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Streax Hair Color Review

This post, Streax Hair Color, is for those who want to look dashing and dandy by changing their hair colors on a regular basis for makeup. Let’s discuss Streax Hair Colors briefly. 

Choosing the right color for your hair is always tricky. Everything in this world needs a change at a certain time. And though the change is good, and when it comes in the form of hair color, it’s great. One should be aware of the perfect shade that complements his/her skin tone. Be ready to choose the best Streax Hair Color

Furthermore, selecting the right place that is an appropriate hair salon, in this case, is very important. For getting your hair colored and looking for something nice, you will have to choose a good beauty salon for a hair transformation. 

Choice OF Color

Now the next question which comes to mind is which color is meant for you? One should look for the best hair colors out there from Streax company. These have been around since forever and all have been professionally groomed day by day.

Top 10 Streax hair colors

I think using instant hair color provides the easiest way to color your hair. It always provides natural-looking colored hair in just 5 to 10 min. Simply follow the instructions on the container pack. The best Streax hair color shades are as follows.

  1. Streax brown 4 hair color

If you are looking for a hair color to complement your skin and you are having a dusky shade, then brown hair color should be your go-to color. Many famous personalities are also often spotted in 

brown hair color.

Another good thing is that it also repairs damaged hair efficiently. Natural oils of hair aren’t lost, while also preventing hair fall.

  1. Streax int. red 5.66 hair color

For fair to medium skin tones, Streax int. blood-red color will suit you. It does not contain any harmful ingredients. Due to its rich and creamy texture, it spreads easily on hair which means you can color it yourself at home. 

The red color is long-lasting, and it will not fade easily. The hair color has Kera-vits characteristics which make hair roots strong.  

  1. Streax natural black no. 1 hair color

For a person having the desire for jet-black hairs, then this natural black shade from Streax serves the best. This is enriched with walnut oil, that hydrates and nourishes dry hair. It will cover your all-gray color, so the applicant does not need to worry about fading.

The Kera-vit conditioning technology also strengthens the weak roots and prevents them from further damage. 

  1. Streax walnut brown 5.4 hair color

Another variant in brown color also exists but this one is comparatively lighter. If you have ever tried a variety of shades of brown and are in search of something new, you should try the walnut brown shade. 

It is more evident and lighter than regular brown shades. Lighter skin tone persons look great with this shade.

  1. Streax light brown 5 hair color

The Streax light brown color will always give you an elegant look. As it is a universal shade, so it seems good on all skin types. Since it’s a permanent hair color, so there is no chance of vanishing.

If you want a subtle hair color, you should dare to experiment with this hair color. Also, it provides hair from damage and moisture.

  1. Streax red-brown 4.6 hair color

A combination of red and brown color is something unique for hairs and attracts people of society. It will suit them most who have dusky skin notes and wants to totally change the appearance of hairs.

Besides changing the look of hairs, it also strengthens weak roots. The reddish-brown color is best for some sorts of events and parties’ plans.

  1. Streax burgundy 3.16 hair color

One of the latest trends in the market is being spotted by this burgundy hair color. You can easily carry this Streax hair color as it is not very loud and also it suits all tones. 

The hair color doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients. This will nourish your hair perfectly and protect them against damage.

  1. Streax cinnamon red 5.66 red color

Wearing red hair color is not a normal choice for everyone, so if someone also dislikes that combination then this hair color is for them. It has a tinge of red color which looks very subtle.

Using it, there is no charm of injury to hair and also it prevents hair from any type of damage and destruction like hair fall.

  1. Streax mahogany brown 4.56 hair color

A golden-brown shade that is pure beauty in itself. It looks good on skin tones with a yellow undertone. Only golden color may look too much over, so it’s an in-between way to avoid total brown and golden color.

This Streax hair color not only lasts longer but also hides your grays. The hair color which is paired with brown looks stylish. 

  1. Streax hair color ultra-light soft style

Using this hair color is a new beginning of looking pretty fashionable. You can either choose dark highlights or light ones whichever suits you.

It becomes cheaper with Streax ultra-light soft style to get a change in hair fashion. It comes with all the necessary tools needed during this process.  

Pros of Streax Hair Color

A number of benefits are present after using it. If you want to color for the long term, one should use it. Several advantages are listed below

  • Easy to practice at home
  • Colors last for 4 to 5 weeks easily
  • Easily available at different stores
  • A variety of shades are present 
  • Prices are very reasonable
  • Always gives you good color
  • Covers gray and other colors effectively 
  • Slim and smart packaging


As Streax Hair Color is totally made with chemical elements, so it may have certain disadvantages. It’s obvious when you want to change your natural hair color, something in return should be sacrificed. Negatives are very less in quantity but still, they exist:

  • A few shortcomings are listed below:
  • Made of chemical ingredients
  • It dries out hair
  • Excessive use leads to scalp and hair problems
  • A very strong smell can be felt when used


After purchasing it, the next thought about it is that how and where to store Streax hair color safe and sound. Below mentioned are some tips to stock it

  1. Store it in a cool dry place
  2. It should be stored in intact packaging
  3. Tightly close the cap of the bottle
  4. At room temperature, the effect remains for at least six months
  5. Under refrigeration, the same time duration extends up to a year


These hair colors are available in bottle packing only. These are available throughout the year. Packaging of these is obtainable in different tube packing sizes of 

  • 100ml
  • 200ml
  • 500ml
  • 1litre and many more.

Prices are very reasonable ranging from Rs. 250 to Rs. 2000 depending upon the quantity of mixture.


It is easily accessible at departmental stores, food stores, and supermarkets. For online delivery, you can place orders via different online shopping marts and registered names in Pakistan like:

  1. Daraz shopping mart
  2. Amazon delivery services
  3. Cheetah
  4. Grub hub

Why do I recommend Streax hair color?

As I am using it for a long period of time for molding my hair. I personally never found any complaints regarding its use. Therefore, I suggest it to my family members and colleagues. Unlike other expensive hair colors having large packaging, it is easily carriable in a pocket. 

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