Tips to Style Your Lehenga

Top 8 Tips to Style Your Lehenga for a Glamorous Outlook

Women Lehenga is a traditional and versatile outfit. However, wearing the same kind of lehengas consistently might get tiresome. There are many choices, from the style of the blouse to how you drape it. So, when you wear a lehenga choli to your function, it’s simple to ensure that you seem fashionable by styling in a novel way. 

A lehenga is an outfit that will undoubtedly appear on your list of outfits. Especially the Siyafashion woman lehenga, which is one of the best for your marriage or attending your best friend’s wedding. Although the lehenga choli is a classic costume worn by generations of women, it’s crucial to realize that you may ignore a few fashion rules to make this look work best for you. Below are a few ways to wear your modern lehenga to ensure that it isn’t limited to fancy parties.

  1. Dupatta Around Your Neck

This simple drapery design provides you with a fresh appearance. Wrap your long dupatta over your neck to create a one-of-a-kind style. Compared to the conventional method of attaching your dupatta to your shirt, this method looks cooler. This look is best paired with cotton dupattas and is perfect for summer. When you don’t want to cover yourself in a dupatta, keep the dupatta’s breadth and length narrower than usual.

  1. Slit Top and Lehenga Skirt

Lehenga skirts go well with slit tops or long jackets because It creates the appearance of fusion wear. Remove the choli and blouse and wear the skirt with a top that has a long slit for a completely different appearance. You can choose a jacket or slit top according to the color of your lehenga. There are several slit tops and lehenga skirts that you can find if you’re looking for a lehenga online.

  1. Lehenga with a Belt

You can achieve the perfect fusion style look with a belt around your stomach while wearing a party lehenga. You will have a lovely, distinctive appearance, making you stand out from the crowd. Additionally, your waist will appear smaller. Once you’ve put on the lehenga, you can wear the dupatta over one shoulder as you typically would. Charming belts will go perfectly with stunning clothing.

  1. Double Dupatta Style

Choose two dupattas for your lehenga choli first. The first dupatta should match the lehenga color, while the second dupatta should contrast. Make sure the trendy designs on the dupatta don’t interfere with one another. The first one should be worn across the shoulders, followed by the second one from the opposite shoulder’s rear. It would be best if you tucked the end of your dupatta inside your waist.

  1. Experiment with Different Blouses

Does the same heavy or well-organized choli seem overplayed? Then it’s time to update your traditional outfit and satiate your craving for exclusivity. You can wear your lehenga with a ruffled western top, a plain black Chinese collared blouse, or even a striped T-shirt because this is the period of creative fusion. Your sense of style is a product of your imagination.

  1. Anarkali Suit and Lehenga Skirt

An Anarkali lehenga outfit is incomparable.   An Anarkali suit with a lehenga skirt is the best outfit for a grandiose event. Make sure you select one that fits your body type. For a spectacular appearance, layer the dupatta over the clothing. You won’t appear either under-or over-dressed in this style.

  1. A Simple Skirt and a Lehenga Blouse

Most often, women choose to wear lehenga blouses that are elaborately embroidered. However, you can ditch the standard skirt that comes with the set and pair the top with plain, simple silk or cotton skirts to create a stand-out style for yourself. You can dress in neutral tones like white and beige and pastel hues. In addition, you can choose silk skirts in hues like gold, copper, and silver to go with your lehenga for an extra-classy look.

  1. Lehenga and Saree Hybrid

Lehengas and sarees are different types of traditional clothing, yet combining them will result in a stunning look. Have you ever given it a shot? Wear your lehenga and drape the dupatta like a saree pallu. It gives off a distinctive and creative appearance of a saree even though it is a lehenga. Without a doubt, this lehenga-saree ensemble will be stunning on you.

The Final Word

Every occasion calls for a lehenga for ladies, and the styles mentioned above will give each one a fresh appearance. However, wear the right accessories with your clothing to get a stunning look. Nothing should stop you from purchasing the lehenga of your dreams, and you should dress strikingly at each event. Buy your favorite lehenga choli online from reputed websites. They offer various design options in a wide range of fabrics, shapes, and sizes for your desired chic outlook.

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