Types of skirts: Select on your own choice

Types of skirts: Select on your own choice

There are many types of skirts. Between the different cuts and the different lengths, it is not always easy to know which one is made for you. Mademoiselle Grenade has a comprehensive guide to skirts and how to wear them to help you choose which skirt to wear. Of course, as with all types of clothing, skirts can be made in different fabrics which will determine whether the skirt is casual, professional or more suitable for evening wear. 

Different types of skirts

Out of many different types of skirts, we have divided them into three categories; short, knee length skirts and long skirts. Every category possesses a wide variety of skirts according to the style and length of a particular skirt.

Short skirts

In order to reveal her legs, nothing beats a pretty short skirt. If these are determined by their length located above the knee, short skirts exist in different shapes and designed in various fabrics in order to adapt to almost all occasions if we put aside certain schools and certain very formal companies. .

The miniskirt

The term miniskirt (or miniskirt) is used to describe skirts whose length stops well above the knees. To deserve its name, the length must not exceed 10 cm below the buttocks. The miniskirt appeared for the first time in 1962. It was a young English designer, Mary Quant, who popularized it during the Swinging Sixties period.

  • Versatile, miniskirts can be worn with various tops. You will therefore choose your tops according to the situation and your personal style. For an evening with friends, don’t hesitate to wear it with a fitted top. For a casual outing, you can pair it with a more classic long-sleeved top and a fluid cut to contrast with the cropped spirit of the skirt.
  • The mini-skirt is often considered more suitable for young women with rectangular and slender body types than for women with an O-shaped silhouette.
  • If you want to tone down the daring spirit of the miniskirt as well as its short length a bit, pair it with some cute tights that will conceal your lower body.

The skater skirt

skater skirt

The skater skirt is a casual skirt with a fitted belt that marks the waist and a flared shape. Lay flat, the fabric in which the skater skirt is made forms a circle. Due to the way the skater skirt is cut, the fabric falls in the form of pleats which take on a shape close to the A-line skirt.

  • This relaxed skirt is extremely versatile and can be paired with fitted tops to contrast with the flared shape. It has become trendy to wear these types of skirts with a low-cut top.
  • The skater skirt comes in different lengths and is compatible with all body types.
  • The skater skirt is also easy to wear and suitable for all women, regardless of age.

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The skort

The skort, as its name suggests, is a combination of the characteristics of the shorts and the skirt. It is usually designed as shorts covered with a piece of fabric in the front to give the illusion of a short skirt or a mini-skirt. Very fashionable in the mid-1990s, the short skirt has made a big comeback in recent seasons. Women adopt it as soon as spring returns and wear it throughout the summer, until the end of the fine weather.

  • The short skirt is suitable for active women as well as for those who wish to adorn themselves with a casual but elegant look. It is more suitable for daytime outfits than for evening looks.
  • The short skirt goes perfectly with a loose T-shirt or a fine knit sweater
  • The skirt is suitable for all body types.

Bubble skirt

This very popular skirt in the 1990s and 2000s experienced a resurgence, especially on the dance floor. This skirt is characterized by its ball shape obtained by the fullness of its skirt which is held in place with an elastic band, gathers or pleats at the base. If originally the bubble skirt was short, it appears nowadays in different lengths.

  • This skirt is always associated with a fitted top in order to balance the silhouette and highlight its volume.
  • The bubble skirt is particularly suitable for young women who want to draw attention to their legs.

Knee length skirts

Knee length skirts

Knee length skirts are very versatile and can be worn on a casual day or for a chic and feminine office outfit. As the name suggests, these skirts are modest in length, neither too short nor too long.

The bell skirt

As its name suggests, this skirt has the shape of a pretty bell. Its cut escapes from the waist and falls in a straight line. It is generally designed in a fairly heavy fabric which amplifies its feminine and retro shape. Jackie Kennedy was particularly fond of and regularly wore dresses with a bell skirt for a very effective chic and glamorous effect.

  • Worn with a fitted top, this form of skirt is particularly suitable for evening wear and formal occasions.
  • It is particularly recommended for women with a rounded morphology.

Corolla skirt

The corolla skirt is a wise and flattering skirt. It is defined by a very full skirt whose volume is tightened at the waist, by gathers or soft pleats. Its knee length makes it extremely versatile. Depending on the fabric used and its color or patterns, it can be worn at work, for religious and/or family ceremonies as well as for formal evenings.

  • The best way to wear a corolla skirt is to pair it with a fitted blouse, tucked under the waistband. This way you accentuate your thin waist.
  • The corolla skirt can be worn by women of all ages and adapts to all body types.

A-line skirt

The trapeze skirt, laid flat, forms, as its name suggests, a trapeze that starts at the waist and flares out to the bottom of the skirt.

  • Generally, the trapeze skirt stops at the knees which allows it to be suitable for most occasions.
  • It is perfectly adapted to most morphologies and in particular to pyramid-type morphology because it emphasizes the waist without following the line of the hips.
  • The high waist of this trapeze skirt refines the silhouette and gives an undeniably feminine look.

 The pencil skirt

Indispensable in the feminine wardrobe, the pencil skirt is the basis of an elegant outfit. It is for this reason that it is particularly popular with businesswomen. The pencil skirt is a straight skirt whose shape is close to a rectangle when laid flat. The length of the pencil skirt reaches at least the knees.

  • Often combined with a fitted jacket, this skirt is particularly suitable for professional outfits but can also be worn for a formal evening or a chic event. To perfect a professional outfit, it is best to combine the pencil skirt with a buttoned blouse and a suit jacket or blazer.
  • Its cut and its elegant style works with all morphologies except the pyramid type morphology because, in this situation, it accentuates the imbalance between the shoulders and the hips.

Long skirts

Long skirts

The maxi skirt

The maxi skirt is the longest of the skirts and stops at the ankle. It can be designed in a wide variety of fabrics from the loosest to the most fitted. The maxi skirt is generally considered casual but can, depending on the model, be quite suitable for a dressy evening. Although the maxi skirt is very versatile, it is more suitable for taller women.  

The midi skirt

The midi skirt is a skirt that falls in the middle of the calf. Its conservative length makes it ideal for formal occasions.

  • The midi skirt can be associated with a very wide variety of tops such as blouse tops, slipped under the belt, buttoned blouses or even crop-tops.
  • The midi skirt is best worn with high heels.

It adapts to all body types but is more suitable for taller women. Indeed, as its length stops at the level of the calves, it visually shortens the silhouette.

With so many styles to choose from listed there are plenty of types of skirts options for everyone. No matter your taste or your body type – or the type of occasion you’re dressing for – there’s a skirt to suit your needs.

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