand still in the same position, they progress and evolve each day, so this trend also has been taking a more and more defined shape and characteristics since its evolution. Especially the aesthetics regarding the newborn offshoots like Light Academia and Indie Kid influenced this cozy trend a lot.

If you are someone who is looking to have soft girl outfits regardless of any biases of the aesthetic styles, then this ultimate guide will help you a lot. That is because here we have collected some amazing soft girl aesthetic outfits for 2021. This guide will ultimately let you unleash your creativity over your overall look and appeal. But let’s first have a general overview of this trend

What is a Soft Girl Aesthetic?

Soft Girl is defined as an aesthetic style that is completely based on a remarkable feminine look attained by combining several elements of delicate cuteness. Although the very popular soft girl aesthetics trend did not grow fast as a unique subcultural style and fashion similar to EGirl, yet it is much more like a lifestyle and fashion aesthetic trend. Moreover, it is assumed to be something that is in between the soft casual, vintage, and VSCO styles. Furthermore, one of the most defining things of this trend, which makes it stand out from all others, is the particular focus on a soft and youthful blooming vibe of girls, that vide though is generally accented by soft makeup and pastel color outfits.

When did it evolve?

The very famous term “Soft Girl” itself first appeared over the internet and fashion industry in the early 2019s. Currently, most articles regarding this trend indicate that this trend came into being from the Tiktok platform, but that is not true. The real core of this extraordinary aesthetics trend was originally developed by Pastel Grunge Girls and Tumblr Softcore in the year 2013. Later in 2019, as the popular VSCO Girl term influenced all over Instagram, the community people combined the soft baby girl makeup trend with this VSCO girl style and created this unique blend. Thus, in the middle of 2019, hashtag #Softgirl began to gain popularity all over the social media world.

Top Trending Soft Girl Aesthetic Items

  1. Soft Girls Colors and Unique Patterns

Generally, all the soft girl colors are entirely full of soft hues and unique feminine touch like

  1. Pastel pink color
  2. Baby blue color
  3. Buttercup yellow color and many more

But definitely, they are not limited only to such colors. There are some other soft girl aesthetic outfits that are particularly made of darker shades and colors too.

If we talk about the patterns and prints, then usually soft girl patterns include anything that is a kind of kawaii. Like, for example, they may be in the form of

  1. plain checks
  2. hearts
  3. florals
  4. clouds
  5. cartoon characters and many more
  1. Soft Girl Makeup

When it comes to soft girl aesthetic makeup, it is generally all about embracing the youthful feminine and ultra-girly touch. The makeup is totally up to you on how simple and cozy you will like to do on your face. However, if you wish to have a signature soft girl glam, then you may think of applying

  1. a thin fine eyeliner on eyes
  2. blush from one ear to another across your nose
  3. putting on fake eyelashes
  4. hiding aging signs by base
  5. adding layers of sweet pinky or peachy blush
  6. overly glossy lips
  7. patching one or two of faux freckles

And, above all these think of having fresh and dewy skin by applying moisturizers after removing makeup.

  1. Soft Girl Aesthetic Hairstyles

One of the best parts about such unique hairstyles is that they are not just one look at the go. Rather you can always have some customizations in them. Like you may opt for short hair with some short shiny clips or tend to style your long hair with some buns and bows. The choice is all yours.

Some popular options though regarding such hairstyles include

  1. Pinning butterfly clips to hold hair back from face ad accentuate regular hairstyle
  2. Making space buns, either on a single side or on both sides of your head.
  3. Opting for straightened bangs, even though you naturally have somehow curly hairs
  4. Dying your hair with any soft pastel color
  5. Trying out several vivid multicolor options like a pastel rainbow

Soft Girl Hair Clips

Nonetheless, certain hair clips and bangs are quite popular and trending when going for a soft girl look. They prove a great option for you whenever you are having a bad hair day. Some popular soft girl hair clips include different varieties of

  1. Rainbow clips
  2. Flower clips
  3. Big Bows
  4. Butterfly clips
  5. Big Scrunchies
  6. Colorful clips and many more

In order to fine-tune your soft girl aesthetic hairstyles, you will definitely need to have such cozy hair clips.  

  1. Soft Girl Aesthetic Outfits

Staples to all the soft regular outfits include but are generally not limited to some oversized shirts, plaid skirts, and giant hair clips. Rather such outfits are pulled together with some vibrant light color clothing items. But since, soft girly touch is more than just simple colors and is also somehow related to energy and fashion, so sometimes some darker colors can be mixed in them as well.

Given below are some soft girl aesthetic clothing ideas to inspire your fashion and glam:

  1. Soft Girl Skirts

Plaid skirts are usually considered a must to be present in the closet of all soft girls. The tennis skirts inspired from 90s fashion are a major option in this sub-genre, that too in a dainty pattern, classic white color, or pastel plaid style. In either way, you can style up these skirts with almost anything you want and feel no less cute than a pie.

Some common types of soft girl aesthetic skirts include the following:

  1. Blue plaid skirt
  2. Pink plaid skirt
  3. Tweed plaid skirt
  4. Green plaid skirt
  5. Purple plaid skirt
  6. Red plaid skirt and many more

In the winter season, girls can pair them up with thick leggings underneath.

  1. Soft Girl Sweaters and Hoodies

Hoodies and warm sweaters add a unique touch of coziness to the wardrobe of soft girls in general. If there is just one option to select a sweater and keep it with you throughout the winter season, then you must opt for the one with a cloud pattern on it. Because it looks quite trendy as well as soft enough to keep you warm.

While there may be several other soft girl aesthetic hoodies options there for you too, like

  1. Color block hoodie for keeping you warm
  2. Cloud pattern sweater for a gentle and soft touch
  3. Pink flower or colorful heart hoodie for a girly look
  4. Suck my balls boba sweatshirt for some sexy glam
  5. Teddy sweater particular for winter events like Christmas and many more
  1. Soft Girl Cardigans

The humblest cardigans have always been a true statement piece in the entire soft girl style. They can be either worn alone or along with an underneath crop top, in either way this piece of clothing looks the best. It is an extremely versatile option that must be present in all the soft girls’ wardrobes.

Although this soft girl aesthetic trend primarily sticks to different pastel shades, there are still several ways in which girls can mix and match their clashing colors, and still have an incredible look. Alternatively, some other girls can use the outerwear as another way to compliment such monochrome outfit cardigans. This adds a perfect finishing touch to them.  

FAQS What is the soft girl aesthetic trend?

Ans: The recent trend is a cozy subculture that massively gained popularity through the very famous platform Tiktok. This trend mainly goes around pastel colors, Y2K, and different 90s’ fashion-inspired clothes like

  1. crop tops
  2. mom jeans
  3. chunky sneakers
  4. tennis skirts
  5. cute girl jeans and many more

Nowadays, cute nostalgic prints and brands like Fiorucci and Bratz dolls are some of the favorite options for girls.

How to put the soft girl aesthetic outfits all together?

You may start with some staple pieces like you may need

  1. White tennis skirts
  2. Blue mom jeans
  3. Crop top T-shirt
  4. Some cardigans
  5. Soft girl hats

All these are casually pulled together with some lighter shades in mind like lilac, baby pink, sky blue, lemon yellow, or periwinkle.

Also, clashing patterns are a significant part of this fashion trend. So, you may mix your plain plaid with some cute prints and patterns like that of hearts, flowers, or cherries.

Moreover, this trendy style is all about embracing the feminine side of you with an additional feeling of love and a Y2K blend for all soft things. Where can you buy soft girl aesthetic outfits?

Ans: Soft girls can usually find a lot of decent soft color fashionable tops in mass-market stores like Uniqlo, H & M, etc.

Moreover, anyone can also search for such outfits in top-trending aesthetic shops like

  1. Orezoria Aesthetic Clothing Store – EGirl and Soft Girl Stuff
  2. ItGirl – Korean Grunge and Soft Girl
  3. Soft Girl Outfits Shop and many more

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