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6 Unique Cookie Jars in 2021

Of the unique cookie jars that we listed, the top one is the OXO Good Grips Airtight POP Large Cookie Jar. We chose it because of its construction: clean, clear BPA-free silicone, watertight lid with ingenious pop- eschewal sealing button, generous 5-quart capacity, extreme continuity, and good style. 

To assemble a list of the stylish cookie jars available, we preferred jars with at least a 2-quart capacity, watertight-seal, and mouths wide enough for hands of all sizes. We also favored jars that were made out of high- quality, non-toxic, odor-free silicones and plastics. Perk points were assigned for shatter-free glass or fine pottery. Incipiently, we also looked for balanced style and newness preservation while still being affordable and easy to clean. Keep reading to see other high- quality cookie jars on the request moment. 

 Top 6 Stylish and Unique Cookie Jars 

# 1 OXO Good Grips Watertight POP Large Cookie Jar 

A nearly break- evidence silicone and plastic construction, a clever lid-sealing and opening button, generous capacity, and a clean, clear look make it perfect for any ménage. 


  • Break- evidence silicone and plastic construction Flat back lets it sit flush against walls Nethermost grips help it from slipping on wet shells 


  •  Lacks visual charm of glass and ceramic cookie jars 


The Oxo Good Grips Airtight POP Large Cookie Jar is an watertight-sealing 5 qt capacity cookie and food storehouse jar made from 100 BPA-free (so it’s guaranteed to be non-toxic), odor-free clear silicone and plastic, with a soft silicone sealing circle that’s removable for drawing. The durable lid features Oxo’s unique POP button technology, which creates the watertight seal with one drive and opens up the lid fluently with another. 

The body features a flat reverse so the jar can be placed flush against walls, saving precious kitchen space, and erected-in nethermost grips help the jar from slipping on wet shells. It’s fluently hand- washed with cleaner and water and doubtful to break or shatter indeed if dropped on pipe bottoms. 

Its multiple design features, extreme durability in construction, and generous capacity make it the most popular, well-rounded jar on our list, and because it has slightly lower gemütlich charm than glass or ceramic ones, it looks great in any kitchen, and the best-open POP button makes these Oxo Cookie Jars specifically good for senior people with arthritis. 

 # 2 Dilabee1.5 Gallon Cookie Jar 

It is a flexible construction made for redundant large hands and designed to fit into lots of different spaces and keep snacks fresh, with an extra-wide mouth for easy renewals and shipping in a 2 pack. 


  • Hexagon shape allows plenitude of placement options Shatter- evidence materialExtra-wide mouth for easy access refill 


  • Aesthetics are kindly plain Light weight makes it less sturdy on numerous shells Not dishwasher safe 


The Dilabee1.5 Gallon Cookie Jar is made of 100% chlorine-free (non-toxic and hypoallergenic) clear plastic that’s shatter-resistant and slightly flexible for maximum continuity. Its 197 oz capacity and extra-wide mouth make it great for large hands and redundant and easy to refill. The cookie jars feature a soft silicone lid with an watertight seal and its hexagonal body shape makes it stackable and offers further storehouse configurations than utmost jars on the list. It’s fluently hand- washed with cleaner and water and, but isn’t dishwasher-safe. 

Coming two in a pack, its stackability, high continuity, flexible storehouse options, generous capacity, andextra-wide mouth make it the perfect option for those who need multiple options for keeping snacks fresh and readily available, indeed if its no- frills aesthetic favors function over style. You can put this jar on your counter next to your stylish onion warehouses/ saviors. 

# 3 Klikel Glass Canister Cookie Jar 

It is an elegant style and redundant sturdy, heavy- duty construction with an ultra-airtight lid that keeps snacks fresher longer than utmost cookie jars. 


  • Rigid body for redundant grip when opening Dishwasher safe Beautifully shaped glass and pristine sword construction 


  • Lower accident- evidence than plastic models May be too heavy for some people to handle safely 


The Klikel Glass Canister Set consists of two 2 quart cookie jars made of thick, high- quality tempered glass, with rugged pristine sword lids and non-toxic, odor-free rubber sealers for an extremely watertight seal. The glass features a ridged texture that provides exceptional grip while opening and running, and the11.5 ″ cylinder shape of the jar and lid give these jars invariant range and weight, making them extremely sturdy. The4.25 ″ periphery of the jar and mouth is n’t particularly wide, which means it may not be accessible for storing as large a variety of foodstuffs as some jars, but its invariant shape and good height does make it a great option for storing dry pasta like spaghetti, in addition to eyefuls and some other snacks. It’s also dishwasher safe, though it’s stylish to place it on the upper position for normal cycles. 

Its glass construction means it’s kindly more prone to shattering and other falling damage than plastic and silicone models, and its heavier weight may be less applicable for seniors and small children, but it’s sturdy, extremely elegant and ultramodern design, superior watertight seal, ease of drawing make it a great choice for any ultramodern kitchen. However, consider our review of the stylish food shop, If you ’re looking for another perfect gift for someone who loves their kitchen. 

 # 4 SevenT2 Airtight Glass Cookie Jar 

This type of cookie Jars are clean, inviting style, labeling features, easy-to- fill large mouth, and sturdy, heavy- duty design make it perfect for a bustling kitchen that demands form and function inversely. 


  • Extra large, easy- access top handle Includes chalkboard sticker for labeling contents Dishwasher safe 


  • Not guaranteed shatter- evidence if dropped 


The SevenT2 Airtight Glass Cookie Jar is a heavy- duty 2-quart vessel manufactured with 100 durable (but not shatter- evidence), FDA-approved, food safe Soda Lime glass. It features a wide mouth and a heavy glass lid with a small plastic sealing ring that forms a watertight seal. The lid is designed with an extra-large bell handle for easy access and running, and the inside bottom of the jar is flat, not rounded-up, maximizing storehouse space. It’s 100 dishwasher safe but also can be washed by hand fluently with cleaner and water. 

It also comes with a chalkboard sticker for labeling contents, which combined with its clear, heavy glass construction and wide-mouthed, easy-to- fill spherical design makes it great not just for keeping eyefuls and snacks fresh and on display, but for storing flour, sugar, dry pasta, and other dry constituents with style but virtually in mind for a busy kitchen. For further of your cuisine needs, you may want the stylish non-stick frying ball. 

 # 5 Lenox 827665 Butterfly Meadow Figural Gazebo Cookie Jar 

This sort of cookie jars have a classic, quaint grange look and high- quality, durable ceramic construction offers plenty of room for treats while adding warmth and personality to your kitchen. 


  • Made of chip-resistant fine demitasse Easy to clean Rubber sealing ring helps keep food fresh 


  • Lid and rubber seal cover newness but are n’t relatively watertight 


The Lenox Butterfly Meadow Figural Gazebo Cookie Jar is a 2-quart ceramic cookie jar made of 100 chip-resistant Lenox white demitasse stoneware, manufactured domestically in Lenox Kinston, North Carolina at the only remaining bone demitasse plant in the United States. It features a gorgeous, rustic flowery and butterfly design and is fluently hand washable with cleaner and water. The heavy- duty ceramic lid features a rubber sealing ring to help keep eyefuls and snacks fresh, but it’s not a 100 watertight seal and therefore wo n’t save foodstuffs as some other cookie jars on the request. 

While it’s on the dear side, it’s a stunning- looking, beautifully drafted piece of kitchen art that ’ll add warmth and style to your home while still being a largely functional, nicely durable, free handedly-sized storehouse option. For another addition to your kitchen magazine, give our review of the stylish pizza gravestone a read. 

# 6 Bormioli Rocco PANDORA Glass and Cookie Jar 

A compact, ergonomic, satiny-looking vessel that will still keep plenty of treats fresh while being especially designed to keep kiddies from unauthorized access. 


  • A rubber gasket keeps constituents fresh Dishwasher Coffer for easy cleaning ( glass element only) Flat side and bottom give further display and placement options 


  • Seniors or those with arthritis may find lid delicate to open Plastic lids on the fragile side 


The Bormioli Rocco PANDORA Glass Cookie Jars set includes two heavy- duty, Made-In-Italy 75 ½ Oz ( further than 2 quarts) glass jars with durable metallic-plastic door clump- shaped lids. The lids feature a unique rubber gasket sealing ring that creates a light suction effect, furnishing an watertight seal to keep eyefuls and other snacks fresh while making it delicate for little hands to open the jar unsupervised. The glass portion features two flat sides for placing upright or on the vessel’s side, giving you multitudinous swish display and space- saving options, including mounding multiples or placing them flush together in rows. The glass factors are 100 dishwasher safe, though the plastic lids must be hand washed with cleaner and water. 

Still, kitchen dining, or for coffee table snacks but you don’t want little hands raiding the cookie jar, If you ’re looking for European style and function for amusing. 

How We Decided Cookie Jars?

A classic cookie jar adds warmth and prayers to any kitchen, and if you ’re an avaricious chef or have kiddies in the house, it may be a necessity for helping to keep your kitchen clean and systematized and your ignited goods fresh. Nothing says “ home” like the sight of a cookie jar filled with treats, but they come in a dizzying array of variety and quality, so it can be hard to make a decision that’s both practical and which suits your style. 

 We preferred cookie jars that could form a watertight seal to keep your eyefuls, ignited goods, delicacy, and other snacks for as long as possible at any room temperature, and were rated to hold at least 2 liquid quarts by volume, since carrying weight is generally not described for these products. 

We also preferred jars that were constructed of high- quality, durable, shatter-free glass, plastic, or pottery with essence, silicone, or ceramic lids. 

We liked jars that were fluently hand- washable with cleaner and water, had mouths wide enough for both adult and children’s hands to have easy access, and whose lids came off fluently enough for children while still being secure. 

Eventually, we loved jars with beautiful, old-fashioned published designs as well as jars with elegant, ultramodern shapes that could fit well into any style of kitchen, and were made of guaranteed non-toxic and odor-free accoutrements (some cheaper plastics can leave your food with odors as they progress) so they would n’t affect the flavor of your favorite snacks. 

For the purposes of our list, we left off some popular particulars similar as Anchor Hocking jars, Disney cookie jars, and other brand-specific particulars like Cookie Monster cookie jars. We also left some popular technical particulars like earthenware cookie jars and substantiated cookie jars off our list.

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