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The Best Tattoo Ideas For Girls Of 2021

Recently, many young people, including girls, have been getting beautiful tattoo ideas. It is like a means of self-expression: with the help of original body drawings, they talk about their feelings, character, and life position. Tattoos allow you to express anything you want – shock, joy, love and much more. Each underwear pattern has its own meaning, therefore, its choice should be approached responsibly. What trendy tattoo ideas for girls are the most suitable and what do they mean? This article presents many of the most beautiful tattoo ideas for girls.

What kind of tattoo ideas do girls prefer? 

Due to the excessive sentimentality inherent in many girls, they choose tattoos that symbolize love. Often, the most beautiful women get tattoos that remind them of a close and loved one, express devotion and loyalty. On a note! Today there are many beautiful tattoo ideas for girls, each of which has a specific meaning. Choosing a specific drawing, you need to find out what it means.

As you know, tattoos are black and white and colored. The first version of the wearable designs is more “modest”, the second is bright. Large multicolored tattoos are suitable for courageous girls who are not afraid to radically change their style at one moment. You can get a tattoo anywhere, but the most favorite body parts for girls are the shoulder blades, ankles, and wrists. Small beautiful tattoos are most often done on these parts of the body. You can often see the original volumetric drawing on the girl’s lower back or stomach. Where exactly to get a tattoo, its future owner decides on her own, based on personal preferences. Below are the most original tattoo ideas for girls with photos and their meanings. 

Angel tattoo

The angel has long been a symbol of the reunification of heaven and earth. This winged creature is quite popular among the fair sex, so they often choose its image for a body drawing. Stuffing a beautiful tattoo in the form of an angel, the girl seeks to establish a connection between the two worlds, as if tying herself with an invisible thread with the divine principle. It is believed that angels in heaven are appointed guardians for people living on earth. In this regard, such a tattoo can symbolize a talisman, protection from evil spirits and thoughts.

Butterfly tattoo

The butterfly has different meanings when creating a tattoo. In everyday life, it symbolizes freedom. At the same time, a butterfly means defenselessness, tenderness and fragility, which is typical for girls.

On a note! In the gangster world, a butterfly is a symbol of a girl of easy virtue. Often, fashionable butterfly tattoo ideas for girls can be on the lower back, shoulder, abdomen, and ankle of a girl.

The drawing can be large or small, black and white or multicolored – it all depends on personal desires. 

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Wolf tattoo ideas

The wolf is a predator, confident, merciless, but at the same time noble. Such character traits are inherent in men, but a tattoo depicting a ruthless beast can also be seen on the body of a fragile girl. 

The image of a wolf is a symbol of love, loyalty, respect for people and the world around them. And very rarely, this noble animal is used for a tattoo idea to express aggression and emphasize courage. Most often, the predator is depicted on the back, but a small pattern can be easily filled on other parts of the body, even on the finger. 

Raven for a girl’s tattoo

The raven is a bird that is perceived differently among all peoples of the world. Therefore, the meaning of a tattoo depicting a bird, depending on the nationality of the girl, may differ. 

According to an ancient legend, the raven is a symbol of loneliness and wind. In Greece, this bird symbolizes wisdom, respect and honor. In ancient Rome, the raven was compared with hope.

In Christianity, the raven symbolizes fear. Nothing good is expected from this gloomy bird that circles over the dead. Nevertheless, the Chinese consider the raven to be a symbol of inviolability and resilience. He personifies wisdom, because he is a long-liver. In America, he is considered a sly one, and the inhabitants of African countries personify a bird with eternal love and integrity.

Most often, crow tattoo ideas for girls can be depicted on the shoulder blade. A bird in flight, sitting on a branch – there are many variations of the images. 

Geisha tattoo ideas

The image of a geisha is great as a tattoo idea for a girl as it symbolizes femininity. Such a cool tattoo is suitable for soft and self-sufficient individuals who know the value of their beauty.

A geisha tattoo can be on any part of the body. A small image will look great on an arm or shoulder, a large image will adorn the back or belly. 

Dolphin tattoo ideas for girls

The dolphin symbolizes kindness that comes from the heart. At the same time, the image of this mammal is often associated with friendliness, abundance and prosperity. Therefore, girls who seek to get rich often fill themselves with such a beautiful tattoo.

You can depict a dolphin on any part of the body: arm, back, shoulder, leg. A small, neat pattern will look great on the wrist or ankle. Some girls prefer to decorate their neck with it. For a large dolphin, the best place is on the back or stomach. 

Dragon tattoo ideas for girls

Among the fashionable tattoo ideas for girls, the dragon takes pride of place. He carries a certain magical power, nobility and power. You can often see the image of a dragon on the back of a girl. It is also stuffed on the leg, arm, and stomach.

Many try to stuff the dragon on the body, trying to combine high spiritual and magical qualities. 

Star tattoo ideas for girls

Everyone knows that the five-pointed star is a talisman against damage, the evil eye, and symbolizes harmony.

The six-pointed star means power over God and the whole world. The seven-pointed star brings good luck and symbolizes excellence. To find success in all endeavors, they prefer a tattoo with such an image, and this is one of the best tattoo ideas for girls. The eight-pointed star is a symbol of wealth. She is painted on the girl’s body, trying to avoid financial problems. The nine-pointed star symbolizes health and stability.

Tattoo in the form of a snake on the body of a girl

It is rather difficult to say exactly what mood the snake symbolizes, since it has a frequently changing and heavy energy. However, this is almost the most popular tattoo for a girl. Its meanings are varied and often opposite: death and life, temptation and wisdom, good and evil. 

The Infinity symbol

The infinity sign is a symbol of everything eternal. He personifies the desire to go through life, bypassing prohibitions and restrictions. In addition, the infinity sign symbolizes loyalty, development and steady movement towards the intended goal.

Most often, popular tattoo ideas for girls can be stuffed on the back, just above the shoulder blades, but you can also draw it on other parts of the body. For example, on the ankle or wrist. 

Bat as a drawing on the body

Usually, girls who want to protect themselves from evil spirits are tattooed in the form of a bat. Despite the fact that this animal instills fear in many, it is often used as a talisman.

It is believed that the bat is capable of protecting against diseases and troubles. As you know, she perfectly navigates in the dark, and for the owner of such an original tattoo, this means good intuition and objectivity. 

Cross tattoo

The cross is one of the coolest tattoo ideas for girls and a man. Such a drawing is made not only by deeply religious people. Depending on the type of cross, it symbolizes the continuous line of life, humility, grace, salvation.

For a believer, the Orthodox cross means cruelty towards Jesus Christ. 

Dove tattoos

It’s no secret that the dove is considered a symbol of peace. Therefore, among the popular images for tattoos, it can undoubtedly be found.

The dove signifies fertility and love, the lack of propensity to conflicts, the hope for a brighter future. 

Eagle tattoo for women

Even during the inception of tattoos, the eagle gained popularity not only for men, but also for women. This is one of the very first symbols that appeared in the form of wearable drawings. The image of an eagle has several meanings. Among the peoples of Ancient Greece, this is a sign of power, strength and courage.

Today, the eagle symbolizes love for the homeland, so tattoos with its image can often be found among the military, including women. 

Heart tattoo

The meaning of heart tattoo ideas for girls may be different. Such a drawing is fraught with something personal, but for everyone it means love.

A bleeding or broken heart symbolizes the loss of a loved one. The heart can be made in different styles, pricked on different parts of the body, and have different sizes. 

Beautiful rose tattoo

Rose is one of the most beautiful tattoos for girls in the world, which is incredibly suitable for a girl, emphasizing her beauty and tenderness. This flower amazes with its aroma and at the same time is capable of wounding with thorny thorns.

The rose depicted with a heart symbolizes love. A separately drawn flower speaks of the difficulties on the path to beauty. A rose with diamonds indicates a desire for wealth. 

Lettering tattoo ideas for girls

Often on the body of girls you can see fashionable tattoos in the form of an inscription. Its meaning directly depends on the meaning of the text. In most cases, the inscriptions on the body are of spiritual value for girls.

Whichever tattoo the choice would not have been made, it must be remembered that it is not capable of replacing the inner world.

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