Types of dresses with tights

Types of dresses with tights

But you still have to manage to accessorize it with suitable dresses with tights capable of completing your look and giving it a touch of originality. Find out which model will highlight your little black dress!

How to sublimate your black dress?

The black dress is an essential in your wardrobe. Being able to be worn in winter as in summer, it is your ally’s seduction whatever the occasion. If chosen the right way, your tights will help you magnify her and, of course, keep you warm on chilly evenings and during winter.  

Transparent tights

The sheer tights (or semi-opaque) are perfect to put in your little black dress. If you want to take them in black, choose slightly satin models so as not to weigh down your figure and create an austere effect. The patterned transparencies, in particular, will ideally complete your outfit and give it a welcome original touch.

Let your imagination guide you to choose the most suitable fancy pattern for the situation. The models with sequins, for example, will be perfect for celebrating the end of the year holidays and birthdays, while the polka dot tights will look after a more consensual outfit; models with fishnet patterns will add a sexy touch to your look.

If you want to slim your legs and lighten your figure, shiny transparent tights are best. 

Black opaque tights

The opaque tights are avoided with a black dress (except for rare occasions)! The total black look hardens your features and will not highlight the other pieces of your outfit. On the other hand, it is very trendy to wear flashy opaque tights with your little dress. This “color block” combination will bring a touch of madness to your outfit while emphasizing its elegance. As for the colors, opt for a mustard yellow, an electric blue or an emerald green if you want to impress during a festive evening! 

Flesh-colored tights

There are many colors of flesh-colored tights, suitable for all skin tones. They should be chosen with care to match your outfit properly and have a natural look. If you want to wear pantyhose with your dress during the summer, opt for sheer pantyhose models. Their discreet satin or tanned effects will enhance your legs by smoothing out imperfections.

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What are the benefits of wearing dresses with tights?

Wearing a dress with black tights, for example, offers many advantages. For starters, this is the best way to create a feminine and relaxed look. This style offers both comfort and elegance. It has the advantage of being suitable for all body types. Just choose a dress that fits your body shape and you’re good to go.

In addition, the dress and tights trend remains relevant all year round. During the rainy summer days, it helps to counter the cold. When the sweetness of autumn is coming, you won’t be able to do without your tights. With boots or sneakers, this dress + tights combination will also help you face the harshness of winter in style.

One of the advantages of the dress + pantyhose style is that it can adapt to different occasions. Dare this combination for a romantic dinner or a trip to town. Be careful, however, to choose the style of the dress.

What size of tights?

Now that you know what color of pantyhose to wear with your black dress, all you have to do is choose the right size. And it is not always an easy exercise! Well, help you with its size guide available online. You will be able to find the right size of tights! Many dresses with tights in a large choice of aesthetic, resistant and comfortable models are available in the market.

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