Unique cookie jars

Unique cookie jar: how to choose the perfect one?

What is a cookie jar for? Can’t we just keep the cookies in the same box that contains them when we buy them? In principle, yes, we could certainly keep the cookies in the packages in which we buy them, but it could happen that, being vacuum-packed, after being opened they are no longer suitable for storing cookies if we want to preserve their fragrance and freshness . Furthermore, it may happen that you want to cook your own cookies yourself, and in this case a jar to store them is considered necessary. A cookie jar therefore serves to contain cookies, preserving their flavor and authenticity, protecting them from parasites, insects, allergens and, why not: from an overly greedy Fido or Fluffy.


The cookie jars on the market are made from different materials. Let’s see the most used ones:

Steel: steel is a particularly preferred material for making biscuit jars as its stainless seal is able to protect the biscuits from external “dangers”;

Tin: Tin is a material composed of iron on which a layer of tin has been applied. The jars built in this material are very resistant, not subject to the wear and tear of time and, which does not hurt, much cheaper than other materials. In the case of the tin it is a bit improper to speak of a can, because we usually say more commonly “tin boxes”, usually decorated with vintage elements with a retro taste.

Porcelain: porcelain, this particular type of ceramic, is one of the most commonly chosen materials when deciding to purchase a cookie jar, as it is delicate but resistant, fine and elegant.

Glass: glass cookie jars are very common as this material not only allows you to keep the freshness of the cookies it preserves intact, but also because the glass, being transparent, allows you to see what the jar contains, making the cookie itself a sort element that completes the furniture.

Other materials: much less used are the jars in crystal (too delicate), in wood (not very suitable), in plastic (practical but not too beautiful to look at).


Like any other element that is not born as a piece of furniture, we think of the oven glove or a common toaster, even the cookie jar tends to be chosen in such a way that the style in which it is designed adapts to the chosen design. for your own furniture. So if, for example, you have furnished your home following the dictates of the shabby style, so decided on a glass cookie jar; if, on the other hand, you have decided for an ultramodern style, an excellent choice for a steel jar, while for vintage or formal furnishings, jars intin or porcelain.

It may sound silly, but choosing a cookie jar can also pose questions. So we hope to have been able to provide solutions to those who are about to choose the perfect jar for their home.

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Best Cookie Jars Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to think about

Airtight Seal

Cookie jars aren’t only for looks- if they’re not keeping your cookies, candy, food, or other snacks fresh, they’re not far more than furniture- that’s why it’s an honest idea to form sure whichever jar you opt on has an airtight seal guaranteed within the product description. Even fine ceramic jars that place style ahead of function will still often feature an airtight or practically airtight lid- there’s no reason to form a sacrifice therein department- your cookies will thank you.


It may seem obvious, but with numerous cheap, mass-produced home and kitchen products on the market, it’s essential that you simply confirm that the jar your choice is formed with 100% guaranteed non-toxic material- glass and most ceramics won’t generally present a problem here, but not all plastics, rubbers, silicones, and other synthetics are necessarily safe for long-term food use, especially as they age, so check product descriptions carefully to make certain what you’re purchasing is completely safe for food storage.


Again, generally speaking, glass and ceramics (and metal lids) won’t imbue your snacks with any odors, but if you’ve ever used cheap tupperware, you’ll know that some plastics produce a definite odor which may affect the flavour of food- an equivalent goes for silicone and other synthetics, and therefore the rubber sometimes utilized in airtight lids- so if the jar you’re watching is made or partially constructed with such materials, it’s always good to seem for an odor-free guarantee.

Easy to wash

Most cookie jars (especially ceramic or glass ones) won’t be dishwasher safe- and albeit they’re described intrinsically, it’s best to not take a chance- so confirm the jar you select is definitely handed washable with soap and water- cookies, candies, and other snacks can leave a multitude during a jar in no time and you’ll want to wash yours regularly to stay it from build up food odors from crumbs, chocolate, and therefore the like.


You can’t always tell just by watching an image if the mouth of a cooky jar is wide enough to permit quick access for hands of all sizes- and it’s not just kids who like cookies- so always double-check the particular diameter of the jar’s mouth within the description and compare it with something you have already got at home- you don’t want to urge your cooky jar within the mail only to get you can’t easily suit your own hand in it without knocking it off the table.

Cookie Jars FAQs

Do I want a cookie jar?

If you often bake or buy cookies or other easily stored food- or maybe candy- a cooky jar may be a far better thanks to keep them than tupperware within the pantry or fridge- it’s an inviting sight in any kitchen and may add tons of charm and heat to your home- especially if you’ve got kids. Moreover, many cookie jars have air tight-sealing lids and styles which will keep your cookies, baked goods, and other snacks fresher for extended than other storage options- and still add style and charm to your kitchen while doing so.

How long will cookies stay fresh?

Cookies will keep counting on both the type of cookie jar and therefore the quiet cookie- any cookie jar with an airtight lid will obviously keep cookies fresh and attractive longer than ones without, but on top of that, some sorts of cookies will keep tons longer than others. for instance, drop cookies, sugar cookies (like your typical homemade Christmas cookies) and shortbread cookies tend to remain fresh the longest, and during a good, airtight jar can keep for up to a couple of weeks before getting stale, whereas cookies and food with icings and sandwich cookies may only last for 3-5 days. And amongst jars that aren’t specified as having airtight lids, glass and plastic jars generally have better deals than ceramic ones, though ceramic jars are often designed favoring looks over function anyway.

What can help keep my cookies fresh for extended periods in a cookie jar?

Even with an airtight-sealing lid, cookies and food will only last goodbye during a jar, but there are a couple of tricks which will help keep cookies fresh a touch longer inside any jar. Placing a bit of paper over the cookies under the lid will help preserve them a touch longer, as will layering the cookies or food between pieces of parchment paper. You’ll also help keep cookies crisp by placing a bit of plain light bread within the bottom of the jar to soak up moisture. Finally, unless you’re serving them directly, you ought to always let your cookies and food cool off completely before storing them, especially in any airtight container- otherwise you risk them getting soggy and reduce their freshness window considerably.

What’s the simplest cookie jar?

The best cooky jar that we found is the OXO Good Grips Airtight POP large cooky jar, which tops our list and may be a great-looking clear and white silicone jar with an airtight lid and a 5 quart capacity. It’s extremely durable and won’t reach if dropped off high shelves, and it’s an excellent value.

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