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The Best Google Search Tips and Tricks

Google has come a long way since its inception in 1998 and has become synonymous with internet searches. But, beyond throwing a few words into the main search box, do you really know how to get the most out of it? We’ve done some research and put together some tips on how to get Google to do even more of the work for you.

Google search basics

If you’re not going to spend hours studying the ins and outs of every search option on Google, don’t worry. As long as you know the basics, you should be able to save a lot of time without having to dig too deep.


Even if you’re not the best speller in the world, it doesn’t matter, because smart old Google will do the hard work for you. If you misspell a word correctly, Google will automatically jump to the most common spelling for the jumble of letters you typed. Nowadays google introduce new tricks i m feeling curious about or fun facts.

Web History

For many, the thought of someone having access to their search history may well be enough to send them breaking into a cold sweat and leading them to click the ‘delete history’ option at the first available opportunity. . But, unless you have something really compromising on your browser’s cache, it’s wise not to be too hasty. Giving Google access to your web history means that Google will identify trends in your web history and offer personalized results based on what you have searched for and the sites you have previously visited. It will also help you find good websites you’ve stumbled upon before but can’t find again.

When in Doubt, Stay General

 As with many things in life, the best advice is to keep it simple. If you’re looking for stationery that you know, but you don’t know exactly what it’s called, then you’re better off just typing in the stationery and the name of the city or road, rather than trying to guess the name. Chances are this will bring up what you’re looking for or give you a list of stores in that area and you can go from there, whereas a misspelling (or “misremembering”) of the store name might not get you very far.

Friendly words for the web

Try to use web-friendly words whenever possible, thinking about how the information you are looking for would be written on the web. If you use the correct word but not the most commonly used term for what you are looking for, you may not get as many results as you would like. So searching for fish and chips in your area will likely get you more results than typing in cod takeout while searching for celebrity gossip will get you better results than typing in people news. famous.

Be brief

Start by using as few words as possible, then add words to refine your search if necessary. If you add more words than necessary, your results may be too narrow and you may miss what you are looking for.

No punctuation needed

If using apostrophes and commas isn’t your forte, then don’t panic; Google does not recognize punctuation marks, so even if you type them in, they will be ignored. Also, the search function is not case-sensitive, so you don’t have to worry about whether to use uppercase or lowercase letters.

Get quick facts

Moving on from the basics brings us to Fast Facts – a very useful aspect of Google’s search offering but perhaps the least well-known. The idea is that you can type certain search criteria into the box and the results will be displayed instantly at the top of the page, along with all the usual pages below which you can click if you wish.


Google will convert just about any unit of measurement – all you have to do is type in the unit and measurement, like 5 km to miles, saving you the hassle of searching for conversion and entering the information there.

Stock information

You can also search for real-time stock information using stock symbols – such as APPL for Apple – and click on Google Finance for more detailed information.


Number calculators can also use Google to work out math equations by typing them into the box – Google can handle everything from simple sums like 2+2 to more complicated equations. It’s also easy to convert currencies just by typing in 10 dollars to pounds sterling, or whatever you want to convert.


Probably the most useful Fast Fact option is the dictionary feature. Rather than pulling out your copy of the Oxford English Dictionary, you can simply add define: in front of any word in the search box and Google will automatically show you the definition.

Track Packages

If you purchased anything from an online store either a Laptop, Mobile, computer, clothes, or even beauty products you can also track UPS and FedEx packages by typing the tracking number into Google.

Advanced Google Search Tips

There are many additional parameters you can use in the search box to narrow your search. It’s worth taking the time to see what’s available, as it could save you a lot of time in the long run.

File type

If you are looking for a specific document, be aware that you can search for PDF, PPT, or XLS files, by adding the file type: and the 3-letter file abbreviation after the title – for example by searching for type Declaration of Independence: pdf file manager will find you a handy printable document of one of the most important documents in US history, saving you a trip to the local library or the National Archives.

Missing words or letters

If you’re looking for something you don’t know all the words for, Google will help you fill in the blanks. All you have to do is use an asterisk (*) in place of the missing words or letters and the search engine will find the answer for you – a boon for working on pesky song lyrics and completing words particularly difficult crosses.

Exact Quotes 

If you know exactly the words you are looking for, putting them in quotes will narrow the search. For example, typing a direct quote from a book “it was a cold, bright day in April, and the clocks struck one o’clock” will only show pages where it’s written exactly the same way, missing sites where it is misquoted. However, there is a risk of being too specific and accidentally excluding relevant results. For example, if you type “George Orwell” your results may not appear on pages where the author is referred to only by his last name.

Related Sites

If you find a website you like, type “Website URL tracking should locate some relevant sites for you, saving you from repeatedly searching for the same thing on Google. You can also search for something within a specific site, or type of site, which is good news because many sites’ search functions are very clunky. To do this, just type site: followed by the type of site (like .org .biz) or the name of the site. For example, site: org or followed by your search term.

Highlight essential words

Google will generally ignore words like “and”, but if they’re essential to your search, you can highlight them by putting a + sign in front of them. Using the + and – signs, you can also highlight specific words that you want or don’t want to include in your results. For example, you can search for a chicken caesar salad recipe without anchovies by typing caesar salad recipe +chicken-anchovies.

Search within a range

You can search for numbers within a certain range by putting … between the amounts, eg Samsung Blu-ray player £100-£150. It’s especially handy if you’re on a budget and don’t want to waste time searching through overpriced items. You can also just type in £100… to search for anything over that amount with no upper limit.

Words with the same meaning

You can include synonyms in your search results by placing the ~ sign in front of your search term. For example, the best ~Christmas gifts will return results for gifts and tokens as well as “presents”.

Filter your image search

You probably already know that you can search for images too, but sifting through millions of images can be cumbersome. Google allows you to refine your search. In addition to filtering by color and image size, you can also narrow down the selection by only including photos that include certain elements such as faces.

Instant Results

Google Instant is the feature that displays possible results while you are still typing your query.

Fill your schedule with nearby events

Just search for [events near me] or a specific type of event ([dog meet], maybe?) and you’ll see listings of local activities on the website.

Movie showtimes and tickets

When you’re in the mood for a movie, search brings showtimes, movie locations, and ratings together in one place.

Recipe Search

If you’re looking for a recipe in a pinch, just search mobile for what you’re craving (eg Chicken Parmesan) and you’ll see a carousel of recipe suggestions.

Live Sports 

Scores – For everyone from the avid fantasy football fan to the casual fan, search makes it easy to stay up to date with the latest scores. Type the name of your favorite team or league and get relevant real-time scores and recaps of recent matches.

Google Images Styling and Shopping Help

When exploring styling ideas or researching your next purchase with Google Images, product images available for purchase are flagged as “product” in the Google app on Android and in your mobile browser. These include price, reviews, and availability, making visual research and shopping easier and faster.

Find your next job

Now available in over 100 countries around the world, you can search for jobs directly on Google. For example, you can search [jobs near me] or [retail jobs] to find relevant positions that match your skills. Job postings come directly from employers and job sites across the web, and you can save jobs, map your potential commute, and click through to a third-party website to apply.

Calculate the tip and split the bill

You can use Google to calculate your tip when dining out. Simply search for [tip calculator], enter the cost of your meal, and the percentage you wish to tip. You can even ask Google to help you split the bill evenly with your friends.

Convert Money

If you’re going on a trip, here’s a tool that pays big bucks – you can get real-time currency conversions straight from Google. Search something like [£500 to euros] and you’ll get a box with the current exchange rate and an interactive graph of the change over time.

Quick access to appointments, flights, and more

Search can help you find information about your upcoming projects at a glance. If you’re signed in to your Google account, searching for “my trips” or “my appointments” will show you (and only you!) relevant results about upcoming flights, hotel reservations, and your schedule. from Gmail and Google Calendar.

Get the numbers on your diet

You can search for nutritional information and find out the number of calories in your everyday foods. For example, you can ask “how much fat is in a chocolate cake?” and Google will break down the nutrition stats for you.

Ask complex multi-part questions

You can ask Google “compose queries” that require us to answer the first part of the question before addressing the second part. For example, if you search for [when were NSYNC members born], you (will feel old and) see the birthdates of Justin, JC, Chris, Lance, and Joey.

Search with Imag

Upload a photo to Google Images to find the same or similar photos on the web. Click on the camera icon in Google image search and Google will also tell you the origin and other details about the photo.

Advanced Search

If all of these tips still don’t get you what you need, you can use the advanced search to specify the terms you want to exclude or search only for pages that are in the languages, regions, sites, or file formats desired.

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