Summer Pants

Summer Pants for those who are not lovers of prints

Anna falls in love with her followers on Instagram with her new plain summer pants. We selected 6 models to see you equally stylish in summer.

It is officially summer and, in addition to being noticed on the thermometers of many cities, it is also noticeable on Instagram where we have already seen celebrities and influencers share their first poses on the beach and dips in the pool. It is also noticeable of course in clothing.

We have already shed the “layers” and when shopping we are looking for light and fluid garments with which to cope with the heat with style. Probably because it meets these conditions, Anna latest look is sweeping Instagram

These are long summer pants with super stylish darts in white that have been combined with a brown top. The look is very simple and yet it looks classy and sophisticated without much effort . All thanks to this garment that –although Anna goes barefoot–  combines both with sneakers like the Converse and with sandals. 

As Anna has not labeled the brand to which the summer pants she wears belong, in the comments her followers have helped each other by speculating where they could be from. A few hours later, the influencer herself has confirmed that they are from Storets and that, unfortunately, they are sold out as they are from past seasons. 

But do not panic  because although they are very fashionable, printed summer pants do not convince us all. Many of us prefer solid colors because we look more stylized and they are much easier to combine. For this reason, we have selected six models of seasonal plain trousers that are ideal for this summer, including some with which to copy Anna and look just as stylish. 

And you? Are you more into plain or patterned summer pants? If you are one of the first, you are in luck; And if you are one of the latter, you are about to change your mind when you see our selection.

Linen Summer Pants

A model very similar to the one Anna Padilla wears is this one from Bershka. Sand white in color, high waisted and wide cut that visually reduces the waist. They are being a best seller on the web and that is why you can find them in different colors. They are made of linen so they are very light so wearing long Linen pants in summer will not be a problem to avoid heat. 

Baggy pants for summer

Baggy style summer pants are super comfortable and pastel colors like lilac are a super trend this season. With this model we have both and that is why we love it. It is made of téncel –so they do not give any heat–, with slanted patch pockets and rubber waistband with a cord of the same fabric to adjust it to the figure of each one. It is from Tintotetto and it is also on sale. 

Culotte summer pants

Culotte style pants feel great in summer, are versatile and very comfortable . If they are also in black (which is much easier to combine) you will not want to take them off. This Springfield model is high-waisted, with pockets on the sides, with an elastic waistband and a tie belt. It will save you from countless looks.

Cotton summer pants

They look like jeans but they are not. They are cotton pants and are perfect for now in summer and for next spring (and all the following). We love the detail of the stitching on the hem and, reaching a little above the ankles, they are perfect for short girls . You can find them in Tintoretto also in white. They are also discounted

Orange pants

The same model as Bershka’s white linen but in orange we also love it because it gives a cheerful touch to the very summery look. Fans of bright and vibrant colors will want to get this model or the same one in turquoise blue also available. The darts give these pants a sophisticated air even if you combine them with basic cotton shirts and sneakers. 

Flowy pants for Summer

Flowy pants in neutral colors are a must-have summer wardrobe. In military green they will be a basic that you will not stop wearing. They are easy to combine, light and comfortable. And when we say goodbye to the sandals, you can continue to wear them with slippers. These are from Springfield and are on sale.

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